BB- Meter Maid VQ at the Max – 1/25/20

It was my first Q at the Max so I wanted to do something special. I brought out my inventory of GoRuck rucks and sandbags. It was about 35 degrees and it was flurrying. I had gotten there early to check out the areas for my Q. Schotzie was the first to arrive. He doesn’t get to post on many Saturdays so I was glad to see him. Safe travels to Cincy this weekend with your family!

PAX- Schotzie, Air Supply, Jolly Rancher, Charolais (R) and Meter Maid (Q)

I started with a disclaimer and suggested that the PAX modify as needed.

We wanted up with:


20 Toy Soldiers IC

Kendrick Newmans


30 seconds to pick an area to focus on

We all grabbed a weighted ruck and sandbag and headed toward the school entrance. We were going to do four exercises based on the cards.

Clubs – Bent over rows with sandbag with ruck on

Diamonds – Ruck weighted merkins

Hearts – Bench press

Clubs- Flutter Kicks 4 Count

All cards were face value except for Aces that were 15. This meant we did 99 reps total of each exercise. When a joker came, we did a lap around the entrance with the rucks over our heads. This is more difficult than you think especially after lots of upper body exercises.

With the flurries, I had a technical issue with my phone playing out our cards/exercise so I had to modifg. We went up past some trees and at each one we did 5 overhead presses so there was about 50 total.

After finishing the deck of cards, I had hoped to do some ruck sand bag tosses but the grass as too muddy. We picked up a 20 pound medicine ball and did a last man up mosey around the parking lot.

To close, we did:

20 SSH IC with ruck on

15 Flutter Kicks (4 count) IC

20 Ruck weighted Big Boys

Below is the map of where we went.

Then, we did COR, NOR, Intentions and closed with a prayer. Always humbled to lead such a fine group of HIMs.

If you ever want to try rucking, it is a great way to get 1st and 2nd F. Hit me up on slack, I have plenty I can lend out.

-Meter Maid

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