No More Landmines


Look at this photograph

Every time I do it makes me laugh

QIC- Jordy

17 PAX- Jordy, Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-O, Pope, Old Bay, Texas Pete, Methane, Nickelback, Zoolander, Country Boy, Bobross, Cutlass, Double Down, Little Jerry, Quimby, Zartan

The PAX was 17 strong and willing #inthegloom this morning for the #bagofwrenches. Fresh off a successful legal name change, Jordy (formerly Geordi, also Giordi) took the helm for the Q. And what an eventful morning it was! Went down like this:

The fluffer was a long run to the tennis courts for a little COP to get the proverbial juices flowing. 5 rounds of 10 count in cadence SSH, Murkins, Squats (Teabags), LBC’s, and Freddy Mercury’s. Nobody seemed phased so we did it again for another 5 rounds on the 10 count. A count off showed a record Tuesday PAX of 17 (!!!) and we partnered up then Jordy led the cavalry out of the gates to the soccer field.

En route, Nickelback stepped on a landmine and went down on a bum ankle. Standing 8 count and we ruled him out for the day. Nurse Star Child tended his injuries for a few while the PAX rode on.

To the soccer field for Coupon Tuesday! Partner work for this manthrashing. AMRAP 5 minutes for 3 rounds

Round 1- one partner sprints the width of the field while the other does Coupon weighted Squats .

Round 2- the beatdown continues. One partner runs half the field carrying the rock while the other does air Squats.

Round 3- just because. One partner sprints the width of the field while the other does strict overhead Coupon presses. Yeah baby!

Coupons up and run back to the tennis courts for Mary. Star Child started it off with some 7 Minutes Abs while Jordy checked on the wounded.

Jordy then led the 16 man Circle Burp with SSH on the go. Finally, when the PAX could no longer feel their legs, it was to the line for Air Squat Suicides. 5 Air Squats followed by AYG Suicide runouts. Planks, downward dog, Cobras, hamstring, squat stretches to cool it down and done!

COT and prayer led by Red Roof. No FNGs today but damn what a show! Shout out to the PAX on crushing it today! Tclaps to Cutlass – kid is on fire – and to Pope, Bobross and Country Boy for Larry Bird’ng the final exercises.

And finally- Shout out to Nickelback for speedy recovery from what appears to be a mild ankle sprain. No More Landmines brother!

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