Nest – 02/04/19 PK Backblast


Finally the backblast from Monday.  Man, it seems like such a long time ago.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Maybe because I have been paying for it all week.  More on that later.  It was the morning after the super bowl.  My kids school thought that people would be partying to hard on super bowl Sunday, so they had delayed start.  Being at the Nest, advertised as a running workout, the day after the super bowl, I planned a workout for 6-8 guys.  Guess the guys were like me, didn’t watch the game, and hoped it was going to be the worst super bowl ever (Kroenke can suck it, Cheaters always win in the NFL [proven by science at the KY Science Fair in Lexington], and the NFL is a glorified WWE). I was pleasantly surprised to see 21 HIMs in attendance.  Couldn’t believe that they just kept showing up.  We had so many, we woke the nice officer who was trying to take it easy in his car.  So many vehicles showed up, and he saw the HIMs that we were, and knew this part of the park was safe.  So he left.  It was 5:30, and another screeched into the parking lot.  I didn’t know that log held so many vehicles.

PAX: Nice and Slow, Nino, Banana Hands (R), Abacus, Carlton, Gypsy, Alexa, Dunphy, Glaucoma, Valdez, Stormtrooper, Huggies, Sadie, Fungi, Meter Maid, Cowboy, Jitterbug (R), Viking, Iceman (R), Catfish, PK (Q)

As everyone gathered, I gave the disclaimer, and we were off.  It had been a while since I had been around North Posh, and as we moseyed, I realized with 21 guys headlamps are definitely a good idea.  Oh well, to late to put that in the preblast.  Mosey to the Pavilion between the ponds.  Called out butt kicks, high knees, Carioca left, Carioca right, and Marios along the way.

The pavilion was one of my favorite spots when North Posh opened up, so I wanted to get some time in here.  Everyone find a space and do 20 SSHs.  Space was a little cramped so I told everyone to partner up.  Partner 1 goes to the edge of the pavilion and performs 20 step ups, ten each leg, while partner 2 does squats.  Switch and repeat.  Next Partner 1 does 20 Box Jumps, while Partner 2 does Squats.  Switch then repeat.

Enough of that, I thought that this was a running intensive workout.  Mosey over the bridge to the road, and wake up the officer again who had moved to the lower level parking lot to finish his nap.  Sorry officer, we did not wake up for easy.  We got it from here.  You can take a rest, we will make sure the rest of the park is secure.  Finish the mosey/yog/run down at the lower lot.

Our group had gotten a little spread out, and a couple of the speed demons seemed to want a little motivation.  5 Boyos.  Now I had slightly pulled my calf on Friday morning trying to impress Worm with my speed, so I wanted to get a little extra stretching in.  That and it didn’t really go away over the weekend.  I had some sprinting planned, and was hoping a little extra stretch might avoid any further issues.  Abe Vigodas (10 Nice and Slow to emphasize the stretch).  Legs together,  toe touches.  right leg over left toe touches, left leg over right toe touches, downward dog, then left leg over right stretch, move into runners stretch with right foot near right hand.  Take right hand and turn to the sky.  Same stretches other side.  Writing all this down, makes me realize, I was really nervous about putting to much running into my running workout.  Oh well, time to test out the calf.

Had everyone get into two lines and informed the PAX, doing a Double Applesauce (official F3 name for two lines of Indian Runs).  Wanted the group to move slow, and get good sprints in.  I did not want the group to be sprinting the whole time (ICEMAN).  Went well, and had everyone stop at the bottom of Snake Hill ( I don’t know the name of the hill, but I like that, so deal with it).

Group 1 was to Sprint to the bend in the hill and jog back.  Group 2 were to do lunges while Group 1 was on the hill.  Once everyone was back, Group 2’s turn to go, and Group 1 to perform lunges.  This was going well, was making some good moves up the outside, then BAM! No more sprinting up this hill for PK.  Made it back down to the group and time to move onto the next thang.

Everybody run/mosey/yog back up to the bend that we had just sprinted.  Told everyone to stay in their lines, and make eye contact with the HIM in the other group.  This was fun from the night of the Ruck and wanted to share the awkwardness with more people. 20 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 20 Pickle Pounders.

Well, I will be honest, Tony Malito is probably the best person to do those with.  I couldn’t stop laughing then, and he will always be my first. Time to continue running.  Up the hill to grassy circle above the wall. The PAX was getting pretty separated now, I told Glauc where to go, and I was moving back to catch the six.  There was some confusion as it was muddy along the way to the grassy knoll, and it was to dark to see where the speedsters had gone, as they raced away from the PAX.  Eventually we got everyone there, and with some grumbling I informed everyone that I was the Q and they could file their complaints on the complaints page on the website.  We are doing two items I have been doing at my Qs, so get on the ground.  First up Absolution.  An Eight count exercise, starting in upright plank, down to elbows, into groiner, into plank jack, and back up.  We did 10.  Next Captain Thors.  Big Boy sit-ups with American Hammers in a 1:4 ratio, starting at 1 up to 10.

Time was getting close and we had not made it back to the flag yet.  So I led the group out back to the trail, and was planning on calling a billy run, when Iceman began to fly by again.  I said, dude, slow your roll.  Once we had cleared the tall grass and the end was in sight, I flagged everyone to give it all they had got to go to the flag.  As we made it to the flag, time had chimed 6:15.

It may not have been the best running workout.  Truth be told, I do not know what a running workout is, besides Violets Fartlek, and just running.  No one seemed to complain.  Viking still looked like he wanted to throw up, and yet he didn’t.  So good job there!  Guess I will have to wait to have someone toss Merlot on one of my workouts.  Maybe next time.

I gave credit to the Sky Q for the great weather and beautiful stars that we had in the morning.  If not for those, it would have been even darker, and we would have lost someone for sure.  Mentioned that I am thankful for this group and challenging me to get better and challenging my mind, body, and soul. Hoped that this was the hardest thing that these men would go through today, and that they find the strength to face whatever is thrown at them.  Thanks again to Catfish for doing what a catfish does and getting so many HIMs out in the gloom for me.

If you haven’t seen the M challenge put out there by Big Bird, look it up and live it.

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