The Cliffs Backblast 8/4/2020 – Resilience On Display


Pax (16): Little Jerry (R), Nice and Slow, Nino, Huggies, Subprime, Star Child, Natty Light, Jitterbug (R), Bull Rider, Jimmy Neutron, Double Down (R), Huskie (R), Crop Duster, Uncle Rico, Wide Right, CI

Conditions: 62*, 100% humidity. Dew Point must have been at temp b/c it was foggy. Learned something already if you got this far.

Gearlander: Normal stuff. HIDA Tank Top.

Last time I led the wo at the Cliffs, we didn’t move. We did yoga. That did not go over at all. So this time, I planned to use the whole shooting match and move the whole time. But I thought I’d do a very traditional F3 workout; we don’t do them like this as much any more and I was feeling nostalgic.

COP was a pearls on the string quick mosey around the school (1/2 mile run, with some nice hills), stopping at various points for things like SSHs, copperhead squats, Al Gores (important later), merkins, isometric merkins planks (holding off the ground 6′), Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers and some Yoga (sorry not sorry).

Then, we partnered up for a set that went like this: P1 10 merkins while P2 holds that isometric merkin plank; flip flop until one fails. At that point, a longish out and back run. On return P1 20 squats while P2 holds Al Gore; flip flop until one fails. Then, another out and back. All in Bull Rider and I got almost 3 miles out of the whole workout, so I accomplished my mission of keeping us moving.

With time left, we circled up for Mary, and we ended with two sets of out and back parking lot sprints.

COR, NOR which confirmed 16. Announcements included the next monthly ruck, which will be a taste of the tough. Check Slack for dates and information. Intentions for a family friend of Uncle Rico. I closed out with a reference to reliance, which was a recent topic of an article written by Double Down. I’ve reprinted it below (with some minor edits):

Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity or a stressful life event. Many of us may be feeling exhausted and frustrated with social distancing, not seeing many of our friends and family and watching the news as coronavirus cases continue to climb in many states. The pain, worry and social isolation some are feeling during this pandemic are undeniably real. How long will the pandemic last? When can we stop wearing masks? The questions go on. If there was ever a time to understand resilience, this may be it.

The key to resilience is not getting stuck in the unknowns and uncertainties. Rather, we should focus on what is in our control. Research shows that when resilient people face adversity, they look for the good amid the stress. By engaging in the controllable aspects of life such as family, personal health or giving back to your community, you can better manage through the challenges and adversity. 

Other ways to become more resilient include:

  • Focus on self-care. Engage in positive self-talk, take a walk or participate in other forms of exercise, make time for solitude or cultivate both humor and curiosity
  • Embrace change or seek out support when dealing with change that may be difficult.
  • Seek out connections, both current and those you have not spoken to in some time. A call asking, “How are you?” will lift the spirits of both of you.
  • Create goals or seek out activities that provide positivity and joy.
  • There are many apps available that teach how to regulate emotions and practice mindfulness. Happify, Moodpath, 365 Gratitude, Smiling Mind are just a few.

These are unprecedented times, and in these times, it’s important to control what you can control and practice resilience. Let’s choose to reach out, connect and continue to work together. Here are some questions to provide perspective that I shared back in April:

  • How have I contributed positivity or negativity to others?
  • Does someone feel better after an interaction with me versus how they felt before?
  • How many times today did I complain about someone or something?
  • Did shared interest rise above self-interest?
  • Did I listen more or talk more?
  • What did I learn this week?
  • How many times did I simply say thank you?

Thank you for your efforts to guide our business forward in a positive direction. By practicing resilience, we will continue to support one another and deliver the best value and service to our customers.

Double Down

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