Club Paradise 2 Backblast – 4/3/19

Q: Val Kilmer and CI

Pax: Dry Rub, Glenn Ross, Digiorno, Yogi, Deuce, CI

Who wants to work out on vacation? Apparently we do.

Gearlander: camo Superman tank top, swim trunks, Florida Buff, Val

Conditions: 50* and clear

Deuce asked me Monday if I planned to use the beach. I figured I would but the weather has been cool and wet in the mornings. Today was just cool so I figured why not.

Sandbag Native American run up to the beach access. Once we got there we took our shoes off in cadence.

We hit the beach and it was cold. Undeterred we started with a little COP. SSHs, grass grabbers, imperial walkers, arm circles, some other stuff.

Then we did a sand bag toss with the guys waiting to toss holding Al Gore.

Pretty sure we did a steinl next.

Then a little yoga.

We did a sand bag run where the pax with Val gives the stationary crew an amrap exercise until he returns where he passes off the bag.

Some Mary, which included a plank line where we pulled Val through end to end.

Another steinl.

Then a sandbag toss with lunge walks back to our shoes.

COR and NOR. Club Paradise is moving to the Glen Ross/Digiorno area tomorrow. Check slack. I closed out asking everyone to enjoy being with their families and to be safe.

Worst backblast ever but oh well.

CI out

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