13 Pax for Sgt. Pepper’s #Gloom(y) Heart’s Club Band #sleevelesslikecheech #getbetter

QIC- Zartan

13 PAX- Zartan, Nugget, Cutlass, Double Down, Little Jerry, Captain Insane-o, Country Boy, Texas Pete, Quimby, Star Child, Red Roof, Bob Ross & Pope

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, this #templeofgloom was inspired by the Beatles.  It was a muggy morning so we got to it and mugged the morning right back.

 Revolver– We started with a run the long way to the tennis courts for some COP.          20 SSH IC, 15 LBCs IC, 10 Rosalitas IC, 5 Angle Grinders, 10 Rosalitas IC, 15 LBCs IC and 20 SSH IC.

Hard Days Night– With the heart rate increasing we shifted to some LOP for some slow suicides.  Court 1 was 10 Don Quixotes IC with a run a up and back.  Court 2 was 10 Reverse LBCs IC and Karaoke up and back.  Court 3 was 10 Freddie Murcurys IC with Super Mario up and back.  Court 4 was Sixty Second Circles (SSCs) AYG up and mosey back.

Help! Now we were working.  Ran over to soccer field for some partner work to help the # PAX get to know one another.   10 Squirkins, 10 Booyah Merkins then right into the Bear Crawl Inch Worm.  With 13 on the field this was a chore.  Fired up the music for the Thang that today bore the name Red Barchetta.  With over 700 yrds ran and 100 SSH, 75 Mt. Climbers, 50 LBCs, 25 Merkins and 10 burpees this was a great way to finish up strong.

Let it Be– Finished with some hammy stretches since they were bearing the brunt of the work.


No epaulets for the Sargents in the Pax; we all went sleeveless in support of our F3 Brother @F3Cheech #sleevelesslikecheech @F3LexSC.  Sadly, we found out after the workout that he had passed.  Our prayers are with his family and friends.  Prayers for Quimby’s pops.  We left better #HIMs than we came; that’s always a good thing.

Tclaps to Zartan for his first solo Q.

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