25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation

QIC: Nugget Pax: Nugget, Face, Double Down, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Mayberry, Methane, Cardinal, Kidnapper Van, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Cutlass, Quimby, Taco, Star Child, Jordy, Texas Pete, Pope, GOB (FNG), Double Wide (FNG), Cool Hand Luke (FNG), Mouth (FNG), Tron (FNG), Mox (FNG), Hobbs (FNG) Nugget’s Backblast: Well, it was a sunny, but muddy day in the Ville, but we don’t shy away from getting dirty. We started off with our record breaking 25 PAX, and moseyed the long wayContinue reading “25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation”

#Ruiner PreBlast — Nugget’s First Solo Q

Captain Insane-o here with a little PreBlast for F3 Louisville.  A few important announcements: First, our F3 Louisville Logo was recently approved by the mother-ship and the presale is going on now.  Get on your internet machine and order here . Second, this is Nugget’s First Solo Q and we want it to be aContinue reading “#Ruiner PreBlast — Nugget’s First Solo Q”

13 Pax for Sgt. Pepper’s #Gloom(y) Heart’s Club Band #sleevelesslikecheech #getbetter

QIC- Zartan 13 PAX- Zartan, Nugget, Cutlass, Double Down, Little Jerry, Captain Insane-o, Country Boy, Texas Pete, Quimby, Star Child, Red Roof, Bob Ross & Pope In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this #templeofgloom was inspired by the Beatles.  It was a muggy morning so we got toContinue reading “13 Pax for Sgt. Pepper’s #Gloom(y) Heart’s Club Band #sleevelesslikecheech #getbetter”

No More Landmines

Look at this photograph Every time I do it makes me laugh QIC- Jordy 17 PAX- Jordy, Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-O, Pope, Old Bay, Texas Pete, Methane, Nickelback, Zoolander, Country Boy, Bobross, Cutlass, Double Down, Little Jerry, Quimby, Zartan The PAX was 17 strong and willing #inthegloom this morning for the #bagofwrenches. FreshContinue reading “No More Landmines”

Let’s Go Krogering

When: 06/13/17 QIC: Red Roof The PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Face, Zartan, Nomo, Little Jerry, Double Down, Methane, Bobross, Nickelback   Double Coupon Day.  It’s sticky out today boys, let’s go Krogering!!! Mosey to B-ball courts for COP SSHx20 Merkinsx15 LBCx20 Hamstring stretch left and right – 10 count each side PlankContinue reading “Let’s Go Krogering”

Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)

When: 06/10/2017 QIC: Captain Insane-o The PAX: Red Roof, Taco, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Cardinal, Nickelback, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kevorkian (FNG), Kidnapper Van (FNG), Face (FNG), Early Times (FNG), Probe (FNG)   Today was YHC’s (Captain Insane-O) first solo Q, so I came prepared. Inspired by an epic Zartan quote when he was resistingContinue reading “Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)”


When: 06/08/17 QIC: Geordi The PAX: Captain Insane-o, Red Roof, Geordi, Zartan, Cutlass, Star Child, Mayberry, Cardinal, Little Jerry and Double Down   Captain Insane-o here with the Backblast from Geordi’s first Q.  Geordi took us through a horror show workout aptly titled after Stephen King’s works.  The Gloom was illuminated by a full moon.  We wereContinue reading “STEPHEN KING”

If you can dodge a wrench… When: 06/06/17 Red Roof

When: 06/06/17 QIC: Methane The PAX: Methane, Captain Insaneo, Cutlass, Little Jerry, Double Down, Red Roof, Nomo, Nickelback, Zartan (FNG), Fall Guy, Starchild, Geordi   This beautiful Tuesday morning was as good a day as any for 12 PAX (1 FNG) to try Meth for the first time, right? And by Meth I mean MethaneContinue reading “If you can dodge a wrench… When: 06/06/17 Red Roof”

Not for Landlubbers – Red Roof

When: 06/03/17 QIC: Starchild, Captain Insaneo The PAX: Starchild, Captain Insaneo, Taco, Benedict, Red Roof, Track Hoe, Little Jerry, Double Down, Nickelback, Jordy, Cutlass   With Captain Insaneo and Starchild took the helm this morning, this workout was definitely not or Landlubbers: COP- Mosey on over the basketball courts for the COP (watch out forContinue reading “Not for Landlubbers – Red Roof”

Couponing for Beginners | F3 Louisville Send-off

When: 05/20/2017 QIC: KY The PAX: Dough Boy (FNG), Cardinal(FNG), Captain Insaneo(FNG), Gerordi(FNG), Sac(FNG), Hydro(FNG), Pope(FNG), Red Roof, Mayberry, Sauerkraut, KY, Doc in a Box, Methane, Pitino, Star Child, Taco, Benedict, Bear Grass, YBR   Louisville F3 – May 20 19 of the strongest men Louisville has to offer came for the #anchorlegbeatdown in theContinue reading “Couponing for Beginners | F3 Louisville Send-off”

Core Drill’n Concrete

When: 05/18/17 QIC: Mayberry The PAX: Red Roof, Starchild, Mash Bill, Methane, Track Hoe   Circle of Pain (COP) Ran to school parking lot and do… Side Straddle Hop (SSH) (x20) Merkins (x10) LBC (x20) Imperial Walkers (x20)   The Thang… Next, ran to the tennis courts for a little Kevorkian (partner assisted suicides) PartnerContinue reading “Core Drill’n Concrete”

Slow build, or slow burn… either way, Louisville learned about the half-pipe

When: 5/13/2017 QIC: Tesla and Pitino The PAX: Red Roof, Mayberry, Mash Bill, Star Child, Bear Grass, Doc In A Box, Nugget, Red Tape (FNG), Sanka (FNG), Methane (FNG), Yellow Brick Rd (FNG), Tesla (Q), Pitino (Q)… missing one FNG, not my best moment, but phone went schizo and I lost my recording.   14Continue reading “Slow build, or slow burn… either way, Louisville learned about the half-pipe”

F3 Louisville – Soggy Track at the Derby

When: 04/22/17 QIC: Senor Chips & Bird Hole The PAX: Red Roof, 3D, Doc-in-a-Box, Bird Hole, Señor Chips   Dawn broke in a chilly, rainy Gloom for the Epic launch of F3 Louisville (OK maybe the weather made it less “epic” that YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) had hoped) and 5 strong came out to be aContinue reading “F3 Louisville – Soggy Track at the Derby”