Back Blast Ruiner 6/22 @ the O, with Loco.

I’ve been wanting to Q a Saturday for quite sometime and thrilled when I signed up three weeks ago- I thought for sure- first day of summer- delightful O sunrise, warm weather, martinis and cold beer at coffeteria…. But then a trip in a hole- bummed my ankle so I had to fartsack a fewContinue reading “Back Blast Ruiner 6/22 @ the O, with Loco.”


Q: Loco PAX: Snowman, ScubaSteve, Piggy, OJ, Acorn, Chicken Fried. Q’ing the day after the 4th of July was a great idea… last week, then of course through the night I began to wonder….Damn what a good day to fartsack. So I arrived thinking the turn out would be light, I mean was no oneContinue reading “BACKBLAST: #TheO. #TEMPLEOFGLOOM, Loco Q”

BACKBLAST, The O, Bag of Wrenches, Election day. loco #bagofwrenches

Election Day returns: Back Blast, the O, 5-22 8 pax Loco, Who Dey, Vincent (respect), Mayberry, Red Roof, Country Boy, Wham!, Cutlass. Gearlander: Target, Champion brand shorts, Adidas wick work out shirt, Saucony clearance kicks…Balega Socks,,,there is no substitute for the socks… Loco Q: I arrived at my first Q in several months, (for someContinue reading “BACKBLAST, The O, Bag of Wrenches, Election day. loco #bagofwrenches”

The O BACKBLAST 12/5 Loco, trying to stay dry

Bishop: I was hoping to squeeze in nine holes before this rain starts. Bushwood Member: You better come in until this blows over… Bishop: So what do you think? Carl: I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for a while. Bishop: You’re right. Anyway, the good Lord would never disruptContinue reading “The O BACKBLAST 12/5 Loco, trying to stay dry”

BACKBLAST; The O, 10/12, LOCO @F3Louisville

QIC: Loco (VQ) 10 PAX:  Bean Counter, Scratch, Vincent, Cutlass, Jordy, OJ, Abacus, Sully, Mr. Clean, Seacrest. Light jog to the baseball field outskirts. The Thang COP: SSH (IC) 25 Monkey Humpers (IC) 10 Snow Angels (IC) 10 American Hammers (IC) 10 Jumped rope in place while the PAX counted to 60. Began a tourContinue reading “BACKBLAST; The O, 10/12, LOCO @F3Louisville”