If you can dodge a wrench… When: 06/06/17 Red Roof

  • When: 06/06/17
  • QIC: Methane
  • The PAX: Methane, Captain Insaneo, Cutlass, Little Jerry, Double Down, Red Roof, Nomo, Nickelback, Zartan (FNG), Fall Guy, Starchild, Geordi


This beautiful Tuesday morning was as good a day as any for 12 PAX (1 FNG) to try Meth for the first time, right? And by Meth I mean Methane running the Q for the first time for the Tuesday Bag of Wrenches.

First we left the circle flag and moseyed over to the tennis courts for the COP…

COP (Circle of Pain)

20 SSH

10 merkins

10 LBC

10 Jumping Lunges

10 imperial walkers

10 mountain Climbers


The Thang…

Staying at the tennis courts, Methane had the PAX start out doing the following with a suicide of the outside lines of the tennis courts at the end of each exercise.  Early finishers got to plank when done.

Donkey kicks (Plank and kick your feet up behind you like a donkey) X20

Merkins x20

Runners Lunge (right leg) x20

Derkin (Decline Push Up) x20

Runners Lunge (Left Leg) x20

Plank Jack x20


The PAX was feeling it now, so we then moseyed on over to the big field for some more fun…

Partner up (Size doesn’t matter – unless you’re paired up with Cutlass or Zartan evidently)

Jump Overs (x20) – P1 planks while P2 jumps over and back of P1 x20 then switch jobs

Throw Downs (x20) – P1 throw downs legs of P2 while he lays on his back x20 then switch jobs

Over & Unders (x10) – P1 planks while P2 jumps over P1 then goes under P1’s plank then switch jobs

Early finishers were treated to Rosalitas.


Finally, with a few minutes remaining Meth had us do the following sprints down one end of the field and recover back:

Karaoke left

Karaoke right

Sprint (AYG – All you got)

Circle of Trust & Prayer

Today we welcomed one FNG to the PAX….Zartan.  Great work today Zartan!!!  We also encouraged the PAX to lean on some of the guys who’ve done workouts but haven’t shown up in a while to really get this PAX growing.  Finally, Start Child closed out with a prayer with words of encouragement for us to be good men, fathers, and husbands in our community.  Good work today men!

T-Claps to Methane for a great first Q.  Thanks for stepping up and making us feel the pain.

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