BB – 4/9/2020 Mist VWO

As the pre-blast stated, today we went toe to toe with unsuspecting “easy” exercises. 9 accepted the challenge on this breezy 52 degree morning.

PAX: Potter, Aerobie (R), Holy Roller (R), Focker, Plumb Bob, Russdiculous, Nan Moore, Harbaugh, Squid (Q)

I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional, I am merely suggestion each exercise and all should modify as needed.

25 SSH
Arm and shoulder stretches
15 Grass Grabbers
15 Imperial Walkers
15 Hillbilly Walkers
Down Dog and runners stretches
Butterfly stretch
Good Morning stretch

Thang 1: Taking on the little guy
I explained to the group that today was UvU, what each person got out of the WO depended solely on their willingness to maintain form and keep pushing until the bell rang. Each exercise was performed in one minute intervals with a ten second rest in between.
Forward Arm Circles
Reverse Arm Circles
Seal Clap
Overhead Clap
Forward Lunge (Left foot moves)
Forward Lunge (Right foot moves)
Side Lunge (Left)
Side Lunge (Right)
Air Press
Calf Raise
Leg Raise (On your back, feet six inches off the deck)

Thang 2:
Cut-a-Flip for three minutes

We followed the same format as Thang 1 for some LBC’s and American Hammers.

We finished up with some cool down stretches.

Announcements – Russdiculous is Q’ing on Zoom tomorrow. He is now the Friday site Q and is looking for volunteers. Reach out to him if you want to step up and lead a Friday Q.
Intentions – We spoke of the obvious challenges facing people around the world. Sometimes the challenge in front of doesn’t seem like much. We cannot take them for granted, all obstacles can be daunting in time. We also don’t know how disruption of routine impacts each person. For some, this change just means we get more time to hang out with our family. For others it means a time of increased pressure, added stress and greater tension. We prayed for the positive to be seen in our situations and the strength to persevere through them. I am thankful for a God that walks beside me through all of life’s obstacles. We were told that this life would be hard, but we are also promised that we do not have to do it alone. Many people are dealing with loss right now, from students to adults, be available in whatever way you can to help them through this time.

Well done guys!


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