Batman and Robin Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/16/18 @OF3Louisville

Co-Qs:  Captain Insane-o and Kilo

Pax (19):  Swifty, Weedwacker, Kilo, Glaucoma, Tool Time, Nino, Sadie, Meatball, Vincent (R), Tammy Faye Baker, Catfish, Trump, Face, PK, OJ, Wham!, FloJo, Gillespie, CI

Conditions:  43*, 90% humidity.  The weather went from 90 to 40 like it saw a State Trooper on the highway.


CI:  Black F3 Louisville custom Hoorag (to cover my growing locks), Hurley shorts, camo black/grey Nike dryfit, black armsleeves, black Feetures Socks, Merrell trail shoes.

Kilo:  Neon sweatshirt, tights, jazz shoes.

You pick who was Batman and who was Robin.

Much to my chagrin, this workout started at 0515.  Normally, BoW starts at 0530.  A Slack anomaly happened where Kilo and I posted messages at exactly the same time about splitting the Q, which made it appear as if I assented to the early start. For the record, I did not want to start this early, but it didn’t deter 19 beasts from showing up.

Slack Capture

Here’s what went down:

Disclaimer given to the gathered Pax, reminding them to listen to their bodies, to modify, to ask for help and to be smart.  Then, a short mosey to the tennis courts.

CI COP (all 15x IC, unless noted)
Grass grabbers
Abe Vigodas
Freddie Mercuries (20x)
Plank Jacks

Mosey the long way around to through the field hockey field to the playground area, for Thang 1 (CI’s half):

Modified Nicole:  We divided into two groups with Group 1 running the top quarter of the running track (which I was told by FloJo – a former college track athlete – is much more than 400 meters; oh well) and Group 2 starting on Max Rep Pull-Ups, 50 T-merkins and 25 box jumps.  Once Group 2 was done, they start the quarter run, with Group 1 returning to start their set of Pull-Ups, T-merkins and box jumps. Repeato and switch over and over and over and over.

Thang 2 (Kilo’s half):

Modified Robin:  Partner up.  P1 planks while P2 does 10 burpees with a lateral jump over P2.  Flapjack.  Then, Ace and Garys, followed by Partner switching wheelbarrows through the field hockey field.  Then, another run around the top quarter of the running track, returning and repeating the set a number of times until Kilo called time on that part.

Mary:  Ab-o-Rama.  Kilo led us through a series of LBC and Big Boi sit-ups until time.

COR, NOR, followed by announcements, which include:

10/19 Ruck Event led by Diablo with a 3rd F component directed to support a young man with Down’s Syndrome. Here’s a link if you want to donate:

10/27 Convergence at the Poshlands with a ruck prior.

COT with prayers for the Wintergerst- Westin Family and the Carothers Family.  Big ups for the Caballero Family with Vince returning to school.  Kilo – my guy – took us out with a wonderful prayer, and we were off to conquer another day.

CI out.

PS: I’m kidding about being Batman.  We all know the only superhero in our Pax  – at least for his ability to change costumes in a flash – is PK.  I’m not kidding about Kilo’s jazz shoes though.  Amirite, Nino?


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