3/15 Pleasantville Backblast


I love this AO!  Problem for me is that its only live on Fridays, which is the same day as the Chopper.  The Chopper is .5 miles from my house, Pleasantville is 15 miles from my house.  Never the less I’d like to make it out here more, if you’re reading this and you haven’t taken the trip down Wysteria lane, do yourself a favor!!!  More posh than posh, more parking lot than the mutt, bigger flag than vets, better playground than the county.  TOP NOTCH!


Kilo, Grizzly, PlumbBob, CI, Face, Huggies, Grinder, McAfee


mosey over to the elementary school for disclaimer and cop


25 Mt. climbers

25 Plank Jacks

15 Grass Grabbers

15 Abe blablablas

Merkin waterfall


split up into 2 groups of 4

group 1 run about .3 miles around school playground

group 2 pull ups



Group 1 same run

Group 2 flutter kicks



Group 1 same run

hello dollys



Steinel w everyone

same run



mosey back to flag


Announcements for The Muggo writing contest that CI is going to win.  Themuggo.com

Big ruck tomorrow night at Big4 bridge.  Have you heard about it?  If you want there are still spots open.

til next time!


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