BB – Flo Jo at the O 1/31/19

6 strong at the O for a great leg workout (Flo Jo (Q), OJ, Vincent, Basic Bro (DR), Scuba Steve, Shiplap)

It was a night like any other, except the family sickness had start making its way to me.  Rough night of sleep, but up and at ’em by 4:50 to head to the O to be sure my plan would work.  Snow covered the side streets still on my way there, but stayed hopeful that all would be good when I got to Seneca.  Went to check out Cogan’s Cove….covered in ice and snow.  Drove around the neighborhood looking for the right place, but no luck.  Decided to go back to park and see what the tennis courts looked like.  Again, icy spots all over, but had about a 10 foot wide by 3.5 tennis court long area to work.  Started thinking…..

5:24:  OJ arrives to place the flag in – now have two for the workout….not sure how many are going to show

5:26:  Vincent backs in, tell myself I better have some good ab work today!

5:29:  Basic Bro (Down Range) arrives, ready to go!

5:29.99:  Scuba Steve comes flying in on two wheels, Disclaimer’s away!

Head over to pick up a Coupon, and then over the the tennis courts for warm ups:

5 moseys down and back to get the legs loose

Shiplap comes rolling in a bit late.

SSH’s x 20 IC

Grass Grabbers x 15 IC

Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 IC

Downward Dog, Calf Stretch, Runners Stretch, Hand to the Sky

Now time to get the thang going (made up on the fly)

Thang 1:

Partner up.  Partner one starts excercise, while partner two runs three court suicide:

50 Squat Tuck Jumps

100 Coupon Squats

200 Single Count Leg Lunges (Woof)

Brief 10 count, then on to the next:

Thang 2:

Partner up once more, same method:

50 Man Makers

100 Coupon Thrusters

Then a couple of random runs, Partner one Super Mario’s down three courts, while partner two planks.  Switch.  Then partner one Bernie Sanders (legs are burning), partner two once again planks.

Circle up for some good Mary (6 inches/12 inches IC, American Hammers IC, LBC’s IC, Dying Cockroaches (OJ was there), Da Vinci’s (Vincent was there).

One last exercise called by Basic Bro;  5 BOYOS!

Back for intentions and an our father to finish things off.  Great work by all.

Woke up this morning to my 2.0 jumping in bed, head hits my thigh and boy could I feel it!

Flo Jo



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