Tank Top Tuesday Backblast from the BoW at the @OF3Louisville


Pax: Shyster, Handbook, Cartman, Motorboat, Tron, Stinger, Loco, Nanmore, Aerobie, Vincent, Trump, Flo Jo, Violet, Russdiculous, Busch, CI

Conditions: Soupy 71* with 89% humidity. To make matters worse, I took us to the lowest point in the area – the bottom of Cogan’s Corner – so we could breathe stagnant, humid air as we worked. I did designate an area for bodily functions, so as to avoid any spread of the things.

Gearlander: Same question Wham! asked; does @zooolander even read these any more? Normal stuff, Popestrength TT and a 30# Kettlebell.

After a rambling disclaimer, we moseyed over to the field hockey field for a warm up of SSHs, GGs, IWs, KNs and more SSHs.

Then, we headed down to the bottom of Cogan’s Corner, divided into threes and did this:

I called an exercise. Then, that exercise was followed by an out and back run (or Mario, which happened somewhere in the middle), which was then followed by an additional exercise to be conducted in addition to the prior called exercise(s) before doing the out and back, and so on.  In all, here’s what we did. If it doesn’t make sense, I’m sorry; you had to be there.

20 curls x 6
20 thrusters x 5
20 squats x 4
20 tricep presses x 3
20 overhead lunges x 2
40 merkins x 1

With time running out, I cut the reps in half, followed by an out and back.

10 curls
10 thrusters
10 squats
10 tricep presses
10 overhead lunges
20 merkins

We finished with one more halving and an out and back run.

5 curls
5 thrusters
5 squats
5 tricep presses
5 overhead lunges
10 merkins

That was it. For anyone complaining about no Mary, there was plenty of planking for the 6, so you could find it if you wanted it. We headed back to the flag for COR and NOR. Some announcements, me trying to take us out but really at a loss for anything helpful or useful to say these days. Felt like a hard workout to me, but who knows any more.

CI out.

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