Diablo #BackBlast for #TheRooster at #TheMutt 5/15/18


PAX: (19) Sherpa, Fridge, Mad Cow, Pepperoni (FNG), Spread Sheet, Tiger, Zima, Bumble Bee, Left Eye, Backdraft, Steerage, Old Bay, Frosty, Busch, Duece, Sump Pump, PED, Tool Time, Diablo

I arrived at 5:20, planning to have 10-12 PAX because we had 5 – that’s 5! – AO’s going strong, to quite strong, this morning. But, I’m just going to stop being surprised by this group. We had 19 PAX out to get better. That included a Miller Lite tanked-up Mad Cow, so metaphysically, that’s 20, but Red Roof says (or to be clear I think he’d say) I must leave the study of ontology to others and count PAX numerically, mostly because of Tron’s number machine, and partly because that same study would create debate when YHC and Zartan partner up when, ahem, a little “tired.”

After a quick disclaimer, PAX moseyed around the school and over to the football / soccer / field hockey / lacrosse / whatever field.


PAX circled up for:

Split Jacks – 20 IC

SSHs – 20 IC

Groiners – 10 IC

Copperhead Squats – 20 IC

LBCs – 30 IC

Burpees – 8

Thang 1

PAX split into two groups and formed two lines. I asked them to plank in two lines, facing the lacrosse nets. But, I called the cute little triangle thingees a “field hockey” net. It took all of 1.2 seconds for this humble public school kid to be snidely reminded that, “No, they’re lacrosse nets.” I think I then heard someone say, “God I’m afraid to think about what he’d call our croquet wickets.” I’ll go ahead and tell you what I call all of these country club accoutrements – things I have to move any time I need to get some baseball or softball work in.

Any who, PAX formed two lines as instructed, in a single-file plank, faced nets I could never afford to use, and then Indian Bear Crawled until both lines reached the nets. If PAX wasn’t bear crawling to the front, he was holding a plank.

Thang 2

PAX then moseyed back to the parking lot. Using the same lines, PAX conducted an Indian run around the school back to the starting spot.

Thang 3

I invited PAX into my merkin laboratory. This was all sorts of fun.

2 Count Merkins – 12 IC

T Merkins – 10

Plank Merkins – 20 (Where PAX held a plank until YHC told them to merkin).

Bench Dips – 2 sets of 20

Step Ups – AMRAP 2 sets

2 Count Merkins – 20 IC

YHC heard lots of grunts and heavy breathing in the lab. YHC also saw a lot of hard work and good form this morning. T Claps fellas.


PAX grabbed the coupons for this part.

Flutter Kicks whilst holding Coupon – 30 IC

American Hammers – 20 IC

Big Boy Set Ups – 25

LBCs – 30 IC

American Hammers with Coupon – 15 IC

American Hammers – 15 IC

PAX returned coupons and ran long way back to the flags, arriving at a precise 6:15 am.


PAX counted to 19, conducted name-o-rama, welcomed FNG Pepperoni, and welcomed DR godfather Frosty. We were honored to have both of them out in the Gloom with us. I asked the Sky Q to be with those in need, gave thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon us, and asked for guidance as we all go forth to be the leaders we are all called to be.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.

– Diablo

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