Hard Rain

  • When: 06/15/17
  • QIC: Zartan, Captain Insane-o
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Little Jerry, Jordy, Double Down, Bobross, Zartan, Methane, Face, Captain Insane-o, Nomo, Old Bay (FNG), Zoolander (FNG), Quimby (FNG), Ironclad (FNG)

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  YHC (Captain Insane-o) woke to this…

Dead Rain


But I was pretty sure the heavy stuff wasn’t coming down for quite some time, so into the #Gloom we went.  Four FNGs joined a strong group of #HIM for a rainy, soggy and brutal (lots of running) #Templeofgloom workout.

Zartan took the keys for his first Q, and like the priest in Caddyshack, he careered it.  Here’s what went down…

COP (LOP, Line of Pain?)

Zartan ran us over to the tennis courts and lined us up for a little warm-up he called slow suicides.

20 SSH IC, forward run to Court 1, backward run back
20 American Hammers (that drew support from the Red State FNGs  who joined us), Karaoke to second court and back (switch sides)
20 Mountain climbers IC, Super Marios to Court 3, High knees back
Sixty Second Circles (a Zartan original):  Plank with left hand high (hold 15 count), roll to LBCs 15 OYO, roll to plank with Right hand high (hold 15 count), run up to Court 4 and back.  Tclaps to Bobross for Larry Birding it.
Then, Zartan circled us up for (YHC’s favorite) a Circle Burp.  With 14 and YHC holding his “down”, it took some time.  We were ready for the next challenge.

The Thang…

Zartan handed the keys to YHC, and I had everyone count off 1-7, 1-7 and meet their new partner.  We moseyed down Pee Wee Reese to a hill that made for a nice place to do a little Burp Back Mountain.  With your partner, 15 burpees, run down the hill.  At bottom, elbow plank until all get there.  The key was to stay with your partner, but push him too. Plus, after this you may need a strong hand told hold you.  A little downward dog, recover.  Then, 10 burpees, run up the hill.  Plank till all are up there.  Little Jerry gave us a ten count to recover.  Then, 10 burpess and run down the hill.  Keep in mind, it’s pouring rain…  At the bottom, plank till all get there; downward dog, cobra (upward dog), back to plank.  Line up single file for an overlap run back to the tennis courts (about .5 mile).

At the tennis courts, circle up for 7 Minutes of Mary…

20 Dollys IC
10 V Up Roll Ups OYO
15 Freddie Mercuries IC
Fifer Scissors on YHC’s count

Break the circle, line up.  20 merkins, sprint to all 4 courts to end line and jog back.  Plank for 10 count and we’re done.  Still raining.

COT and Name-o-rama.  Tclaps to Zartan’s milkshake for bringing all the boys to the yard. I heard a few of them say, “this is something I’ve been looking for for a while.”  YHC hears you! Four FNGs on a very rainy Thursday for the #Templeofgloom is impressive. Ironclad can change his name when he comes back.  Star Child closed us with some nice words to live by and we left to conquer another day.

CI out!  CI#getbetter


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