Alarm is Set. Calendar Booked. See you at North Posh on 3/18. Heavy, heavy heavy Preblast.

It happened.  I missed a Q this week.  I won’t go into the excuses because it really doesn’t matter.  I own it, and like a good friend said, “sh&t happens”.  So I have to make sure I don’t miss this Q.

So I have it booked, marked, alarmed and planned out.

I’m finally rounding back into health, but I’ve lost my cardio.  So on Monday, I’ll be looking for it as we run a lot.  Despite being sick, I was able to hit the gym.  I like moving heavy-ish stuff.  So on Monday, we’ll be going heavy in between the heavy run.  So it’s going to be a heavy, heavy heavy.

So far, me, @mbodner1 and @f3grinder are HCs.  Come for the heavy, heavy heavy; stay for the awesome fellowship.  Leave worn out.




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