BACKBLAST, The O, Bag of Wrenches, Election day. loco #bagofwrenches


Election Day returns:

Back Blast, the O, 5-22

8 pax

Loco, Who Dey, Vincent (respect), Mayberry, Red Roof, Country Boy, Wham!, Cutlass.

Gearlander: Target, Champion brand shorts, Adidas wick work out shirt, Saucony clearance kicks…Balega Socks,,,there is no substitute for the socks…

Loco Q: I arrived at my first Q in several months, (for some time, the calendar and space was cramped and just hard to get a date down, IMO: the expansion of different AO’s is great because of that alone…more times to Q more times to lead) and I was excited after all it was Election Day but the lighting show was a bit to see, thankfully Country Boy gave the clear and knew it was going to be good because he’d been to a soccer game with lightning and it was okay…

So the clock was going tick, tock and we were thinking the Tour De France was going to be arriving at any moment… so we held off until 5:31:47…then we had to mosey…

Mosey to the tennis courts however a new twist… didn’t circle up immediately but did a Loco Lap around the perimeter of the courts to arrive at our circle up:


So we reminded everyone to vote and started with “how many Governors have we had in the State of KY? Answer: 62

So we celebrated this with 62 SSH IC

Who was the first KY Governor? Isaac Shelby

How many Mayors has Louisville had? 58

We celebrated this with 58 imperial walkers IC

Dropped and did 10 Merkins

Thang 1: we went to the fence of the tennis court and did a: 30 second Achilles Stretch…we were going to need that later…

This is when I may of went a bit…uhm…Loco… introduced a new Exercise: Named it the “KY Fried Chicken drumstick squat” (had to connect it with KY) perhaps it is already in the F3 book, but I didn’t see it…I actually googled the term “hardest exercise to do” and “most difficult exercise” and while some of our regular favorites came up like burpees and planking this sensational one legged squat with a knee touch to the ground was quite a hit with the pax. So 10 drumstick squats, followed by 10 merkins and then the other leg with the “KFC drumstick”…looking back i think “KY Fried Squat” works best…

KY Fried Squat

So next thang and next question:

What time do the polls open? 6am…What time do the polls close? 6pm…Awe so nice to play, ASK LISTEN REMEMBER: The method by which the Q builds Trust with his Group Members. He asks questions, listens to the answer and remembers what he hears.

6pm…6am….so 6 boyos

Hey we get up to get better, so we took a small little jog over to the Daneshall  Hill one of my favorite venues and well… we spoke about all the people that have fought and died in wars to allow us to vote:

We tallied about 500,000 died in battle during the Civil War and about 400,000 During World War II, 4+5= 9… so we did 9 hill repeats with a burpee at the top and bottom of the hill.

Total 18 Burpees

9 very big uphill runs…

danes hall hill

Ahh the PAX loved this… I was concerned we would be loud as we were mumble chattering and disturbing the neighbors but not with these PAX, they were as quite as can be…I didn’t hear a word until I heard someone mumble…”number 8”… but these HIMS are as they say…ACCELERATING MAN: A man committed to Acceleration…I mean we have Who Dey, Vincent (respect), Mayberry, Red Roof, Country Boy, Wham!, Cutlass…Loco couldn’t keep up…these guys were sharpening the iron and I was feeling the hill.

We finished and slowly pressed back to the tennis courts to finish up with some Mary: How I miss leading Mary…I was overcome with joy to Q…and especially enjoyed that my watch was reading “almost done” at this point…

  • LBC’s
  • American Hammers
  • An old favorite of mine…”Canoes and Boats”
  • And we wrapped the Election Day with a round of Al Gores with some Trump Style claps.

Great work! So we Moseyed to the flag for COT and asked for the blessings of the Sky-Q:

Wham was the sixth…where he explained his long hair and earrings in a past life…we said our intentions and several guys expressed wishes for the health of some of our F3 Brothers, whose wives and children and parents are having some medical dealings…

I continue to be impressed daily by the men I meet in this group and was out for almost a full 7 weeks with a broken arm, I can tell you how much this workout helps me deal with the world and be a better man and I thank you guys for the fellowship and opportunity to lead… I won’t say I was totally a “sad clown” or anything coming into this group but I was certainly showing the symptoms…and while I certainly can’t complain about the warm bed on freezing mornings and being able to blame a broken arm. My life is much better and I am a better husband and father and friend for this work, so I thank you for your pushing along and for the workout, now get out and vote today for whoever you wish, just vote.

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