Up Hill Battle

13 HIMs arrived for the Ruiner, with 2 FNGs props to Zartan.  Star Child was on the Q for the first half, and we moseyed on over tot he Ball courts for some COP.  We circled up for some SSH, Merkins, and Imperial Walkers, and the newly introduced Imperial Squats.  After  our blood was flowing, we lined up for DOMINOES, and we FELL HARD.  We planked on each side while each PAX did 5 Merkins.  Down the row, and back again.

Afterwards, we regrouped and went for a field trip across the bridge and over to a nice (not nice) little (not little) hill, where Star Child got everyone a little closer than they wished to be…  We partnered up for some backpacking (YODAS!) and carried one another up the hill, and ran back down.  Each partner had a try at it.  Then we wheelbarrowed up the hill, well as far as we could, then bear crawled the rest of the way up.  We ran back down to swap.  Lastly, we burned up some legs with 5 jump squats, and ran backwards up the hill.

Red Roof was now the Q, and he led us to the Field Hockey Fields for some 100,200, and 300… Wiping out any ounce of energy we had left, partnering up for 100 Merkins, 200 air squats, and 300 LBCs combined while the other partner was running across the field.  If that wasn’t enough, we circled up Freddie Mercuries and Derkins to wrap us up for this Ruiner.

The two FNGs are FNGs no more..  Welcome County Boy and Texas Pete.

Texas Pete and Country Boy, welcome to F3.  We hope to see you all again at The Bag of Wrenches.  HIMs included Red Roof, Star Child, Nugget, Zartan, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kidnapper Van, Dr. K, Methane, Taco, and Cutlass in the COT.  Prayers to all for a great Fathers Day.  We earned it this morning, brothers!

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