BackBlast #FogPreRuck Abacus Q – “Do I need a headlamp”

Winter is drawing to a close in six more weeks, thank you punxsutawney phil, and Storm Trooper came ready with winter gear…gloves and headlamp. Disappointment rang out when YHC announced headlamps were not necessary for the beatdown. As the PAX strolled to the starting spot, questions rang out were you doing Side Straddle Hops? Yes, I had to practice to see if SSH were smart while wearing a ruck sack. Yup, not smart, so we skipped those.

PAX in attendance: Abaucs Q, Storm Trooper, PK, Star Child, Gypsey, Glauc

YHC provided the standard disclaimer: Not a professional, exercises are a suggestion, modify as necessary (including don’t do it), and you assume the risk. After a quick round of Ayes!, we circled up for a COP.


Arm Circles I/C 10 each direction

Abe Vigota I/C 10

Squats I/C 10

Mosey At Playground

3 sets of 15 Merkins / 15 step ups

1 minute Plank

Mosey To Egg Lawn

Lap 1 – double time 400ish meters 25 squats and 10 lunge walks out and 10 lunge walks back (4 X’s)

Lap 2 – fast walk 400ish meters 20 merkins and 15 dips (4 X’s)

Mosey to Flags for Mary

Drop Set of 15 Big Boy Situps, 15 LBCs, 10 then 5

Strong showing today! We #gotbetter. PAX began arriving for the POPE beatdown at #theFog

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