Back Blast Ruiner 6/22 @ the O, with Loco.


I’ve been wanting to Q a Saturday for quite sometime and thrilled when I signed up three weeks ago- I thought for sure- first day of summer- delightful O sunrise, warm weather, martinis and cold beer at coffeteria…. But then a trip in a hole- bummed my ankle so I had to fartsack a few mornings to get it back to health…of course, this would mean less running and a Loco Q isn’t the same without a good hill…So it was awesome the sun was wonderful. Dry and 73 or maybe it started pouring buckets and lighting during the WO. 

Disclaimer: the writer has used embellishments in this document to create drama and effect. No humans or animals were harmed in the making of this Q.

PAX: (11)

Vincent (R),

Tammy Faye Baker,

Slide-Rule, DR (@F3 Raleigh),







Plumb Bob,

Stinger (Q, 2.0),

Q: Loco

So we started with an assistant time keeper, F3 Stinger. Stinger gave the official time of 6:59 as we gathered near the flag- disclaimer was given and DR Sliderule(@F3 Raliegh) was introduced and welcomed by the pax- (more to come on that later) and off we went- 7am exactly- after almost two years around this, I’ve noticed at times Saturday can be more relaxed- the best Q’s seem to me- are the ones when you experience a little fear- like is this pace going to go the entire hour? So I started my Q- fast, we moseyed around to the tennis courts but went an extra lap all the way around the interior tennis courts. Circled up and went straight to:


25 ssh

25 imperial walkers

25 Abe vagodas

10 mountain climbers

Held plank and stretched right and left Achilles.

10 merkins 

And then introduced a new the exercise by Clay Matthews, we did 25 of them and well we did a lot of them later in the work out. (I’m not a fan of Clay but I did like his exercise)

Clay matthews

and what the heck after that I modified and said 5 BOYOS, and well
10 merkins (you see sometimes I just hear a voice in my head that tells me to do something…add it in just for fun even if it is not in my weinke)
This was all at a quick pace on purpose, So I said follow me…
10 lamp post later we stopped at the baseball field:
Thang One:
IC: we introduced the High Knee Burpee: 5 knee ups and directly to a burpee. we did five of those.
10 merkins
25 Clay Matthews
and 5 more Knee Up, high knee burpees
and we followed with a ten count which went very fast.
Thang 2:
Which had to be modified because it may of started raining and the field was a mud pit, Capt Insano wasn’t there, so the fear of someone ruining their manicure, wasnt as much as me making the baseball field unusable for the weekend. (the Parks Dept would of questioned that move).
So the Pax split into groups of 2 the bench warmers did alternating dips and merkins while the group ran the bases (or stayed on the outline of the infield and ran back upon return the next group did this and so on…rinse and repeat. (X2)
5 knee high burpees
25 Clay Matthews
Then we lined up at the 3rd base Foul line and Bear Crawled to second base. Vincent got to second base faster than a (insert your own funny joke about getting to second base here, in order to hold his government job and not to receive unwanted political incorrectness backlash Loco has removed any comment to this). Vincent was Larry Birding the whole time. I mean who hasn’t wanted to bear crawl from the third base foul line in the outfield to second base…
Thang 3:
As we were in the outfield:
10 Merkins
25 Clay Matthews
and jog back to the dugout.
Out came the baseball bat- a genuine wood Louisville Slugger…
Each Pax got one swing, while the others did Imperial Walkers, if they missed 5 burpees if they hit, we ran to the ball and carried from there, man you would of thought hitting a ball was easier than that but we had some misses so we did some burpees. (and sidenote if someone is looking to put a softball team together, I highly recommend Nugget- he can crush the ball).
somehow, I have no idea but it was thundering at the O and water was falling from the sky…maybe the sprinkler system was just left on…its always sunny at the O…we jogged back to the bathrooms from the baseball field.
Merkin Time Bomb from 10 down while Stinger sprayed everyone off with a firehose…or maybe it was just raining that hard.
25 more Clay Matthews.
Thang 4:
Jog to the tennis courts.
we took it up to 6 knee high burpees.
25 Clay Matthews
10 Merkins
the tennis courts had  several bolts of lightning, we actually got video of it:
Time was moving on so we circled up for some Mary..Duck, Duck, Mary.
each Pax gave out their favorite:
We had American Hammers, V ups, LBC’s, 6 inch hold, plank with arm in the sky, Davinci’s and a cast of others…
then it got really ugly…our guest, Slide-Rule, being from Raleigh and obviously knowing the love around here for DUKE introduced a “Blue Devil” Burpee…
Follow this…
A Bobby Hurley, to a flop on your back; courtesy of Latiner or Grayson Allen or Greg Paulus or any other Duke player in the history of the school known for flopping, then a full burpee…the flop exposed your chest where I guess he left out the part where they step on your chest…but over all fun addition.
time was ending but the lighting was quite a show..or maybe it was just a flash of some one taking a picture.
Back to the flag, name-o-rama, thanked and ridiculed Slide-rule for his Duke-iness, and for visiting(@F3 Raliegh) and announced the Ruck upcoming in July…


We thanked the SkyQ for allowing us to push each other and to support each other and to keep us safe and prayed a few intentions for several of the connections in ours lives… I was thrilled to lead and still thrilled to associate with this incredible group of men which has truly been a gift to me in my life. Thank you to every F3 member, for your work sharpens me and we all get/got better. 



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