10/3/19 BB: Extender @ the Mutt

While I have visited the Mutt many times for exercise, I have also been a member of visits to do other activity’s, such as steal a ghost flag, drop a child to school, influence young minds through sports by coaching and well, paying my bill for educating and feeding lunch to my child as well as submitting my money to the Lord during Sunday prayer but today was different.

So at an insignificant Trinity game (meaning the opponent is not worthy of mention) tailgate visit I was asked by Sump Pump if I wanted a gift? Sump Pump said he had something for me…oh boy was I excited….he led me to a tailgate of a car and told me to close my eyes, uh, hold on, that’s a different… never mind, apologies confused story… Sump Pump had a Q calendar – to sign up to Q at the Mutt…hmm, I thought, kind of like the feeling when Jeff Spikoli realizes there is no birthday party for him in Mr. Hands, History class…and in a moment of weakness I agreed and signed up. sapkoli d15c784e4f53bb44304c561ac2183711

Weather was darn near perfect and I arrived early to put out some green glow sticks, it was dark. I was fully prepared for the arrival time at the Mutt…5:27 am parking lot empty, 5:29 am 15 HIMS in place and cars parked. They arrive hot there.

15 PAX:

Soft Top, Larry Flint, No Show, Snowman, Tiger, Meatball, Glen Ross, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Plumb Bob, Backdraft, Deuce, WhamO, Petey, and Q: Loco

So a disclaimer was given and complimentary OFF Deep Woods bug and Mosquito spray was offered to the PAX. (Ha, you think Busch’s free beer is good)

So quick mosey around the School from the flag for some Warm up-O-rama,

Circle up in parking lot

  • Ssh 20
  • Imperial walkers 20
  • Abe vagotas 20
  • Downward dog, stretch left and right leg
  • 10 merkins in cadence
  • 5 knee high burpees in cadence
  • 30 clay Matthews

This is where things got a bit confusing, So in Jethro Bodine math, I was trying to form equal groups of 3, One…Knot…Knot…two..knot…knot and well instead of 5 groups of 3 we ended up with 3 groups of 5, then 6 groups of 2.5, then well forget it, I just told the pax to figure out the math, grab some coupons and off we went.

Mosey to coupons then mosey along that plush paved path through the bluegrass country side:

Thang 1:

In groups of 3, PAX rotate running up the hill while the other two did AMWRAP Exercises:

holy trinity incline

Man 1 goes up does 1 burpee recovers back down,

Other two: coupon press awrap

Other one: merkins amwrap

Switch rotation, till all go through twice.

Thang 2

Man 1 goes up two burpees recovers down

Other two:

Coupon rows: amwrap

Big boys: amwrap

Go though twice.

set three:

Man 1 goes up

Coupon curls: amwrap

LBCs: amwrap

Goes through twice.

Thang 3:

Jog back to coupon stash, then t o parking lot for a Merkin Time Bomb, 5 countdown.

Thang 4:

Native American run Lap around school.


American hammers

Clay mathhews 50


Lbcs-  do your age, if under 25 do 100.

Circle up so we ended up 5 minutes early at this point, so we did more merkins, then we ended up with two minutes left so we finished the workout with burpees until time ran out.

Circled up: said announcements reminded about the F3 Fall Festival, and gave intentions and our thanks for the great Q in the Sky with an Our Father and went about the day spreading our talents.

I was welcomed and had a wonderful time at the Mutt. no bug bite reports have been submitted to F3 national office of time of reporting. Always good to be healthy and working out and being able to do this, always a thrill to be around such great HIMS- and oh yea, it should be…each pax counts off to 5…we would of ended up with 5 groups of 3…

1.) 1-2-3-4-5

2.) 1-2-3-4-5

3.) 1-2-3-4-5

Groups of 1’s. 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s…Wow that’s some real math.












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