BB Squid Q – BO @ Bayside

As I mentioned to the PAX, Linus inspired the WO. How hard could this be??

Everyone started rolling in with about 5 minutes to spare. We held momentarily waiting for the last HC’s to save themselves from the fartsack. Unfortunately, the sacketh ‘o fart claimed two, today we were an even 6 PAX.

The disclaimer was given and we took a short misery to the front of the school for some stretching.

The movements weren’t pre-planned, but we made sure to stretch out from head to toe. I took a little pre-WO Run and had a close encounter with a skunk. I thought my Flash like speed and Barry Sanders agility saved me from the rancid rodents revenge. During the grass grabbers, I realized that I hadn’t made it out unscathed. While I didn’t take a direct hit, it was still clear that I’d been hit.

After we were all warmed up, we’re all grabbed a fancy new coupon and headed to the football field.

For the main event, we lined up on one sideline. I informed the PAX that, like Linus, we won’t be putting our coupons down for the duration of the workout. We had one ladder on each side of the field, all exercises were single count with coupon and we carried our coupons back and forth.

Side one

  • 10 – American Hammers
  • 15 – Elf on the Shelf
  • 20 – Shrugs (10 each side)
  • 25 – LBC

Carry coupon overhead to side two

Side two

  • 10 – Curls
  • 15 – Overhead Press
  • 20 – Single Arm Standing Row (10 each side)
  • 25 – Kettlebell Swing

Carry coupon in half curl position

10 – American Hammers
15 – Elf on the Shelf
20 – Shrugs (10 each side)
25 – LBC

After an audible on the second ring of the first ladder, everyone climbed both ladders we returned the coupons and each called an exercise for 5 minutes of Mary.

Announcements and intentions were said and were closed with a prayer for those in decision making positions. What a crazy time this is! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Until next time,


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