25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation

QIC: Nugget

Pax: Nugget, Face, Double Down, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Mayberry, Methane, Cardinal, Kidnapper Van, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Cutlass, Quimby, Taco, Star Child, Jordy, Texas Pete, Pope, GOB (FNG), Double Wide (FNG), Cool Hand Luke (FNG), Mouth (FNG), Tron (FNG), Mox (FNG), Hobbs (FNG)

Nugget’s Backblast:
Well, it was a sunny, but muddy day in the Ville, but we don’t shy away from getting dirty. We started off with our record breaking 25 PAX, and moseyed the long way to the Field Hockey Field for a Red Roof led, oddly counted, COP. Started with SSH, followed by Merkens, LBC and Rosalitas. And as we all felt warm he threw in 5 Burpees. Thanks, Red Roof.
I warned that we were gonna get dirty, and we headed over to the softball field. This activity I like to call “Ducks on the Pond”. If you know baseball terms, you know that means the bases are loaded. And I loaded them with painful exercises. From home to first was a walking lunge, followed by first to second a karaoke run, second to third burpee broad jumps, and finally a sprint home. All others doing an AMRAP of 5 dips, 10 step ups and 15 rosalitas when not on the basepath. I intentionally slipped on the burpee broad jumps, fully taking advantage of the muddy field. We went in 2s toward the end to push the time.
When that was completed, we did a “Native America Run”. This involves the group jogging together and the last member sprinting to the front repeatedly until reaching the goal. In this case the field hockey field. I came close to “spilling some Merlot”, but like the champion of the Run for the Rose, I held it together.
We then circled up for some Tabatas. This is 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of one particular exercise. We started with Merkens, the LBCs, and finished with squats. This may sound easy, but it is brutal. This was learned quickly after the Captain suggested diamond Merkens. Loved the AYG effort on these since most of the PAX had never heard of this before.
We finished up with some team sprints with planks and rosalitas. And an AYG sprint to end our day.
I appreciate all the support on my first Q and am looking forward to my next one. I am learning a lot each time out.

COT and Name-o-rama

We pulled in a group of 7 FNGs who fit right in and promised to return to the #gloom. TClaps to Quimby, Zartan, Star Child, KV and Jordy for headlocking. TClaps to @coreywinton for directing a FNG to us who found us thru the new site.  Many went #sleevelesslikecheech and we all reflected on this tragedy and sent out prayers and support to Cheech’s family. Two things you should see if you don’t think this is the real deal:

Tclaps to Jordy for suggesting we all evaluate our safety during workouts including routes and gear. Be safe out there men!

Red Roof gave us some parting words to live by and we broke to conquer another day.

NotFake News:

The Pax is considering adding another AO in the East End for our hi-class #HIMs. Let’s keep these numbers #growing and it’ll be time soon enough.

Go buy a F3 Louisville Logo’d shirt. https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-louisville-shirt-pre-order?variant=44933640339

One thought on “25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation

  1. Awesome job! Glad to see another location growing. Take good care of Tron for me! I’ll try to visit Labor day weekend!


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