#Loco Backblast Ghost Q Week – CI the Friendly Ghost

Q:  CI

Pax (19):  Cowboy, Jolly Rancher, Wildflower (Happy Birthday), Asian Zing (R), Peach, Cardigan, Airplane, Pelican, Fungi, Abacus, Kimble, Big Bird, Limestone, Brown Water, Cratchet, Viking, Pew Pew, Alexa, CI

Conditions:  54*.  Nice.

Gearlander:  I don’t have a ghost costume, but I have a shirt with a spider on it.  So I wore that.

Pretty sure I was outed as the Ghost Q when I walked up and Airplane shouted, “What are you doing here?” Makes it seem like I’ve never been to the County, but whatevs.

Big Bird was the only Pax who indicated he’d watched the preblast by greeting me with a fine David S. Pumpkins smack on the a$$.


Mosey to the distant lot for COP.

All 20xIC

Grass grabbers
Abe Vigodas (slow)
SSHs (fast)
Imperial Walkers

I gave Airplane the choice between Run and No Run.  He chose run, so we did a Nicole set.

Nicole is 20 minutes of AMRAP pull-ups to failure, followed by a 400 meter run, then repeated.  The total number of pull-ups is your score.  Here’s an explainer if you don’t get it. https://heatonminded.com/crossfit-strategies-strict-nicole/  I didn’t record scores, but this is a good one to measure off of at a later date.  I think the first time I did Nicole I scored in the 50s a year and a half ago.  Now I’m just shy of 80.

The no-run portion consisted of Build-a-Bears, which is a CI original.  We moseyed back to the main parking lot.  Each pax took a spot at the end of a parking line.  You bear crawl down the line to the center, around the U, back up the next line and finish with a manmaker.  You continue this until I say go back the other way.  Then, you do that.  We did this for a while.

We finished with some Mary that consisted of:

Fifer scissors (in honor of Zartan)
Extended leg LBCs (because they’re way hard) 10xIC
Fifer scissors
Extended leg LBCs 10xIC

We ended there and circled up at the flag.  There were announcements and I said something to close us out.  But I’ve forgotten it all.  I remember this, though.  I was glad to be there, glad to lead and I’m glad to be part of F3Louisville.

There was no quiz.

CI out.

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