Cinder block beat down

  • When: 05/23/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Cutlass, Cardinal, Pope, Methane, Fall Guy, Star Child, Nomo, Mash Bill

Well, Momma always says if someone gives you a gift, you had better use it.  #KY and #Sauerkraut were nice enough to bring us some Coupons (Cinder blocks) so we better use them (at least until Metro Parks finds them under the bleachers)!!!  9 PAX (1 FNG) met in the gloom to do some work and make ourselves better:

COP (Circle of Pain)

Grab a coupon and mosey over to the big field.  Line’em up and leave them, we’ll come back to those later.  First we need to do a little warm up…

SSH (Side Straddle Hops) x20

LBC (Little Baby Crunches) x20

Merkins (Push Ups) x15

Imperial Walkers x20

Burpees x5

The Thang

Feeling inspired from Sauerkraut’s Q on Saturday, we decided reboot and revisit some of Satrudays #anchorlegbeatdown…

  •  5 hand over merkins (double count on the coupon) run to the field
  • Add 10 shoulder press, run
  • Add 15 bicep curls, run
  • Add 20 weighted squats, run (note: some wise guy asked what a weighted squat was!)
  • Take everything off excecpt the 5 hand over merkins (time constraints)
  • Early finishers planked and did LBC’s until everyone caught up.  We all planked and did Freddy Mercuries after.

Next we moseyed over to our special secret coupon hiding place and left them for next time (maybe??) and met at the bathrooms for some 10’s with step ups and dips. between the bathroom benches and some picnic tables not too far away.

  • 9 step ups / 1 dip
  • 8 step ups / 2 dips
  • 7 step ups / 3 dips
  • etc etc.

Good work today for all the new pax who just started with us last week.  Not too much grumbling and everyone was ready to get after it this morning.  I hope everyone sees the benefits, keeps coming back, and brings more people.

COT (Circle of Trust) and Name-o-rama

One FNG this morning Bob (affectionately will affectionately be known as Fall Guy). Also, per #KY on Saturday, Sack can officially change his name to Cutlass since he came back for another workout.


We need to name this workout.  I’ve heard some great suggestions, but we need more.  We can be F3 Louisville for a while longer, but if we grow to a new location we need to distinguish this one. Think bourbon, Ali, horse racing, etc.

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