PreBlast – Tron’s 5ish year postiversary Q – Bag o’ Wrenches at The O

✅ Running Shoes
❌ Coupons
✅ Gloves
✅ Can do attitude

It’s been 5ish years since I joined this cult, so come out and celebrate with me. We’ve run every possible workout, so I’ll be digging into the archives and running back the workout from my FNG post. Sure it was an hour workout, and we only have 45 minutes, but we’ll make it work. Will it be just like it was in the good old days? Will someone other than the Q lead the COP? Will we sit during Name-O-Rama? Only one way to find out.

tron out

PB – BO Goshen – 6.21.22 – Natty Light

It’s The Garden in Goshen week out at BO Goshen. Yours truly tomorrow, 6/21, and Jewel on Thursday, 6/23. Garden style beatdowns will be had by all.

Please join me tomorrow in a dark parking lot at 0530 to get bigger, stronger, faster, and/or simply better. Coupons will be needed. Running will be minimal.

Never been to Goshen? No problem, St John United Methodist Church, 12700 W Hwy 42, Prospect, KY 40059, USA.

SYITG ~Natty Light

PB for the Incubator at Posh 06/20/22 – Uncle Rico Q

As we wind down the day celebrating all the great Fathers in our lives, it’s time to get ready for the week and turn our attention to the unsung heroes in every successful persons life……Uncles!!! Monday is Uncle’s Day and the Posh has the honor of hosting Uncle Rico as Q!! Bring a coupon, shoes, and an FNG. Weather will be perfect to work on arms, legs, back, core and all those other parts. Happy Uncles Day!!

Pre-Blast 06.20.22 – The Patriot – Kitty Litter Q

When typing the title above, I started typing “06.20.72”, as I’ve become accustomed to writing that date on countless forms & applications over the years. We’re told to “respect” our elders, and that’s generally pretty good advice–honoring those who have come before us, for their sacrifices and (sometimes) wisdom. But when I see F3 men over 50 get up and get after it, well, that’s what truly inspires me. Just making it to 50 is fine, but all we really did was not die yet. F3 “(R)-Pax”, however, are the ones we should all strive to emulate during our 2nd half, back-nine, final decent, whatever.(….but call me “elderly” and we’re just going to do man-maker-uphill-sprints until COT time is called). Anyway, come on out to The Patriot tomorrow while we “celebrate accelerating”. We’ll be counting to 50 until Grant falls off the $50. Bring: coupon, gloves, FNGs, heart. –Kitty Litter–

BB BO at The Patriot 6-18-22 Rip Van Winkle Q

Today was a very welcomed 62 degrees and low humidity. Snaggletooth, Focker, Mannequin and I pre-rucked 5 miles and met up with Ferb and Furdays. Did a quick grouping of SSH and Grass Grabbers. Moseyed over to City Place Courtyard. Kicked on the music which consisted of songs about the heat. Then began the main thang.

1 minute each exercise (2 Rounds)



-Calf Raises

-Wall Sit


-Step Ups

-Mule Kicks




-Overhead Press

-Chest Press


-Man Makers




-Hand Walk Outs

-Side Leg Lift

-High Knees

-V Ups


-Side Straddle Hops

-Bear Crawl

-Ice Skaters

-Run Around

-Jump Ropes

Cut short last round due to lack of time.

Ended with Counterama, Namerama, Announcements, Intentions/Prayer.

Message of the day: The big moments are important, but it’s the minute to minute moments that matter most to the people we influence in our lives. Be present, be an encouragement and love on them.

Rip Van Winkle

Back Blast 6/18/2022 – Father’s Day Eve The Nest @ The County

This morning was awesome. An old school County morning with 25 PAX, a solid workout, some OGs in attendance, a healthy dose of 2.0s, strong mumblechatter, great music, and a little wiffle ball.

PAX – Pelican, Primetime 2.0, Meter maid, Backflop, Super soaker 2.0, Firehose 2.0, Valdez, DeVitto, Octodad, Airplane, Asian Zing (R), Double down (R), Jolly Rancher, Fun dip 2.0, Captain Crunchberry, Joe dirt 2.0, Muscle milk 2.0, Duffer 2.0, Brick 2.0, Timeshare, Honey Do, Cratchit, Fungi, Brown water, Dauber (Q).

I thought we would have a strong turnout with some of the buzz around The County leading up to today and we definitely did. The parking lot was filling up as we hit 0700. Quick disclaimer and we were off on a mosey to the front lot for COP.

We started with SSH, but about 5 in I had to stop as one of my 2.0s was already embarrassing me with worse form than Pelican (literally did not raise his hands above his shoulders). I gently called him out and we restarted. He did moderately better. Followed that with the standard warm up stuff and then headed back to the back lot for Thang 1.

We partnered up for declining reps of partner merkins from 10 to 1. Between each set, partners ran to the other end of the lot for 20 Ace & Gary’s (I think that is what Meter said they are called)…alternating who did the BBSUs between each partner.

Airplane was my partner and I don’t want to get mushy, but it was great to catch up with Plane. Definitely miss seeing him out regularly so hopefully that changes going forward. Meter and Brown water were right by us so got to yuck it up with them also. Mumblechatter is always stronger on a Saturday workout.

I don’t remember any of my 2.0s embarrassing me during Thang 1 but I assume they said something inappropriate but were smart enough to pick a spot away from me.

Thang 2 was over at the playground with option to do declining reps of pull ups or partner burpees (I don’t think anyone chose burpees) and 10x of Hail Marys (one partner in plank, other partner does dips with feet on partners back). Shout out to 2.0 Super Soaker who held perfect plank with his dad’s heavy legs on him (just kidding…his dad is Backflop so his legs only weigh like 4 lbs each). A couple of smarta$$ comments from one of my 2.0s but they were under his breath so not too embarrassing on Thang 2.

Back to the parking lot for Thang 3 – flat tires (wheelbarrow with 4 steps, 1 derkin, 8 steps, 2 derkins, etc. Partners change as needed) across the length of the back lot. This was tough, but everyone was cranking to get done. Except the two last place teams consisting of my 2.0s. But Dauber…they are just little kids trying to keep up with adults you say?? Nah, my 2.0s are 20, 18, 16, 13. I’m not saying they were just taking it easy but they were just taking it easy.

Last Thang was a quick wiffle ball game. Only one dropped fly ball the whole game (yep, that was one of my 2.0s).

We circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions and prayer. A big group headed to the new spot for County coffeteria which topped off a perfect morning.

Seriously though, if you read between the lines of this back-blast you might pick up that I am immensely blessed to be a father and I am very proud of the four young men that joined me this morning. I love F3 and all you guys, but in particular Father’s Day Eve is my favorite workout of the year.


PreBlast Saturday 6/18/22 – Pre-Father’s Day Nest @ The County

Tomorrow is Father’s Day Eve, which is an official holiday at The County (at least in my mind it is). My personal Father’s Day Eve tradition is forcing my 2.0s to come to the Nest fully equipped with groggy heads, rolling eyes and their generally delightful teenage dispositions. Whether you have 2.0s or not, tomorrow will be a great morning to get out to The County. If for no other reason, you wouldn’t want to miss watching me argue with my kids.

No coupons needed. Expect normal F3 bootcamp stuff with a friendly (or not) wiffleball game at the end. A great way to start your Father’s Day Eve!



6.18.22 Pre Blast: The Ruiner @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q

So…not really…but it might be perceived. Mostly, just wanted to catch your attention. My wife’s been asking me what I want to do for Father’s Day and really, I’m pretty easily pleased. As long as I’m with my family I’m happy. But it did get me thinking. What’s something that I really like? I was pondering this while getting in some EC weightlifting listening to Biggie. Then inspiration struck! I love working out listening to some Biggie Smalls! That would be a nice Father’s Day treat for me to share with my brothers that would be the complete opposite of what Dauber’s doing. BTW, County, 2.0’s, boot camp style workout + whiffle ball – if you want to get your kids out and do something fun and, well…not so difficult, that’s your place. But if you want to work hard and rock out like a gangsta, knowing that after a little over an hour once you walk through the doors of Heine Bros, you earned whatever comes next…then come out with me and feel like you be living in mansions and Benzes and how giving ends to your friends feels stupendous!

Disclaimer: since we’ll be at a high traffic park after the sun has risen this will be a 100% clean version…which actually means there might not be a whole lotta music that will make much sense….Anyway…no coupons needed.


6/17/22 Pre-Blast: The Garden – Mountain Momma Q

The one and only Garden will be the location of my 2nd career Q! Honored to lead some good men in murdering some bunnies and carrying guns above our heads while listening to 90’s rap. If you don’t have eye brows like mine, grab a head band to detour the sweat and let’s rock! I will provide the ”high quality h2o”!

6.17.22 Pre Blast: The Defender @ The Patriot – BigBird Q

Been a little on the warm side lately. Tomorrow will offer much of the same as every other morning this week ITG. But never fear! There is some sweet relief on the horizon (if only for a couple days). But….you have to earn it! Come out tomorrow. Put some work in with me. And feel fantastic as you change out your shirt for the car ride home knowing that you tackled the toughest, hottest thing you’ll do all day!

We’ll explore, we’ll superset, we’ll work your whole self. No coupons needed for this one. Gloves are optional. WATER and a FNG are must!


PB- Worm Q – The Chopper Vets Park 6-16-2022

Sometimes the Site-Q has to step up and set a standard for the AO. This is one of those times. We will explore areas of the campus that haven’t been touched since Thumbtack, Tony Malito, and Eastwood were regular participants. Bring a coupon, gloves, and shoes. If your heart is set on Burpees go to Pleasantville. Vet Park 5:30-6:15 SYITG

Early Birds Get-


Pre-Blast – 06.16.22 – Old Bay back at the O-riginal

Come on out tomorrow to where it all started!

Full disclosure:

  • You know I like a 5:31 start, just to annoy certain PAX.
  • We will run the loop (1.2 mi) stopping here and there to do stuff and things.
  • We will do coupon work after that, so bring your coupon.
  • Actually, bring an extra coupon, I’m sure someone will need it.
  • There should be music, but that depends on whether or not I remember my speaker.
  • Tomorrow is the Old Bay Vodka launch party. I may or may not have purchased exclusive distribution rights for KY on a recent trip out East.
  • I predict ZERO Mutts will be in attendance. It’s gotten comical how little we travel.

Hydrate, bring a buddy, and let’s get after it.


~Old Bay

06/16/2022 Pre-Blast The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule @ Field Day!

PAX, tomorrow is a field day. That means bring your cleats and we will park at the portico around back of the school. 5:30 am is the start time. I will be bringing a few toys as well. Looking forward to seeing Sadie (I hope) for the first time since convergence. And of course “Preppy”,the shovel flag will return tomorrow. Gonna be muggy so bring water and towels for after. Cheers! -Slide Rule

PB -6/16/22 – Wildflower Q @ BO GoshenSt John United Methodist Church, 12700 W Hwy 42, Prospect, KY 40059, USA

Looking forward to checking out this awesome BO location. They’ve been on fire out there since the start….Thanks Viking & Flexseal and all the early Q’s that have helped out and made the trek!! We’ll keep the ball rolling tomorrow with a good full body beatdown. Bring a coupon and a sad clown or 2 that needs F3 in their lives! – SYITG – WILDflower

BB – The Bridge @ Posh – 6/15/22

It was almost 10 degrees cooler this morning that yesterday morning, but the air was still thick enough to cut with a knife. The beauty of Posh was still as spectacular as it always is!

0530 – Disclaimer was given and immediately jumped into COP.

COP : SSH, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabers, Downward Dog along with the usual accessories and a little Michael Phelps OYO

Thang: Threw our coupons on our shoulders and a quick mosey to the base of the bridge. Since Lambeau was present I figured we better do some man makers so he didn’t get cranky. So, I called out 10 man makers OYO before starting the Thang. He seemed to calm down after that. Onto the Thang, 11s-curl press/squats with a full bridge run in between. We picked up the six at the end for his last two rounds. Hard work was put in by all.

A quick mosey back to the flag and had a few minutes left. Called out 20 dips IC and 20 derkins IC. Read my watch wrong and thought we had less time then we had so called out an abbreviated round of merry. Flutter Kicks (YHC) Jack in the Box (Stick Up) 1 min Plank (Pizza), still misreading my watch was about to call time when Ed Scissorhands corrected me with having 1 min left, Gas Pumps (Bob Ross). The sweat in my eyes was blurring my vision to tell time apparently. Finally, time was called at 0615!

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, thanked God for giving us the ability and desire to get up and sweat together and make each other better!

PAX: Pizza, Double Entry, Bob Ross, Lambeau, Mismatch, Tudors, Jitterbug (R), Scissorhands, Stick Up, Flexseal (Q)

It was great to meet some new Pax at an AO away from home base!

Posh is where the Ghost Flag currently resides.

AARish Boondocks 14June2022

247th birthday United States Army


5 PAXs posted for a workout lead by YHC. We rallied at the one and only light post. Disclaimers were made.


DD and trimmings. Front leaning rest with 15 Merkins on my down. Nuclears from 5 and we were sufficiently warmed and loose.

PL Main Body Workout

Coupons carried for mosey to lower parking lot.

YHC had POV strategically placed for music. A playlist with all the Army tunes and ballads.

A range of 45 meters lay before us. On one end 19 WW2s to be performed. Then rifle carry coupon to other end. Perform 14 Pearls. Ground coupon take lap around baseball field. Return to coupon do 13 Pearls. Rifle carry coupon 45 meters. 18 WW2s. Keep coupon grounded. Lap around baseball field. Return to WW2s do 17, rifle carry 12 Pearls, ground weight. Take a lap, so on and so forth to completion.

Mummble chatter was low. Yancovic strikes out early for the lead as i started the playlist. I hustled and caught up as we kept each other company for the remainder of the exercise.

VS kept 3g company as they moved thru the workout together and Single source was pushing it from the middle all by himself. we did hang out at the static workouts momentarily. This turned out to be a run heavy WOD.


Yancovic struck out early, once again for the flag, as we finished up our lap.

We passed 5 and 10 of the workouts and headed back for the flag.

0616: PL COT

COR: 5

NOR: Single Source, VS, 3G, Yanchovic,

.Announcements: Monthly Ruck Capture the Flag, 1July check slack.

Prayer Requests: Single source 2.0s at camp keep hand of protection over them. Maddie still needs heart and prayers. Others spoken and unspoken.

Prayer to the SkyQ.

0620: Endex.

Colors retreated.

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

Back Blast – The Range at The Patriot – 06/15/2022

Glorious morning today spent with the PAX that call The Patriot their home. A bit cooler than yesterday, too, which I call a win.


  • Layover
  • Mannequin
  • Ferb
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • Snaggletooth
  • Saul Goodman
  • Patty
  • Furdays
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)


Standard business from me here:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog and Runners Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Toy Soliders

The Thang – Hindenburg BLIMPS:

Simple weinke, yet hard workout. Each corner of the courthouse block was where we would do the following. We did one lap around of all Bs, the one lap for Ls, etc.

  • 10x – Big Boys Sit-ups
  • 20x – Lunges
  • 30x – Imperial Walkers
  • 40x – Merkins
  • 50x – Plank Hacks
  • 60x – Squats

We ran a bit short on time so cut the squats lap in half.


Normal fanfare here. It sure was a sweaty ball of man though. It’s been a hot minute since I have been to The Patriot – it was great to meet some of the new PAX, including Saul Goodman and Furdays. Great job, PAX!

Jolly Rancher out!

Backblast – BO Run at EP Tom Sawyer

As we gathered around the flag, it would end up that 8 PAX decided running is almost 80 degrees was a better idea than a Bootcamp style workout. But, they didn’t know what I had in store for them today. In the previous two sessions of this BO run only workout it has been simply running miles. Today we worked in some speed work.

We did about a mile warm up mosey to the street for the BMX track, or softball fields. Once we hit the parking lot for the softball fields, it was a hard run of about 1/4 mile back to Freys Hill. Recovery mosey back to the parking lot. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 times, or about 2 miles.

For a recovery, we moseyed the long way through the gravel trail back to the parking lot, and ended with some stretching at the flag. I thank Jewel, Handbook, Harry Caray, Nat Geo, EasyPass, Glowsticks, and Virginia Slims for joining me this morning, and Jolly Rancher for covering my Q at The Patriot.

Announcements / Intentions.

Jolly Rancher Q – The Range at The Patriot – 06/15/2022

I know, I know…I thought Captain Crunchberry had this Q….? Seems he’s got more important business to attend to in working on the running BlackOps at EP Tom Sawyer (shameless plug for that for those interested).

That said, you’re stuck with the more handsome brother, which for those debating it…that’s me.

No coupons for this one. Just bring some shoes as we will be on the move.

SYITG at 0530am – Jolly Rancher out!

Back Blast – Loco at the County – 06/14/2022 – FLAG DAY!

Rolled into the parking lot around 5:15am and it was empty. Took a nice gulp of refreshing water to get me one step closer to surviving the 80 degree morning workout.


  • Cratchit
  • Timeshare
  • Cochran
  • Big Bird
  • Dot (R)
  • Meter Maid
  • DeVitto
  • Brown Water
  • Pelican
  • Dauber
  • Wildflower
  • Alexa
  • Nat Geo (R)
  • Honey DO
  • Abacus
  • Gisele
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

At 0530am, time was called and disclaimers were provided. In hindsight, I should have extended the disclaimers to make sure everyone listened to their bodies this morning – luckily, all survived.


A quick mosey to the front lot for the usual:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Toy Soliders

Finished the mosey back where we started to pick up the coupons.

Thang 1 – Diego:

Partner up and complete the following:

  • 100x – Weighted Big Boy Situps
  • 150x – Overhead Presses
  • 200x – Skull Crushers
  • 250x – Bench Presses
  • 300x – Curls

Last time I did this, we had groups of 3 with a push PAX in between and another PAX doing squats on the other side of where the main exercises were going on. I realized that made a big difference in how these reps felt when it was just partners. But, we had 17 – not really divisible by 3 or 2. So, if you were the lone PAX that decided to fartsack today, then the rest of the PAX got punished for your decision.

Thang 2 – Triple Nickle:

It’s a shame Mama’s Boy didn’t participate to #MTCGA as I put this one in here just for him.

A few minutes left so ran over to the hill between the church and school for this one. Simple, yet effective:

  • 5x squats on the bottom of the hill
  • 5x merkins on the top of the hill
  • Rinse and repeat 5x

Those merkins were much more challenging after Diego.

Time was called and we moved back to the flags.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions. Don’t forget about monthly ruck on July 1 and the F3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on August 13. Also, special “Dad-urday” workout at the Nest on Saturday in honor of Father’s Day.

Took a nice picture in front of the flags for Flag Day, which is really the only thing that I incorporated into the weinke related to Flag Day. But, it was still special as we continue to #MTGCA.

Always humbled to lead.

Jolly Rancher out!

Post Blast The Garden

This morning was a hot one 85° when I get out of my car. We started with an Indian run no surprise that’s my go to. Then we did a partner work out where we stuck with the number 2. 200 curls 152 skull crushers 122 thrusters 102 big boys etc. While running up the tallest flight of stairs and doing box jumps in between. We finished with Hill sprints on Husky Hill. Then did eight minutes of abs. All in all pretty solid work out. I’d say we lost about 5 pounds in water weight!

06/14/2022 Pre-Blast Cycle Circuit @ BO Goshen

Wow it is warming up outside…not gonna cool down much overnight and we have a burner on tap for tomorrow. It’s gonna be sweaty and gross. If you cannot stand to trade some sweat with others this may not be for you. Do the smart thing and bring some agua for before/after(during as needed). Gloves are recommended. Also, towels to save your car seats. We will enter the cycle circuit and hopefully make it back out. Cheers! -Slide Rule

BB – 6/13/22 – The Incubator @ Posh – Diane Dukes Q

When I arrived at around 5:15am I noticed quite a few cars already in the parking lot. At first I thought our numbers were going to be huge but then quickly realized that Fit4Moms were back out. The Moms heard I was Qing and wanted to come and watch how not to lead a WO. Hot morning and we got after it. PAX – Lady Bird, Methane, Jitterbug, Sadie, Dry Rub, Fertile Myrtle, Edward Scissorhands, Stick Up, EZ Pass, Pickle Ball, and YHC.

Gave disclaimer then started with COP, SSH, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, and Kendra Newmans/Micheal Phelps.

Still in a circle, we started Thang 1 with coupons or sandbags 10 manmakers, 15 merkins, 20 squats, 25 curls. After this, you ran a circle, come back and start over. We did this 3 times, then took a mosey around the egg lawn stopping at various locations to do exercises that the Q called out. Once returned to our coupons, Thang 2 – 10, Thrusters, 15 Skull Crushers, 20 Bent Over Rows, and then 25 Flutter Kicks with Coupon Press.

It sounded as if Sadie and Pickle Ball hadn’t been out in the gloom in awhile and both did a great job. Everyone worked hard! Finished with announcements and prayer requests. Thanks for letting me lead.