Passing of the Comz – Welcome F3 Louisville’s New Comz Q: Abacus @malynch33

I’ve known Abacus since 1996.  We were in college together.  We’re fraternity brothers.  We both eventually settled in Louisville.  He’s a great person.  His M is awesome.  Hell, she was my dental hygienist for years; zero cavities during that time.  He has great kids.  He may be a cyborg.  How else can he keep up that pace in the gloom?

And we’re damn lucky to have him as part of F3 Louisville.

We’re even luckier that he’s agreed to take over as the Comz Q.  I’ve done all the damage I can do to the Comz Q role, and I need someone to come in an fix it.  That someone is Abacus.

So give it up for our guy, Abacus.  He’ll be the guy who makes sure we all keep in touch.  He’ll assure you, “Yes, your meme did post in Slack despite that constant warning that we’ve run out of space.”  He’ll get you calendar rights…for the 12th time.  He’ll direct you to the website for the instructions on how to post to the site that have been there since the beginning of time.  He’ll help add you to the Q calendar despite you having rights to do it yourself.  He’ll learn to hate the question, “tell me your preferred e-mail address.”  Maybe he’ll wrestle away the @F3Louisville twitter handle, or maybe not.  He’ll check the e-mail address more frequently than I do (bi-monthly).  He’ll figure out Face’s super-complicated Newsletter cycle.  He’ll remind everyone, “YES, we have a Website.”  He may even revive the Wire (raise your hand if you remember that one?). In short, he’ll be great.

Congratulations, Abacus!  And thank you!


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