Backblast – Planetarium @ Boondocks – 8.11.2020 – Captain Crunchberry Q

PAX: Bulletin, Backflop, Flip Flop, Colonel Klink, Holy Roller, Focker, Malpractice, Wisker, Honey Do, Le Pew, Cochran, and Captain Crunchberry (QIC)

Weather: High 60’s.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. COVID-19 is a real thing. If you feel sick, go home, keep your distance. Imagine someone here today is infected, and you don’t know who. Aye?

I announced in the preblast (that Le Pew says he is going to start reading) that I was going to try something different. This mornings workout utilized a 5 ft. pole for all work, including COP. For most of the workout the pole only served as “crutch” to maintain form, or increase the stretch.


Oblique Rotations – Hold the stick flat against belly, rotate left and right. Try to achieve a complete 90 degree rotation of the stick.

Shoulder Dislocations – Start with the stick at your belly, raise the stick overhead, and bring it back to your buttocks. Then back to the belly.

Dynamic Tricep – Hold the stick straight up behind your back, pull down. Rotate to the other hand.

Shoulder Press Stretch – Hold the stick at your waist, raise up to create a 90 degree bend, then rotate the stick to above your head, and press up.

  Hillbillies – Using the stick above your head, right knee to right elbow w/ stick, rotate to left knee to left elbow.

To finish off the COP we did a mosey around the playground loop which is about a 1/3 mile.

We circled up at the original starting point again for the main Thang.

THANG: A bunch of stuff with our poles, TABATA style.

Round 1: (40 seconds on 15 seconds rest x 2 cycles for a total of 8 exercises.)

Straight Squat – Holding the pole out in front of your body, perform a squat.

Side Bend – Holding the pole bend side to side, stretching opposite side, while engaging the side you are bending towards. Alternating sides. (There was a lot more grunting on this than I expected.)

Calf Raises – Holding the pole out in front, perform raise up on your toes.

Pass The Stick – Side step lunges, alternating which hand holds the pole.

Round 2: (40 seconds on 15 seconds rest x 2 cycles for a total of 8 exercises.)

Bridge (Later named Pole to Pole during the workout) – On your six, hold the pole above your head, and raise up your pelvic region, bringing the pole to your waist.

One Legged Set Down – Basically a step forward lunge, but you have to go all the way down to set the pole on the ground. Alternate legs. This proved to be a little more challenging than expected. I originally asked the PAX to physically set the stick down, and then step over it, to make sure they were going all the way down. However it became a confusing situation with the pole. So we eventually modified to just alternate the hand holding the pole.

Superman Shoulder Press – Lying on your belly, holding Superman pose, and then extend the pole out, and bring it back, behind your head.

V-Ups – Pretty self explanatory. While holding the pole, perform V-Ups.

Round 3: (10 second isometric hold, 15 second rest)

Push the pole into the ground using just your left hand. Hold for 10 seconds.

Push the pole into the ground using just your right hand. Hold for 10 seconds.

Shrink the stick – Hold your hands approximately shoulder width apart. imagine the pole was telescopic, and attempt to close it up. Hold for 10 seconds.

Stretch the stick – Hold your hands approximately shoulder width apart. Attempt to extend that telescopic pole now. Hold for 10 seconds.

The plan was to run round 3 for 16 rounds, doing each isometric hold a total of 4 times, but time was running short, and I had one more round to hit still, so I cut it short.

Round 4: Rep Counts

Nolan Ryans – Holding a side plank, instead of punching through, you would raise the pole up and down. 10 each side.

Big Boy Situps – BBSU, while holding the pole out. 20 count.

Leg Skins – This is basically a crunch, and then crunch some more. Starting on your six, you start with the pole above your head. Pull your knees up to your chest, and wrap the pole around to your buttocks. Then take it back to above your head. We attempted 10, not sure how many actually got accomplished.

Plank Pole Climb – This was saved for last on purpose. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, if even possible. Plant the end of the pole out in front of you. Take a step or two back. Imaging leaning against a wall, only it isn’t a wall, it is a pole. Now slowly walk your hands down the pole, and then back up. Modification was to just hold plank leaning on the pole. I’m know everyone tried, but I’m pretty sure Focker was the only one to accomplish this to true form. I’m sure there were others, but he was the most vocal.

Time was finally called.

COR (12) – NOR

Announcements: Effective August 18, Le Pew and Cochran will be Co-Site Q for Boondocks. Reach out and support these guys.

Intentions: Cochran had a co-worker at a different office/region pass away from COVID, he relatively young.

Naked Man Moleskin: This wasn’t nearly as exciting to read as some of Pelican’s backblasts, and for that I’m sorry. It also doesn’t have a real deep message that makes me look inside (not at the muscles) like Crockpot. So go find one of his to get your daily dose of deep thoughts. Or go check out #cochranscorner. It may, or may not have a nice daily quip for you.

What this backblast does have is 45 minutes of work. That was my main concern. I didn’t know if this setup would leave the PAX feeling like they hadn’t worked. Generally speaking, I don’t get too anxious about a Q any more. Don’t get me wrong, I still can’t just show up and make it up on the fly. There is always a concern that my plan might not work. In general it is a set of exercise, that we have done numerous times, in a different order, or relationship to each other. I tried to mix in stuff I knew would work (Round 1, Round 2, and Round 4) with the isometric holds that I really wanted to do, but was too afraid to make the entire weinke. Using that 20/20 vision now, I wish I had shortened round 1, 2, and 4.

The isometric holds were great, and there were so many more I could have done. Per my source, a single daily effort of two-thirds of a person’s maximum effort exerted for six seconds at a time for ten weeks increased strength about 5% per week. (

I look forward to modifying this weinke and running it back a second time with modifications.

Until then…

-Captain Crunchberry

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