Boxing Day Blender Birthday Back Blast 12/26/2018

Q: Captain Insane-o

Pax: Plumb Bob, Wham!, Bussssccccchhh, Digiorno, Cliff Clavin (FNG), Little Jerry, Deuce, Smurfette (DR), Face, OJ, Huggies, Abacus, PED, Blueprint, Pope, Mouth, CI

Conditions: 29*, crisp and dry.

Gearlander: Shorts, Han Solo tank top covered by a Nike pullover, Buff, some gloves. Val.

I wasn’t sure what to expect today turn out wise. Face texted last night to say he was heavy into mirth. And Trump sent me this:

But Face rallied and told me to swing by on my way. When we pulled in a crowd was gathering. Can’t keep this group away.

Disclaimer for the FNG, courtesy of Little Jerry. Welcome Cliff Clavin. LJ’s grandson did the workout, which as you’ll see was run heavy, in jeans after working the night shift at UPS. Strong to quite strong. I will forever call him Jordache, but I digress.

No warm up. Straight into a Native American Sandbag Run of about 3/4 of a mile. Sandbag in front, two Merkins for Pax in the back, who sprints to the front to take Val, which helps with the pace. Except this crew was blazing. I heard lots of heavy breathing by the time we got back for a more traditional COP.

Grass grabbers 15xIC

Plank Jacks 15xIC (Zoo)

Merkin waterfall 10-1

Kendra Newman’s forward/backward

Copperheads Squats 15xIC

Mosey to the hill over by the Hammer’s House.

Partner up for 300 Hand Release Merkins between partners with P1 running up the hill and back, switching, until complete. YHC had originally planned for 500. 300 was plenty. Raise your hand if you agree? Can’t? Just nod. I see you nodding.

Mosey back to the main lot for some Mary.

Freddie Mercuries 20xIC

Pretzel crunches each leg 10xIC

Fifer scissors

DaVincents 20xIC

Then we finished with parking lot suicides. Somehow, no clue how, OJ predicted this. As we circled up for Mary he said, “we’re doing parking lot suicides aren’t we?” He does this often during my Qs which means he’s as demented as me or I’m predictable. Either way, this is just a sprint, suicide with every parking lot line being a stop and return. Try it. It’s fun! My talking wrist computer says we got in almost 3.5 miles today.

Mosey back to the flag, which was there in spirit, for COR, NOR. I had a bag of leftover koozies from 2018 Springbreak and lime Whiteclaw as gifts for the Pax, in pseudo-boxing day tradition. We welcomed Cliff Clavin and DR Pax Smurfette. Announcements including the upcoming awards ceremony and January ruck event. I took us out asking that we remember the Christmas spirit even though Christmas is over.

This song is running through my brain today. It’s a great song, but these lyrics are kind of depressing in print. This is not a cry for help. I was going to try to make a point here, but don’t have one. So enjoy your day! I plan to. Here’s to 41 kids.

 So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking 
Racing around to come up behind you again. 
The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, 
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

CI out.

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