Sevierville Black Ops Backblast 5/16/18

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax: Double Down (R), Lil Smoky, CI

[Read in your If You Give a Mouse a Cookie voice]: When you’re on a work retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains with Pax named Lil Smoky, you’re going to work out.

We agreed last night that since F3 Knoxville was 53 minutes away, we’d just run our own Black Op. We are on the side of a mountain in cabins surrounded by unbelievable vistas and some awesome terrain. I planned to make good use of it all.

Lil Smoky arrived promptly at 0526…driving a golf cart. Keep in mind this guy is a Boston Marathoner. He said he didn’t want to have to walk down the hill.

Mosey down a steep mountain switch back for COP-15 IC for the most part;



Some stretching

Cooperhead squats


Mosey around the corner to a dark stairwell that leads back up the mountain.

Each Pax ran up the steps, stopping at each landing to do 10 Merkins. Here’s video:

From there, we moseyed around the way to a gazeboish area and did:

A Dip waterfall (10 down to 1, with corresponding breaks holding position)


50 step ups

Mosey to YHC’s car to grab Val, and we did a little burp, burp pass. Pax with Val did a man maker, while other Pax held a deep Al Gore. We did this a few times.

We did some speed toe taps on the curb to catch our breath. 25 each foot.

Then, we moseyed some more to a nice little hill for a triple nickel with Merkins and squats.

We moseyed a ways back to the steps and went back down, doing 10 squats at each landing.

At the bottom, YHC saw a wall. So we worked on grip strength by trying pull ups to failure or wall hangs to failure. The waiting Pax lunged. This was tough.

We did a Mary Webb with gas pumps (1) and flutter kicks (4).

Then, to get back we didn’t use the stairs or the switch back road (you see, we were where we started). Instead, we climbed the face of the mountain to get back to the start.

COR, NOR. Fist bumps and good words were shared. After that, I know I can’t wait to conquer the day.

CI out

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