Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)

  • When: 06/10/2017
  • QIC: Captain Insane-o
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Taco, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Cardinal, Nickelback, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kevorkian (FNG), Kidnapper Van (FNG), Face (FNG), Early Times (FNG), Probe (FNG)


Today was YHC’s (Captain Insane-O) first solo Q, so I came prepared. Inspired by an epic Zartan quote when he was resisting my headlock – courtesy of Kenny Powers – today’s workout is entitled, Tryin to Be the Best at Exercising…

Mosey to Basketball Courts


20 SSH
10 Merkins
20 LBCs
20 Freddie Mercuries
20 Plank Jacks
20 Air Squats
Circle Burp- high knees,in order call “down” for a burpee til everyone gets a shot. We were feeling the burn, and the FNGs were not smiling any more.

The Thang…

Hard run back to the Field via the long way (over the river and through the half-pipe we go!). Anyone in the Pax can call out an exercise; 10x max tho. Red Roof called plank, to six at the top of the hill and Pope released us after a slow ten count. YHC called air squats half way back. No one else spoke up. Saving their strength, maybe?

Back to the field. Pax was moving like a well oiled machine. Pair up, line up (Red Roof, Nickelback and YHC had a trois). Played a little Catch me if you can. Partner 1 performs 5 Merkins, and then sprints to catch the Partner 2, who has been running backwards. Repeato up and back. Plank while you wait for everyone to finish.

Circle up for…

BLIMPS 5 burpees, 10 lunges jumping, 15 imperial walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats. Pope asked for an acronym so he could remember. Pretty sure BLIMPS covers it. The workout was getting to their brains! It’s working! Plank while you wait for everyone to finish.

Circle up for Mary time.
In and Outs 10x.
Fifer Scissors 10x.
Leg Climbers 10X (each leg).
Heels to the Heavens 10x.
Captain Thor (big boy situp, 4 American Hammers) 10 X.

Now for the main event.

Set up the A/V equipment for the Death Metal Circuit. Cutlass was in heaven.

YHC did some course work before and had each station marked and staked with a coupon. Each coupon was a circuit stop with the last stop being ropes. Circuit exercises: Burpees, Coupon Swings, Merkins, Overhead Coupon Presses, Weighted Squats, Battle Ropes at the end. Each station was an AMRAP for 15 count. Move on the whistle (courtesy of BeepWatch 2 apple , which I highly rec). Bear crawl back to start and plank til you’re up again. YHC took us to six a few times in the plank line and elbow plank. Rinse and Repeat three times.  Here’s a little video:

What would it be without Rocky/Apollo beach sprints? AYG sprints next. Stop at the end and plank til everyone is done. Plank to six, 10 count. Recover. AYG sprints. Stop and the end and plank til everyone is done. Left side only, ride side only. Back to plank, 10 count.

COT and Name-o-Rama. We had 5 FNGs. This thing is growing. Great group of men. Great time. Welcome Probe, Kevorkian, Early Times, Kidnapper Van (KV), Face. I want to thank KY (Charlotte NC) for headlocking me.  This has been a blast and something I really needed, but didn’t realize.

Extra credit to Little Jerry who ran a 5k after the #Ruiner and Kidnapper Van who pulled a lil piggie and literally ran to the farmers market to meet his wife after the workout.  Strong work!  And a shout out to Geordi who was waxing Worf’s back and missed my Q!  Sleep well my friend.

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