BO backblast 10-2-18

Pax: thumbtack Q, banana bread, Sadie, shuttlecock, charloais, fannypack, birdie.

We gathered on a beautiful Tuesday morning and I gave my disclaimer. We then moseyed  to the front of the school for cop.

Cop: ssh IC 25 reps, abe agodas IC 25 reps, grass grabbers IC 25 reps, plank stretching, and we finished it off with doing two sets of dips and derkins on the stone wall both 25 reps adding up to 50 total.

Thang 1- we moseyed to get the coupons and then we moseyed back to the parking lot. I stole Sadie’s die from his vq but changed the excercises because we ended up doing what felt like 1000 burpees. I put  coupon curls, coupon rows, coupon shrugs, shoulder press, squats, and coupon extensions. One of the pax members rolled the die and chose which one of  the six  excercises the group would amarap while they ran 100 yds and back. When the pax member returned the next him rolled the die and chose the next excercise. We completed this with each member going  three times. We then moseyed to put the coupons back. We still had time left so we moseyed back to circle up on the parking lot for thang 2.

thang 2- we circled up on our sixes and I chose the first marry excercise  american hammers 25 reps, fannypack was next with flutter kicks 25 reps, shuttlecock Lbc’s 25 reps, charloais big boy’s 25 reps, birdie spider mans 15 reps, banana bread ankle biters 30 reps.

Cot- we closed in prayers and started our  day. Great push HIM’s always humbling leading a great bayside pax. Thumbtack out!


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