Q: Loco

PAX: Snowman, ScubaSteve, Piggy, OJ, Acorn, Chicken Fried.

Q’ing the day after the 4th of July was a great idea… last week, then of course through the night I began to wonder….Damn what a good day to fartsack. So I arrived thinking the turn out would be light, I mean was no one going to show up? Maybe I could just do some side straddle hops and call it a day after all maybe it would be just me…maybe everyone was going to stay in today and rest up for Insane-0’s pinterest chat thingy…or maybe everyone was going to be sleeping in and wait for a purse walk later in the week or something.

Ahh but these guys never disappoint, cars began to drive in and well… I knew we were going to be doing the workout. I had planned out a few workouts in my mind and was going to base it on the number of participants to show, this was a learning experience, for I learned this is not the way to do it and resulted in a few fumblings early on. In my thought of a fartsack, and the holiday and all…I gave each HIM an extra minute…so at 5:31, disclaimer given and off we went.

Short mosey the long way around to the tennis courts then did a “loco” lap around the tennis courts and circled up:


SSH: 20

Imperial Walkers: 20

(The rush of Q’ing pumped me up a bit since the pax were there and all and I realized I was counting pretty fast)

Abe Vagoda’s: 20 .Where I actually began doing grass grabbers ( I was pumped and like I said, the multiple work outs being edited in my mind pushed me to get a bit loco)

Freddy Mercury’s: 20: I shared with the pax that I included Freddy Mercury because in my first post I spilled Merlot, some even splashed on Pope’s shoes but the only thing that saved me was I felt the slow down in the workout from Freddy’s allowed me to regain form and carry on. (Actually I found it easy to do them in wrong form and just kind of raise my legs, which allowed me to carry on during that first post.)


grabbed coupons and headed to the soccer field:

Shoulder press: 16

Curls: 16

dead lifts: 16

left the coupons in the field and went to thang 2

Thang 2:

Starfish style but each tennis court had a station: 3 burpees in the middle of the starfish. I stole this workout from Grinder and know the Starfish has great meaning in F3 but spread the star much wider including each fenced in tennis court and the soccer field.

we paired up in groups of 2 and did 74 reps (in celebration of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut 74 hot dog eating extravaganza)

Station 1: 74 body curls with bricks

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 2: Lbc’s 74

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 3: dips at the bench 74

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 4: Big boy situps 74

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 5: Power cleans with coupons ( I had to modify to 50 for time)

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 6: merkins/ diamond merkins/ Carolina skull crushers based on how you could perform.

*3 burpees at the middle star

Station 7: Dying Cock roach 74

*3 burpees at the middle star

Rinse and repeat: movement was constant and since the water fountain was in the middle of the circuit and it was a gazillion degrees we implemented a sip of water in between for everyone.

Thang 3

Back to  soccer field for a “Loco suicide”

100 yard up, 100 yard back, 100 yard up, 100 yards back.

Ah the sweat was rolling the 4th of July Miller Lite right out of me.

Then back to the tennis courts for a quick session of MARY:

American Hammers: 74, for Joey ‘Jaws”

we returned the coupons and circled up around the flag for COT but not without one last spirited celebration for Trump while he is on vacation. You know Trump will be Q’ing in the next week, it’ll be huge, biggest F3 workout we will ever have.

One long Al Gore session with Trump claps where we all spelled out T-R-U-M-P. just getting the PAX ready for his upcoming Q.giphy2


Intentions we all continued to share for Vince and said some intentions, announcements were light and we all seemed to get better today. I know I was honored to be a part of a group of HIM’s and am glad I didn’t fartsack. Thanks guys for giving me the energy to carry it though, I saw Acorn pushing hard and lifting the coupons hard which made me lift harder… I saw Scuba Steve and Snowman running hard and it made me run harder… I saw Chicken Fried doing big boy sit ups and I had to push harder… I saw Piggy right next to me matching my every move and it pushed me harder… and I saw OJ, tender sore injured arm, doing dips without a sign of anything different and it made me push harder. And for the guys I didn’t see today, each of you push me in my mind to get up and do this and to carry on and it makes me a better man and when I say that, it’s because I was needing this group to push me when I discovered F3 and I am glad anytime I post…but mostly glad when its over with. Loco




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