BP- 10/23 The Foundry – Worm Ghost Q

I was honored when Alexa reached out to Ghost Q at the Foundry this week. Obviously, I tend to enjoy the HEAVY style workouts. And seeing what The County and The Mutt have done to expand that style WO is so impressive. I brought the Worm Wagon loaded with Heavy Toys for all to share.
Alexa, Leprechaun, Jewell, Peach, Dauber, Cardigan, Pelican, Backflop, Gilligan, Bulletin, Crockpot, Worm (Ghost Q)


SSI, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newman’s

Belly Busters (Up/Downs)

12 Stations 2:15 min Intervals

Monkey Bar Hang

Battle Ropes

50# Kettle Bell Squats

35# Kettle Bell Single Arm Swings

35# Stand Single Arm Shoulder Press

Triceps extensions (Bands)

Back Rows (Bands)

20# Dumbbell Curls

15# Dumbbell Side Raises

Ruck Merkins

45# Plate Upright Rows

Jerry Can Shrugs

Team Weighted Merkins to Failure



Early Birds Got-


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