Let’s Go Krogering

  • When: 06/13/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Face, Zartan, Nomo, Little Jerry, Double Down, Methane, Bobross, Nickelback


Double Coupon Day.  It’s sticky out today boys, let’s go Krogering!!!

Mosey to B-ball courts for COP




Hamstring stretch left and right – 10 count each side

Plank jack x10

Downward dog – 10 count

Good mornings – 10 count

Mosey to field hockey field and grab coupons. Partner up, size doesn’t matter

P1: coupon shoulder press x10, P2: coupon curl x10. Partners run to other’s coupon and switch exercises.  Finally run back to original coupon location

P1: Walk over merkins x10 P2: weighted squat x10, regular run back and forth

P1: Coupon swings x10 P2: triceps press x10, backwards run back and forth. 

 P1:  shoulder press again x10, coupon curl x10, karaoke run back and forth.

Now everyone is feeling the burn, let’s really blow it out for the finale, head to the playground…

8 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible): 5 dips -10 step ups -5 pull ups – 10 step ups – REPEAT

COT and prayer

Red Roof lead the COT and final prayer.  Big T-claps to recent FNG’s Face, Zartan, and Nickelback for coming back and joining the PAX for multiple workouts.

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