BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q

F3 Louisville’s newest Black Ops site is located by the LaGrange Courthouse and has been going each Monday. This marked the 4th week and my first time to Q here. For those that make it out here, make sure to fill up your vehicles while you are out here. Gas is about 30 cents cheaperContinue reading “BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

2.18.21 BB-The Moonshiner at the Boondocks-BigBird Q

LePew had inspired me to come up with this Goofball of a workout. I had my inner Grover channeled on a guy’s trip a few weeks ago and when I heard that he was going to be a HC, I figured I’d pay homage to my favorite childhood show Sesame Street. Not everyone would getContinue reading “2.18.21 BB-The Moonshiner at the Boondocks-BigBird Q”

2.11.21 BB-The Agony@ The County-BigBird Q

I’ve been a bit off my game for the last couple of weeks so for the men that worked with me on this day, I apologize for getting this out so late. PAX: Gisele, LePew, Devitto, Dauber, HolyRoller-R, Backflop, Pelican, BigBird-Q I lost my mother-in-law suddenly on Monday the 8th. I was overwhelmed by theContinue reading “2.11.21 BB-The Agony@ The County-BigBird Q”

2.18.21-PB: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks- BigBird Q

If LePew’s ever tried coercing you into joining the Boondocks crew, he likely will sell you on how Near it a actually is to where you are. Plumb Bob might disagree and say that for him, it is very Far. Whether this is Near or this is Far, the Boondocks boys always know how toContinue reading “2.18.21-PB: Moonshiner @ The Boondocks- BigBird Q”

Pre-blast: 🥶 🧊 02/11/12 – Temple of Gloom @ The O 🧊 🥶

Ice storm be damned… ToG is on @ The O tomorrow morning for those HIM brave enough to venture out in this mess and accelerate. We’re going to stay on our feet for the duration of the workout. If you find yourself on your six, it’s because you busted it on some ice. With ourContinue reading “Pre-blast: 🥶 🧊 02/11/12 – Temple of Gloom @ The O 🧊 🥶”

2.11.21 The Agony @ The County-BigBird Q

So you know it’s The Agony, right? And Agony by definition means extreme physical or mental suffering. I can’t promise either but I also cannot promise having any of other either…if that makes any sense. With the weather being what it is, The County has all sorts of options for modification. And I won’t letContinue reading “2.11.21 The Agony @ The County-BigBird Q”

Pre-blast: 2/8/21- The Incubator @ Posh

Excited to make a return trip to Posh as Q of The Incubator tomorrow. We’re gonna move around the AO a bit while mixing in full helpings of upper body, lower body, core, and cardio work. No coupons necessary. Don’t let the Super Bowl tonight keep you in the fartsack tomorrow. Get out and accelerate!Continue reading “Pre-blast: 2/8/21- The Incubator @ Posh”

Better Late Than Never BackBlast: 1/30/21 – The Hurt @ The Mutt

Conditions: 28°F and clear skies. Solid January gloom weather. PAX (12): Vincent (R), Harry Caray, Russdiculous, Shyster, Old Bay, Glen Ross, DiGiorno, Frosty, Tiger, No Nuts, Peeping Tom, Handbook (Q) Here’s how it went down: Got kicked off right @ 0700 with a quick disclaimer and a mosey around the building back to the rearContinue reading “Better Late Than Never BackBlast: 1/30/21 – The Hurt @ The Mutt”

Preblast: 2/5/21- Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Clearly I’m no plantsman because I had to Google the definition of Wisteria. My search returned the following results… Wisteria is a vining plant with cascades of blue to purple flowers that look spectacular hanging from a pergola or archway in spring and early summer. Historically, Wisteria symbolizes long-life and immortality. Wisteria can live upContinue reading “Preblast: 2/5/21- Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

1.29.21 BB The Gladiator @The Abyss-BigBird Q

Denouement: The climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear. 1.28 and Uncle Sam would post this word on Slack as a noun describing the end to a week of County Q’s at the Abyss (sorry Dauber but you’ll always be County to me). After looking up the definitionContinue reading “1.29.21 BB The Gladiator @The Abyss-BigBird Q”

Pre-blast: 1/30/21 – The Hurt @ The Mutt

Tomorrow I’ll be abandoning my site Q duties @ The Ruiner and heading across the zip code to lead the fine gentlemen of The Mutt. I can’t put my obligations @ The O aside and bring a soft workout to another AO so expect to get your fill in the morning. It’s gonna be aContinue reading “Pre-blast: 1/30/21 – The Hurt @ The Mutt”

BB-1.26.21 The Rooster@ The Mutt-BigBird Q

On the eve of the month of love…I love the anticipation of leading a group of men, uncertain of what’s in store for them. I love that it was dry and 43 degrees in late January the day after a monsoon. I love that everybody was on time ready to roll…except Tiger…you know he wasContinue reading “BB-1.26.21 The Rooster@ The Mutt-BigBird Q”

BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q

I am starting to play catch-up on the 2021 Iron Horse challenge. Pelican recently agree to give me the Foundry Q since he had two other Qs this week. I rolled up 7 minutes early to see a few of the PAX there and starting to arrive. I had packed plenty of rucks in myContinue reading “BB- 1/27/21 – The Foundry @ The County – Meter Maid Q”

1.26.21 PreBlast: The Rooster @ LeMutt-BigBird Q

They say that the only one who knows what tomorrow will bring is The Sky Q. Although that is true, if we are blessed with the prospect of another day, I can see into your future at The Rooster. Tomorrow will be a little wonky and we’ll see how short a minute really is. We’llContinue reading “1.26.21 PreBlast: The Rooster @ LeMutt-BigBird Q”

1.23.21 BB-The Fog @The Poshlands-BigBird Q

When getting ready to start a workout and giving the disclaimer, I have always appreciated looking around the circle and seeing a large number of dudes coming out to support the Q. Whether it be actually for the support or maybe even for the curiosity of what trickery and creativity the Q will unleash. ButContinue reading “1.23.21 BB-The Fog @The Poshlands-BigBird Q”

1.23.21 PB for The Fog @ The Posh BigBird Q

It’s been well over a year since I’ve had the Q at The Parklands. It was where it all started for me as that’s the first place I had ever led a workout, almost three years ago. So much has changed but some has remained the same. One thing’s for certain: I’ve always loved havingContinue reading “1.23.21 PB for The Fog @ The Posh BigBird Q”

BackBlast: 1/21/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Conditions: 39°F and partly cloudy. Nice and gloomy. PAX (11): Violet, Vincent (R), Flo Jo, Nan Moore, Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Hot Wheels, No Nuts, Motor Boat, Whitney (R), Handbook (Q) Here’s how it went down:  Quick disclaimer @ 0530. The lights were left on one of the baseball diamonds so I decided to mosey overContinue reading “BackBlast: 1/21/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O”

Pre-blast: 1/21/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

We’re going to do a little bit of everything tomorrow @ The O. Cardio, core, upper body, & lower body will all be addressed. No coupons but please do not forget your gloves. Also here’s a little homework assignment for those planning to attend…. 22+22 = ??? Be ready to get after it! SYITG! -Handbook

2021 Pull Up Challenge: BigBird Q

What it is: shooting for 2021 pull ups between now and March 31st. Why? Because Digiorno and Cousin Eddie asked if I’d be bringing it back. Where? At your home, at a park, on scaffolding (Grizzly), or wherever you can construct your homemade portable pull up bar… How does it work? Do pull-ups daily, OYOContinue reading “2021 Pull Up Challenge: BigBird Q”

1.2.21 BB-The Nest at The County-BigBird Q

I love the prospect of a new year. All the potential and possibilities. The ability to leave one year behind and start over fresh to work on the best possible version of oneself. 2020 was an interesting year. Just like you, I could have a lot to complain about. But also just like you, IContinue reading “1.2.21 BB-The Nest at The County-BigBird Q”

1.2.21: Pre-Blast- The Nest @The County – BigBird Q

Out with the old and in with the new. The changes you make within yourself are up to you. Come out to The Nest ITG and we’ll take a tour around The County. Lap 1 will be some old stuff familiar to me. As we get into the New Year, we’ll take a second lapContinue reading “1.2.21: Pre-Blast- The Nest @The County – BigBird Q”

Pre-Blast 12-28-20: Sadie Q – Incubator @ South Posh

Until Stick Up sent me a message a few hours ago, I completely forgot I was on Q tomorrow. I’ve spent the past week doing the only other thing to do at 05:30 if you’re not ITG (in the gloom).. that would be ITDB (in the duck blind)!! I’m coming off a long 7 dayContinue reading “Pre-Blast 12-28-20: Sadie Q – Incubator @ South Posh”

Pre-Blast: Christmas Eve – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Chances are you missed my Q this morning @ Vets. That’s okay because in the spirit of the season, Santa Handbook is giving each of you a second chance to experience a Christmas beatdown sure to leave you struggling to lift your drink tomorrow night. The workout will be focused on the upper body/core andContinue reading “Pre-Blast: Christmas Eve – Temple of Gloom @ The O”

Pre-Blast: 12/23/20 – The Tank @ Vets

Life has thrown me a couple of curveballs recently that have kept me out of the gloom for the most part over the past month. I’m back with a bang tomorrow as Q @ the one and only Vets. One of the curveballs I mentioned was a knee injury that I’m still not fully recoveredContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 12/23/20 – The Tank @ Vets”