BackBlast: 7/20/20 – Big Mo @ Vets

Conditions: 77°F and clear. Humidity: 81%.

PAX (9): Diablo, Meatball, Cousin Eddie, Yoshi, OJ, Worm, ETO, McAfee, Handbook (Q)

Here’s how it went down: 

Quick disclaimer @ 0530 then straight into Warm-O-Rama.


  • 20x SSHs IC
  • 15x Grass Grabber IC
  • 15x Abe Vigodas IC
  • Calf/Quad Stretches
  • Michael Phelps


Using a 54 card deck (52+2 Jokers), YHC drew one card at a time and PAX completed corresponding exercises using either a ruck, sandbag, or coupon. Workout was broken out into four 10 minutes rounds, with each round focusing on a different muscle group.

  1. Lower Body
  2. Upper Body
  3. Core
  4. PAX Choice. Took turns calling one of the three muscle groups prior to draw.

Exercise breakdown looked like this:

While we didn’t quite make it through the entire deck in the 40 mins, we came pretty damn close. Great work gentlemen!

CoT: Ended with announcements about the monthly ruck later this week and a plug for the ongoing GrowRuck training happening at The O. Closed with a few words about gratitude as well encouragement for the challenging time we find ourselves in currently.

Big thanks to Worm for having me out to Q and for challenging me to get out and do something that was outside of my comfort zone. Also always thankful for the men that get up and give me the chance to lead them.

Truly proud to be a part of all this.



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