Bag of Wrenches – 8.4.20 w/ Jewel

When Russdiculous (still the greatest basketball player to wear the #2 in NCAA history) asked me to Q, I couldn’t wait. First time Q’ing at the O. I wanted to keep us moving and make it hard (bc that’s what us Garden PAX are used to), and because I just got back from vacation and needed to work off innumerable adult beverages, and a ridiculous amount of food.

0530 – Disclaimer – remember to give proper spacing to those around you, modify as needed, and understand you are here on your own.

Toy Soldiers x 17 or something like that because I forgot the # I meant to stop on.
Grass Grabbers – slow x 10 (yay! didn’t F that one up)
From here we would finish off the COT w/ moseys around the loop that circles the O and between each exercise, we sprinkled in 2/4/6/8/10 reps of everyone’s favorite, my pet, the Kraken Burpee.
1st Mosey – 50 SSH – 2 Kraken Burpees
2nd Mosey – 25 T-Merkins – 4 Kraken Burpees
3rd Mosey – 50 squats (insert Beach Brain bc I forgot to call out the KBs)
4th Mosey… wait, we forgot the KB’s… welp, we stopped and did those and then stayed put for 20 BBS, and 8 KBs.
5th and final mosey to the tennis courts- 25 LBCs and 10 KBs. woof…those suck.

Tennis court Thang – AMRAP – at this point, Digiornio confirmed he has incredible taste in music.
Curls x 50
Skull Crushers x 20
Bent Over Row x 20
Wheezy Jeffersons x 20
Obama (4 bear crawls/ 4 merkins) 2 tennis courts
400m run – advised the PAX in attendance to get after this and not just jog. Russdiculous was particularly beast mode during this portion of the WO.

Each PAX in attendance made it through at least 2 full rounds. FNG – MacFarland was awesome.

Circled Up, NOR – welcome to MacFarland. Closed w/ an Our Father.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead such an awesome group of HIM.

SYITG – Jewel

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