Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective

Q: Captain Insane-o (father of a teenager)

Pax: Zima, Chicklas, Fridge, Scuba Steve, Valdez, Fergie, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nice and Slow, Plumb Bob, Nino, Huggies, Airplane, Uncle Rico, Bussssccchhhh, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Jitterbug (R), Alexa, CI

Conditions: I’ll say it this way: no one’s eyeballs froze. It was fine.

Gearlander: Same stuff I usually wear; in fact had you seen me Wednesday, you’d know what I wore today. I did not wear my usual buff and instead opted for a bright orange skull cap. This kept my nearly 6 month old wig under control, but really highlighted my new beard. Pretty much nailed it. Right, Zoo?

Grinder hooked me up with this Q because (1) he’s my guy, (2) I’m trying to do the Double Down Challenge (you should too), and (3) I like to Q. That said, this week has been crazy, and I did not get to devote my normal 6-7 hours planning my Q (that’s a gross exaggeration). In fact, between Ensign Insane-o succumbing to the flu on Monday, the polar vortex shutting down society (really wasn’t that bad here, but I digress), Admiral Insane-o being awesome but busy, my work stuff going, and 2.0 Numero Uno (Lt. Insane-o) turning 13 TODAY, YHC has been occupado. So much so, that yesterday was straight balls to the wall with work, family, Ret. Fleet Admiral Insane-os (my parents) arriving and volunteering; I didn’t get back to the ship and my quarters until well after 2200 without dinner and generally a bit grumpy. But a good captain soldiers on, or something.

When I woke up this morning, still not entirely sure the directions to the Village of the Damned (despite going there many times), I realized I was sans plan. On the way to my dingy, I grabbed a 30# Ruck Plate and started thinking. This thinking, plus generally not knowing where to go (right Wham!), was not a great combination. I needed to focus on getting there and THEN coming up with a plan.

Let me tell you a secret: this is not how I like to live my life. In fact, this type of last minute crap over things I could have and should have controlled, triggers anxiety. I have no fear of flying; what can I do? If I’m in a gondola, I’m cool as a cucumber because if it falls, that’s the way it was meant to be. In other words, I don’t sweat what I can’t control, but man it’s frustrating to be unprepared when I COULD have controlled it!

Then I realized, hey, this is just a made up workout group. And I doubt many will come because there’s a freezing mist falling from the sky. Welp, I was only partially right. The parked cars numbered in the double digits and there was a strong Pax waiting. And then it hit me. Today is LT Insane-o’s 13th birthday, but since 13 isn’t lucky, what is? Ahhhh 21. Blackjack….

Here’s how it went.

Native American Run with lead Pax carrying the 30# plate and Pax in the back doing 2 burpees. We ran this the long way around to the school, which is over there. Well, not there, but there. Right Zima?

We made it to the school, running past the YMCA where what seemed liked dozens of folks were huffing and puffing on machines intended to mimic what we were doing with only our legs and pavement. Oh well, maybe someday they’ll learn.

At the school, we circled up for COP which consisted of 10xIC of the following:

Grass grabbers
Fast SSHs
Copperhead squats
Fast SSHs
Imperial Walkers
Fast SSHs

Sufficiently warm, everyone lined up on one side of the lot, facing the other. The run was goodish distance, but the 20 of us made for a tight squeeze. We managed. And we managed to do a ton of Merkins and Lunges (with both legs equaling one rep) to complete our set of 21s.

This lasted a long time, the entire workout in fact. SBE. I called it (only after Valdez pushed me to get those last 20 lunges) and we NOR’d back to the start.

At the endex we circled up for COR and NOR. 20 Pax. Grinder says its a record, not that I care about that kind of stuff…. YES!

We circled up and despite me forgetting to ask for intentions, I shared with the Pax this sentiment: as I grumbled my way across town to the gym for some volunteer work last night, I reflected on the fact that I have a teenager. This alone is amazing in so many ways. She incredible and will be a star. This snapped me out of it, and made me realize that the past couple of years have been those where I’ve been most present. As a teenager, I longed to be in my 20’s. In my 20’s I longed for a great job in my 30s. In my 30’s longed for the days I’d have enough scratch to have a great vacation. And now, I’m just longing to take each day as it comes. I credit this silly made up group for some of this; I’m present because it forces me to be. And though being present kept me from working up a creative set that everyone would remember, who gives a shit. I was present when I needed to be where I needed to be.

So be present.

CI out.

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