CI Virtual Heavy Backblast – 4/9/2020


Pax: Face, Iceman (R), Jewel, Wham!, McAfee, Winnebago, KY, Worm, Tron, Jitterbug (R), CI

Conditions: A perfect 72 to start. Swampy and moist to end.

Gearlander: HIDA Tank (it’s Thursday), blue Buff, shorts and shoes. 50# plate, 30# KB

Kilo asked me to do a virtual Q and today was the day I could so I did. I’ve been lifting more than anything lately so I planned a heavy. But I know the virtual thing would be a challenge, so I planned circuit sets. I was really happy to see my friends KY and Winnebago join.

Here’s what we did:

Warm up



Kendra Newman’s OYO

The Thang:
Circuit 1: 3×10

Squatted KB Curls to Overhead Press

Weight Plate Tricep Extensions

KB American Hammers

Circuit 2: 3×10

Weight Plate Halos

Overhead Weight Plate Lunges

KB Goblet Squats

Circuit 3: 3×10

Weight Plate Push-up 10x10x10

KB Chest Crusher 10 presses; 10 second hold

KB or WP Big Boi to Lion King

Circuit 4: 3x #

KB Swings 15

Weight Plate LBCs 20

Weight Plate Overhead Side to Sides


Da Vincent’s 15 IC

Flutter kicks 15 IC

NOR and announcements, which included checking slack for a 3rd F opportunity this weekend.

I took us out reminding everyone to take advantage of things slowing down for a bit. We many never get this time again in our lives.

CI out

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