Backblast #the incubator 10/15

My 2nd Q was sort of a reboot from from my VQ which had gone “OK”.  Got a little closer to what I wanted to accomplish the 1st time. I’m gettin there


Jitterbug (QIC), Bob Ross, Dry Rub, Iceman (R), Forced Close (R), Tool Time, Ladybird (R), Maxi, Viking, Dynomite!, Pew Pew, Sadie, Drumroll

-Disclaimer and Short Mosey for COP

-COP    SSH (IC), Imperial Walkers (IC), Grass Grabbers (IC),  Plank Stretch,  5-10 -5 Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Merkins (IC).    Mosey to the Bridge

-Thang 1-   2 Groups:   Group 1 Bernie Sanders to top of Bridge and Mario down X 4.  While Group 1 went up the Bridge and Back Group 2 did AMRAP of the Following…. Burpies,  Groiners, Copperhead Squats, Plank Jacks

-Thang 2-  Indian Run from Bridge around the Egg Lawn and meet back at the Pavilion

-Thang 3-  Utilizing the picnic tables we did a 5 minute AMRAP of 10/10/10 Derkins, Dips, and Step Ups in succession. (As Bob Ross pointed out it would have been an excellent opportunity to provide music for the PAX :)….Baby Steps

Mary- My Plan left us just a couple of extra minute so I asked for assistance from the PAX for recommendations. Hat tip to Pew Pew for Choosing Pickle Pounders and Bob Ross for a few minutes of Yoga.

COP-  Announcements and Intentions were centered around the October Ruck Event and October 27th Convergence and Food Drive.  I thanked the PAX for their support and spoke of how much the group means, and urged everyone to go and try and make another persons day better

Until next time!  Jitterbug


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