02.08.2019. Miyagi Q @ The Chopper. Vets. Who is this? It’s Miyagi…from the Mutt. What are you wearing “Miyagi from ‘The Mutt’?” Uhhh…Khakis…




When: 0530

Where: Vets


Will YHC actually show in khakis? Show up tomorrow and find out. We will work hard. We will be winded. Gloves would be smart. Insurance is known for the fine print, so see if you can figure it out.


Bring an FNG
Unleash your inner beast
Resist the urge to Fart-Sack
Push yourself
Erase negativity
Elevate others


Tackle hurdles head on
Invest your time wisely
Make every encounter count
Exceed your expectations




Signing off,

Miyagi…from the Mutt.

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