Rooster BackBlast @F3TheMutt #F3Counts

Co-Q: D² (Duece/Digiorno)
PAX: Tiger, Windshield, Mary Poppins, Mad Cow, Plumbob, PED, Glenn Ross, Fridge, Peroni, Mouth, Maize, Blueprint, Rhi Rhi, Left Eye, Geppetto, Spreadsheet, Wham-O, Bean-O, Digiorno Q, Duece Q
20 PAX showed up somewhat on time or 1 minute later than usual. We started at 0531.

Conditions: cold, YHC is skinny and hates being cold. Glad to have my gloves. As it gets colder, don’t let the temperature be your excuse. Layer up, get your gear. For those of us that have been thru last winter, it was some of the best workouts I have been involved in. Can’t wait to experience it again with everyone.

No FNG’s
Disclaimer given.
Quick mosey around school. Grab Coupons, use your ruck, w/30lbs, if you got it. No one brought a ruck, coupons it is.
Downward dog
Side lunge stretcher
Grass Grabbers 20 IC
Thang 1:
YHC gave an explainer of how things should go.
Coupons should not be set down unless exercise allows for it. AYE!
Every light poll we will do an exercise.
Between each light poll we will do an exercise.
Q will call exercise.
Q stressed the importance of good form and that this is not a race. Do the exercise to the best of your ability to maximize the benefits.
While waiting for the 6:
Plank on coupon
Al Gore holding coupon
Pole 1: 15 Triple Crush, these are a favorite of mine…I think we will see these more often with some of the PAX
Between: Lunges
Pole 2: 15 Rockies (burpees w/coupons)
Between: side shuffle
Pole 3: 15 Carolina Dry Docks 4ct (hands on coupons)
Between: Fast Mosey
Pole 4: 15 Overhead Press
Between: Lunges
This next pole seemed to be out of site according to a few PAX mumblechattering. Lunges turned into long stride walking. It hurt.
Pole 5: 15 Curls 4ct
Between: side shuffle
Pole 6: 15 Flutter kicks 4ct
At this point, YHC realized his time was up and handed the torch to Duece. Duece kept the fire blazing with…
Thang 2:
Partner up at the portico
P1 wall sit while P2 runs to other side for 25 coupon merkins, runs back and relieves P1 (repeat 1 time)
Next P1 wall sit while P2 runs to other side for 25 curls, runs back and relieves P1 (repeat 1 time)
Next P1 wall sit while P2 runs a suicide, then when back relieves P1 (repeat 1 time).
Return Coupons and circle up for Mary:
V ups (15)
Box cutters (15)
LBC (IC – 15)
Big boy sit-ups (15)
1 minute plank
10 merkins
Announcement: Oct Ruck, Convergence (bring your donations to the next WO)
It is great to be back in the gloom after what seems like forever. Taking time off is nice but when you have formed a habit like this…glad my habit is F3.

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