Huggies 1 year anniversary Q – The Incubator @ Posh 3/18/2019 Pre Blast

In the words of Jason Isbell


I’ve been workin here. Monday it’ll be a year.  And I can’t recall a day that I didn’t wanna disappear.  But I keep on showin up.  Hell bent on growin up.  If it takes a lifetime.

Those words have stuck with me this past year.  I didn’t always want to get up and get out in the gloom, but the rewards have been far more than what I feel like I’ve put in.  

I’m callin out:  Bob Ross, Boozer, Brokeback, Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, Kilo, Meatball, Methane, Mr. Hat, Nino (QIC), PK, Star Child and Tool Time.

All who witnessed the train wreck of heavy breathing and retching that was my first post.

Bring gloves.



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