Slackchat Friday 7/6 Noon – Give a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a day, teach a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a lifetime

With all of the new Pax, I’m going to host another Slackchat. This will be a chance for you to ask any questions you have about how to do things in Slack or elsewhere (website, etc.). It’ll be this Friday 7/6 at noon.

I’ve created a channel for this in Slack called #slackchat. All you have to do is join the channel and type your questions. I’ll answer them. I’m also going to try to host this via Skype so I can show you how to do things (like add people on the calendar or the website, or find stuff in slack). The link for the skype is in Slack (for Louisville Pax only). You may have to download something or may just be able to go through your browser. I’ll also add the event to the calender. If you have questions before Friday, put them in the #slackchat channel and I’ll answer them.

Here’s a picture of Wham! on a turtle.

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