Sleepwalking Around the O – ToG Backblast 7.11.19. Welcome Deer Tick.

QIC: Captain Insane-o

Pax (29, 1 FNG): Trump, Deuce, Pope, Busssccchhh, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, OJ, Eggo, Violet, Dorothy, Lobsta, Carlton, Methane, Whitney, Crock Pot, Wham!, Red Roof, Deer Tick (FNG), Pixar, Butcher, Zoolander, McAfee, Nugget, Tron, Dunphy, Catfish, Vincent (R), Tony Malito, CI

Conditions: Like a hot blanket of bear fur covered in honey

Gearlander:  TTT, plus a weight vest.  I also had a good time sound machine and a piece of cardboard for the thang.

I gave a disclaimer as I walked back to the Pax, who had gathered en mass by the flag.  I forgot to ask if there were FNGs (sorry Dear Tick, not sorry) because I was so happy to see Zoolander itg.

After the disclaimer, we all bear crawled to the field hockey field.  This is about a 50 yard stretch.  It was soggy, and based on the mumblechatter completely unexpected.

All 15xIC (No SSHs for Zoo)
Imperial Walkers
Copperhead Squats
Mountain Climbers
Kendra Newmans (big and small, forward and back)

Short explanation for the thang as we walked to the playground, where I fired up the good time sound machine with the best songs from Into the Spiderverse (followed later by Jack Harlow).  Then into the thang.

The Thang:

A cumulative ladder.  Each Pax starts with the first exercise, then runs a lap around the playground, through the tennis courts, past the last tree and across the field hockey field (got that?).  Catfish, who would know, estimated it at a quarter of a mile run.  Upon return, repeat the first exercise set and add the next and so on and so on, adding the next set after the run each time. Early finishers were instructed to start over.

5 T-Merkins
Quarter mile run
10 Lunges (both legs = 1)
Quarter mile run
15 Carolina Dry Docks
Quarter mile run
20 A2G Squats
Quarter mile run
25 Dips
Quarter mile run
30 Broad Jumps
Quarter mile run
35 Pull Ups
Quarter mile run
40 Big Bois
Quarter mile run
45 Burpees
Quarter mile run

Before I called it at 40 minutes in, a few Pax (Catfish, McAfee (weighted, woof), Busch, Dunphy, Carlton, maybe others) got to the Burpee round, but nary a burpee was done today.  Everyone was sweaty, so I guess it was OK.

But I wanted to make sure, so we bear crawled another 25 yards back to the middle of the field hockey field for a Steinl, flutterkicks and LBCs to finish.


Around the flag, announcements included the July 19 ruck event, a BO at the Seminary led by Butcher and some other things that were drowned out by side chatter.  We brought it in for intentions, and I led us out by thanking everyone for coming (and for those that didn’t, glad you got your rest) and asking that we all practice patience.

CI out to pay the bills.

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