Pre-Blast – The Agony at The County – 1.16.20

In the past I’ve mentioned that The County was a 2nd home for me. I haven’t been there as much this year as I would’ve liked so I’m looking forward to having the Q there tomorrow! I’ve been on a Dora kick this week and I don’t expect that to change in the next 24 hours. Here is what you can expect:



Bear Crawls

Full Body workout

Get out and get some in the morning. SYITG.



Pre-Blast – Cloverfield – 01/16/2020 – Jolly’s VQ at the Garden!

Flounder went crazy on me yesterday and sent a pre-blast for Cloverfield and THEN checked the calendar to see if it was open.  Too late, Flounder, because Jolly’s got this one on lockdown – including a celebration of post #250-ish!

So, I encourage you to come on out to The Garden on Thursday and see what ‘ol Jolly’s got in store for the men brave enough to join me for this momentous occasion.

The Garden is known for one thing outside of the fantastic PAX that call St. Patrick their home AO – and that is a hill with about a 65 degree grade [or at least that’s what it feels like when you’re trying to climb to the top].  So, you better believe that the “Hill of Stolen Souls” will be incorporated in some form or fashion.

To make sure that we keep safety in mind, here is the recommended pack list for the ascent:

  • Hiking boots – because, duh!
  • Carabineers – at least 2 locking and 2 regular…better safe than sorry!
  • Rope – at least 200 feet – we’ll use this to tie off together so we don’t lose anyone.
  • Ice axe – just in case we encounter icy conditions at the high elevation.
  • Helmet – best to get a larger one so it fits over your F3 hat.
  • Trekking poles – these are optional, but highly recommended for balance.

No, not really.

Big I would definitely bring gloves for coupon work…and a friend that you haven’t seen in a while in the gloom!


Jolly Rancher out!

1/15/20 Backblast The Blender at the Mutt w/ No Show Q

QIC:  No Show

Pax: Glen Ross, Dingo, Dixie, FNG (Baxter), Saddie, Cardinal, Russdiculous, Ditka, Handbook, Fergie, Pork Chop, Plumb Bob, Zima, Larry Flynt, PED, Fridge, Geppetto

For The Mutt HEAVY Blender this morning we set out to give the PAX a full body workout that was both challenging and variable. However, my F3 name came into play as my lack of time management skills was heavily showcased this morning. Thank you for everyone’s help during clean up and thank you to Geppetto for set up help. Workout below:

Warm up lap

Grass Graber

Downward dog

Side straddle hops

Abe bagoda

Michael Phelps

Coupon Work:

100 – Coupon Merkins

150 – Overhead press w/ block

Circuit – 24 minutes

Tires – station 2 run across lot

Cement buckets carry / resistant bands

Timber carry for push

Calf raises with coupon / coupon squats – 50 switch

Lunges with coupons / bent over coupon rows – 50 switch

Bent over coupon rows / merkins on coupon – 50 switch

Wall squats / plank – 90 seconds each

Medicine ball Toss

Back-Blast Wednesday 01/15/2020 – Foundry Roulette with Fructose & Dauber @ The County

For The Foundry workout this morning we set out to give the PAX a full body workout that was both challenging and variable. With that goal in mind, Fructose and I put in several months of planning over the last three days and came up with the Foundry Roulette concept. Lucky for us the roulette wheel was expandable (not really luck…it was the 1,000 hours of planning time). We loosely planned on around 12 PAX, but as the clock struck 0530 we had 18!

PAX:  Pelican, Uncle Rico, Milton, Jewel, Peach, Valdez, Hush Puppy, Gisele, Holy Roller (R), Focker, Jolly Rancher, Cochran, Brown Water, Fungi, Crockpot, Bulletin (R), Dauber (Co-Q), Fructose (Co-Q)

The weather was perfect for a heavy with low forties temperature, light fog and a little drizzle on and off.  To get the blood pumping, Fructose led the PAX on a brief mosey (For those who may not know, a Fructose mosey is an all out sprint for most of us).  Dauber hung back to reset the roulette wheel for the full 18 PAX.  We then circled up around the roulette wheel for COP with 20x SSH, Michael Phelps, 9x Slow Grass Grabbers, and Kendra Newmans. 

Now on to the main thang – Foundry Roulette.  This was a Tabata-style workout with everyone doing the same exercise together.  Each of the 18 PAX were circled up with a coupon in front of them.  In addition, there were five extra weights spaced out around the circle which gave the PAX extra credit opportunities.  Extra weights: 45lbs sandbag, ~50lbs duck-taped sandbag, 40lbs fill bag, 2x 45lbs plates.  Just for extra fun, a 65lbs total weight curl bar was placed in the middle of the circle available to any PAX at any time on any exercise. Fructose and I alternated calling out an exercise for the Tabata which were completed as 1:25 AMRAP, 0:20 rest, x2 sets of each exercise.  Fructose focused on upper body, while I hit legs and abs.  At each rest, the PAX rotated around the roulette wheel clockwise.  Exercises: Fructose – Curls; Dauber – Squats; Fructose – Chest Press (elbows tight!); Dauber – Flutter Kicks (woof); Fructose – Bent Over Rows; Dauber – Lunges; Fructose – Skull Crushers (i.e. Dauber takes break to snap pictures); Dauber – Big Boys; Fructose – Shrugs; Dauber – Step Ups

We had planned on a “burn out” at the end, but because Dauber talks too much the roulette wheel started spinning a little late.  We completed the last step up at 0615, so quickly returned the coupons and met at the flag.  After count-arama and name-arama, announcements were made (1917 Ruck tonight, January Ruck Friday, upcoming F3 awards night…which is a real thing).  We then came together for COT with two intentions verbalized.  Fructose gave thanks for the RyleighStrong showing yesterday and the motivation and strength of Ryleigh.  We ended with a prayer to St. Peregrine (patron saint of persons suffering from cancer) for strength and healing for Leah Philiips. As we broke the circle, Crockpot approached someone moving (not stealing) Fructose’ curl bar and may have headlocked him for a future workout…absolutely no one can headlock randoms like Crockpot.  Thanks for the great showing today…it was humbling for us to lead!  – Fructose & Dauber

1/16 PB – 1 year Post-iversary. BO PWVFD.

Hard to believe it has been a year since Fungi (Airplane and Valdez) finally HL me into coming out. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was at the Foundry and we moved at Thelma and Louise around. I was gassed. But I was also hooked. You brothers have made me better.

Come join me at the Fire house for a total body workout. We will run (still not my favorite), we will lift, and we will get better together. Bring gloves as the ever growing stash of coupons will get some attention.



Backblast The Fog @ The Posh Whitney Q 1/11/2020

The Pax



Crotchety – FNG








Mr Lotter

Pew Pew



Little Jerry


Le Pew

Whitney Q

Disclaimer/Count Off



Grass Grabbers

Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the Bridge


100 Burpees

200 Bob Marley’s ooops, strike that! Bob Hurleys. Some HIM needs to create one though…AYE???!!!

300 Merkins


Partner 1 starts Burpees & Partner 2 Jog up Bridge perform 20 EOC jog back down

2nd time up Bridge…Skip

3rd time up Bridge…Hop

Rinse & Repeat until Dora is completed

Mosey back to F3 Flag for Mary Mary’s with each HIM taking a turn leading. Kudo’s to Master Stretcher Abacus!


Honor to lead this great PAX & encouraged them regarding their Purpose, Potential & Position.

Purpose:Aimless vsDetermined “The two most important days in your life is the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Potential: Limited vs Unlimited “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” Robert Browning

Position: Static vs Active “When you come to a fork in the road…take it!” Yogi Berra the great philosopher 😉

The Key: Wisdom “If any of you lacks wisdom, let HIM ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to HIM.” James 1:5 emphasis mine


Pre-Blast 1/15/20: Deep Dish Birthday Q @ The Bridge (Poshlands)

Forecast: It doesn’t matter…..get out to one of the five locations.

1/15 is a day that I’ve thought about frequently over the last three years. Seems pretty obvious since it’s my 40th birthday, but the real reason is the leader of our family passed away on 1/15/17.
Grandpa Cowan was the definition of a leader in his 83yrs and made an impact on the community, family, and many others. He was a farmer in the days before tractors were driven by satellite, so to honor him, we’re going to incorporate a few of our farmer workouts into the work I have planned.

Wear gloves.

SYITG – Deep Dish

Here’s his obituary if you want to read a little more.

Robert A. “Bob” Cowan Sr. 1933 – 2017
MT. PULASKI, IL – Robert A. “Bob” Cowan Sr., 83, passed away at 7:58 p.m. on Jan. 15, 2017, at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Ill.
Bob was born Nov. 1, 1933, in Warrensburg, Ill., son of Harry and Velma (Schroeder) Cowan. He married Dorothy Jean Hupp in 1951 in Mechanicsburg, Ill. She survives him.
Also surviving Bob are his children: Robert (Nancy) Cowan of Springfield, Ill., Randy (Paula) Cowan of Spaulding, Ill., Scott (Debby) Cowan of Dawson, Ill., Michael (Melinda) Cowan of Beason, Ill., Wayne (Ann) Cowan of Lexington, Ky., and Christopher (Amy) Cowan of Mt. Pulaski, Ill.; one sister, Carolyn (Ted) Roth of Williamsville, Ill.; 31 grandchildren; and 24 great-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by his parents.
Bob was a graduate of Tri-City High School; a member of Latham Baptist Church since 1945, Lake Fork Township Board for 28 years, church board for 55 years, Sunday School teacher for 30 years, school board for 22 years – eight years as president, leader of the Land of Lincoln Antique Tractor and Engine Club – President from 2000-2012, and National JICCA Board from 2005-2013.

01-14-20 – Back Blast – Ryleigh Strong! – The Loco @ The County – Spilled Merlot or Chicken Nuggets?

Thanks to the guys at The County today for allowing me to Q. I really enjoy getting out to different AO’s and meeting/seeing people I haven’t in a long time. A shout out to Sump Pump for jumping in the clown car to St. Al’s with me. I was expecting a larger group due to Ryleigh Strong, plus the County guys always bring it! They did not disappoint today! We had a strong group of 22 getting after it. Thanks to Crock Pot for making sure everything ran smoothly. We did have a slight spilling of Merlot or maybe it was chicken nuggets. I didn’t linger too long to examine, but from the sounds of it, I am thinking it was more of a solid object than liquid, just my unprofessional opinion. Credit to Asphalt though, he didn’t quit and kept on going. Keep it up big man. Looking forward to my next time out to the County! BTW, where the hell was Airplane??? The original County guy. Is he hurt? Traveling? Fart sacking?  Inquiring Mutt minds want to know. If any of you see him before April, tell him The Mutt says hello and misses his ugly mug!

Q: Backdraft

Pax: Sump Pump, Jerry MaGuire (R), Scratch-N-Dent, Focker, Peach, Wildflower, Brown Water, Pew Pew, Double Down (R), Holy Roller (R), Little Jerry (R), Captain Crunchberry, Asphalt, Honey-do, Kimble, Cratchit, Mathlete –  FNG  (R), Storm Trooper, Ashley, Aerobie (R), Crock Pot

COP: Circle up in the big parking lot; 5 BOYO’s, Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, 5 BOYO’s, Downward Dog, Runners Stretch, Hillbillies, Kendra Newman’s, 5 BOYO’s.

Thang 1: Native American Run – Started with two lines of 11. Ran the ½ mile loop around the school to the coupon storage area.  Partnered up and took the coupons to the big parking lot.

Thang 2: DORA 1,2,3 – 100 Coupon Curls, 200 Coupon Shoulder Press, 300 Coupon Squats per pair. Partner 1 begins with coupon curls. Partner 2 runs approximately 50 yards to other end of parking lot, completes 10 Bobby Hurley’s and runs back. Rinse and repeat until curls, shoulder press, and squats are completed as a team. Plank up for the six and/or help the six complete their reps.

Thang 3: Team coupon run – Staying with your partner, run the ½ mile loop back to the coupon storage area with the coupon. Switch off running with the coupon as needed. Plank up for the six.

Thang 4: Mary – Circle up for a quick round of Mary – 6 inch hold while waiting for the six, 20 LBC’s in cadence, finish up with 5 Catalina Wine Makers.

COT: Announcements were made and intentions went up for the spoken and unspoken. Prayers up for Ryleigh to give her the strength to keep battling! Thanks to all who showed up and showed out. Backdraft out.

Back-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020 – #RyleighStrong

Several weeks ago I snatched up several Qs for the quarter to make sure I met my Iron Horse Challenge requirements.  I overachieved in the month of January on purpose and put a lot of Qs out there to force myself to post.  Work will inevitably be an easy excuse in February and March.  So, I needed to get moving fast in January.

Today’s Q was at Peggy Baker Park – great location and a true HIM of a Site Q in Bulletin.  Not only was it exciting to Q for the first time at this BlackOps location, but, today was #RyleighStrong Day, too – emotional day across F3Nation and particularly F3Lousiville.  The power of what this group can do continues to amaze me.  Very proud to be a part of something that truly is much more than a workout.

Weather Report:

Slight mist, which in the light of the headlamp could maybe be confused for snow.  Ground was dry though and temperature was perfect.

Gear Report:

Green.  All sorts of green.  Green for #RyleighStrong.


  • Cochran
  • Gisele
  • Viking
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

Time was called and disclaimers were provided to the PAX.  We started off in the parking lot next to the flag for some COP.


  • SSH – 50x [I provided advanced warning that we’d be doing 50x reps…it was met with some groans and moans].
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches [primarily so I could catch my breath from the SSHs].
  • Imperial Walkers – 20x
  • Grass Grabbers – 10x in sllllooooooooow cadence.

Thang 1 – Merkin Bear Crawl Jack Webb:

We went straight into Thang 1, which was a Merkin Bear Crawl Jack Webb.  Objective was to head towards the ball fields with a 1:4 ratio of merkins to bear crawls [each hand movement counts as 1x] – all the way to 10:40.

Woof.  That sucked just as much as I thought it would.  PAX loved it though!

Thang 2 – EMOM Circuit:

We set off for a mosey to the storage shed where the coupons are stashed where I had pre-placed the phone and speaker.  The every-minute-on-the-minute [EMOM] exercise was three separate sets: upper body, lower body, and core.  And in between each of the sets was a lap around the ball field.  The exercises and rep count for each minute were:

  • Upper body:
    • 12x – merkins on the coupon
    • 12x – curls
    • 12x – tricep extensions
  • Lower body:
    • 15x – squats with the coupon
    • 15x – groiners on the coupon
  • Core:
    • 15x – big boy sit-ups
    • AMRAP – LBCs

Thang 3 – More EMOM

We replaced the coupons and set back towards the flag with a few extra minutes.  Still feeling the effects of the big boy sit-ups, we went to the pavilion for a few extra minutes of an EMOM of 10x dips and 10x step-ups on the picnic tables.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions.

I hope I did it justice today for the PAX at Peggy Baker Park.  It’s always a challenge to find a set that pushes the group hard, but is also something that is attainable for myself.  You know what they say:  if you can’t Q it, don’t do it.

Special intentions were called for Ryleigh, her family and the medical staff overseeing her treatment and care.  May God give every one of them the strength, the patience and understanding in Ryleigh’s life.

Always a pleasure to lead.

Jolly Rancher out!


Pre-Blast Wednesday 01/15/2020 – Foundry Roulette with Fructose & Dauber @ The County

Beat Naperville!!  That should be enough, but if you need another reason to get out to The County at 0530 on Wednesday morning…you do not want to miss taking a few trips around the Foundry Roulette Wheel with Fructose and Dauber. We will work legs, arms and core. I guarantee your number will hit, and you will absolutely leave better than you arrive. Come get it! – Fructose & Dauber

Pre-Blast The Garden Thursday 1/16 5:30-6:15am

Location: St Patrick Catholic Church

1000 N Beckley Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40245, United States

At Track And Field conditioning this week I learned some exercises I hadn’t seen or done before. The focus is on explosion through the movements, muscles in Anaerobic state. Also teaching fast twitch muscles to constrict, then relax at the right time. You’ll see

Beast mode @ BigMo


Weather 39* & Dry

9 HIMS showed up for a heavy beat down at BigMo. It was an honor and privilege to Q the first post after the man the myth the legend Worm handed the reins down to myself to lead this AO. Much respect to him for his contributions and leadership👏👏👏




Tony Malito




Plumb Bob

WeEdWaCkEr (Q)

-BigMo started with


Grass Grabbers IC X15


Downward Dog calve stretch

GETTIN HEAVY 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏻🏋🏽

(Workout 40sec on and 15sec move to next station) completed 36 rounds

Station 1 Weighted merkins (50lb baby ruck)

Station 2 Weighted big boys 25lbs plate

Station 3 Hammer curls 30lb dumbbells

Station 4 Weighted Dips 45lb plate

Station 5 Sandbag row 60lbs

Station 6 Weighted Diamond Merkin (40lb ruck)

Station 7 Power 7’s 20lbs dumbbells (curls, 7 lower half/7 upper half/7 full)

Station 8 Jump Rope

Station 9 Sandbag press 90lbs

Station 10 Max curl single arm 35lbs

Station 11 Weighted dip 35lbs plate

Station 12 Band curls

Ended in COT and BIG prayers for Ryleigh and the Malito family🙏💪💚

Backblast – 1/14/2020 – the Mutt – MuttVerde – #RyleighStrong


Today, 21 Mutters dressed in green and dedicated our workout in support of Tony Malito’s niece Ryleigh.  PAX included: PED, Zima, Buschhhh, Fridge, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, No Show, Deuce, Yoshi, Pope (Q), Geppetto,  Loco, Old Bay, Digiorno, Windshield, Tiger, Grinder, Soft Top, Larry Flint, Whamo! (R), and Glen Ross (photographer).

The weather was outstanding, at a slightly muggy 48 degrees, well above January averages.  The attire needs little explanation, although I was hoping to see some cut off T-shirts per the pre-blast.  As expected, there were a few high-performance, Mutt Field Day shirts in the mix.  Loco got creative and wore a XXXXL green sail.  He really got moving when that tailwind kicked in.

The perfunctory disclaimer was given and we moseyed around the school to the usual warm up spot. We got our green blood flowing with 25 side straddle hops, 10 imperial walkers, 10 grass grabbers, 10 leg swings, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, and calf stretches.

For Thang 1, and with all that green on, the Pax got lucky when YHC brought back the good ole Mutt Mile.  The Mutt Mile involves one mile of running and 100 burpees.  We broke it down into 10 stops at each lamp post, for 10 burpees each, in a loop around the neighborhood.  We stayed together as one group throughout the exercise, and those finishing their burpees sooner than others, held plank until all burpees were finished.  Wearing all that green, it felt like Frogger out there a bit, as we carefully navigated some light neighborhood traffic.  There was some mumblechatter that on lookers probably thought we looked like a premature roving St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Yep…we’re all ready for the big day in March.  We finished up our run at the portico, partnered up and grabbed coupons.

For Thang 2, each two-man team completed 100 Lunges (50 with the coupon), 200 Coupon Overhead Presses, and 300 squats (150 with the coupon).  Partner 1 completed the calisthenics.  Partner 2 then ran about 30 yards across the parking lot, completed 5 merkins at the end, and then ran another 30 yards back to Partner 1.  The partners then alternated calisthenics and running until all reps were completed.

We circled up for announcements and COT.  We prayed to support Ryleigh in her fight.  We prayed for a friend of Loco’s who had recently passed.  We prayed for the wisdom and mental awareness to realize how fortunate we are to have each other and our health.

Go Green!  Go Ryleigh!  Stay Positive!

God Bless,










Backblast-#RyleighStrong @ The Garden, Pelican Q 1.14.20

Today was truly a humbling experience. When I signed up for the IHC and got on the schedule to Q last month I obviously had no idea how special today would be. Not only are we in the middle of a challenge with Naperville this would be the day we would encourage all the HIMs of F3 to get out and show support for Tony Malito’s niece Ryleigh. Add to that Tony and some of the Vets crew showing up to the Garden. Oh and throw in YHC getting about 5 hours sleep because he stayed up to watch the LSU/Clemson game.

With that said I got to the Garden and there were PAX waiting on me and continuing to trickle in for the WO right up until 5:30. When all was said and done we ended up with the 23 HIMs below


Frosted Tips

Nice and Slow


Hush Puppy




Wide Right (FNG)

Ladybird (R)



Tony Malito


Meter Maid

Motor Boat

Uncle Rico

Jump Seat



Bob Ross


Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer, sort of, as we began the mosey up the hill and began COP. We did the below-

Grass grabbed 10xIC

Toy soldiers 10xIC

SSH -either 10 or 20x IC

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newman’s OYO

Downward dog and stuff

From there we moseyed to the coupons and I asked Jewel if they had enough…he wasn’t sure but thought so. Once we got there and started handing them out we realized we would be one short. Worm being a complete bad ass grabbed a pallet. We set up for Thang 1.

15 minutes of the following

5 V Ups

10 Coupon Swings

15 Coupon Squats

No set breaks but take them as needed. I encouraged the PAX to shoot for 10 rounds or so but honesty after 3 I lost count. I finished somewhere between 4 rounds and 50 but probably closer to 9 or 10. This was a tough workout and I saw everyone continuing to push through to get as many rounds as possible.

Once we finished that we partnered up for some coupon and hill work. We started with weighted merkins and then from there one partner worked while the other ran the hill. We switched exercises every round cycling through what is below-



Calf raises

Bent over rows

Upright Rows

Don’t think anyone made it all the way through but it was time so we headed back for some Mary.

I asked Tony Malito to start us off and we did 20 Weezy Jefferson’s then I led us with 20 Gas Pumps ICs. We closed with about 30 seconds of planks.

Time for COT-announcements included the monthly Ruck, the movie ruck, Jewel Qing the Nest, front runners for F3 couple of the year Co-Qing the Foundry tomorrow and maybe one or two more Qs coming up, sorry to any I missed. And of course the Naperville challenge continuing this week.

We obviously showed up in green for Tony’s niece so I asked him to tell her story and give us an update. I spent some time yesterday reading about her and I was touched by the positivity her family is showing and the support they have. I took two things away from her battle. First-life is precious and treasure your loved ones. Second-the support this group has for one another is special, I try to explain it to others but you just have to be here to understand.

Lastly I left the PAX with the scripture that Tony’s sister shared-

Joshua 1:9 as you can see in the image above. Let’s all go out and put our faith in the Lord and to continue to be strong -for Ryleigh, for each other and for yourself.

Humbled as always to lead–


1/13/2020 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

PAX (10):  Pope, Backdraft, PED, Buschhhhh, Pork Chop, SumpPump, Trump, Fergie, Blueprint, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions:  42*, feels like 39

Got to the O a bit early, maybe 5:25 and nobody there.  Mr. Black Ops a/k/a Fall Guy is usually there, but he’s out for the next three weeks on a mission trip to south beach.

Buschhh and Trump roll in and then at 5:29 the rest of the crew that had to cross the railroad tracks get there.  FiA also back out.

Mosey to cage for disclaimer and brief warm up—pax was chatty this morning.

Preblast was simple and my plan was to use the hills in the surrounding neighborhood for various workouts.  Exit the park for Thang1:

Cogan court with 3 spots.  Using both hils and the bottom as another stop.

Round 1: 5 merkins at each stop

Round 2: 10 merkins at each stop

Round 3: 15 merkins at each stop

Round 4: 20 merkins at each stop

Knocked this out in under 10 minutes—totaling 150 merkins and a lot of running up and down.  With more than a half dozen ten counts we mosey’d over to the bridge for thang2:

Same concept with just 2 stops.  Stop one, at the bridge and stop 2 at the top of the road (probably 120ish yards up the hill)

At the bridge dips and at the top we would do gorilla squats

Round 1: 10 of each

Round 2: 20 of each

Round 3: 30 of each

Round 4: 40 of each

This is hill is no joke and after 4 times I was smoked.  Another half dozen ten counts and on to the next hill.  100 dips/ 100 gorilla squats

Thang3:  This is I believe is the street (Seneca Park Rd???).  This street was a go to spot for the first month when I started F3 in 2017.  However, traffic can make it difficult to use, but we only needed 5 minutes.  So 3 burpees at the bottom, 3 Tmerks at the top. Increase by 3’s and stop at 9.  I was done (I was the 6 most of the morning) and we mosey’d back to the cage for 5 minutes of mary and of course ended with gas pumps.

Circle up around the flag for COT:

Announcements:  Lot going on this month—Friday night Ruck w/ 2 fine Mutt HIM, Kilo’s terrible bet with Naperville’s Nathan, and don’t forget about the F3 Dance on the 24th.

Intentions: Prayers for Tony M’s niece and reminder to wear green tomorrow (or per Pope, wear a green tank)

Prayer: Closed with brief prayer

ABC in 2020

Pre-Blast – BoW @ The O – 1.14.20

Main thing tomorrow is to remember to wear green as we will be getting out for cause bigger than ourselves. Don’t let a late night game keep from you helping support Ryleigh and the family of one our finest, Tony Malito.

The workout will be a Dora/Suicide escalating set. We will be using coupons so wear gloves if needed.

I hope to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while. Looking forward to returning to The O. Get out and get some!



Pre-Blast – Peggy Baker Park – 01/14/2020

This is a little test to see who reads pre-blasts – and how much of a dedicated PAX you are.

Free coffee to any other non-County PAX that shows up at Peggy Baker Park tomorrow.  If you don’t do it for free coffee, do it for #RyleighStrong.

WEAR GREEN!  And, bring gloves for ground and coupon work.  Headlamps if you got them likely not a bad idea at Peggy Baker.


Jolly Rancher!

01-14-2020 – Pre-Blast – RyleighStrong – Backdraft Q – The Loco @ The County

It’s a pretty special day tomorrow for F3 Louisville! First and foremost, we are showing support for our brother Tony Malito’s niece in her continued battle with some pretty severe health issues. If you have something green, please wear it to show support for Ryleigh! Secondly, we are in a heated battle for winter attendance this week with our F3 brothers in Naperville. They flat out whooped our asses today by doubling up on us, 108 to 54. Let’s not be outdone again tomorrow boys, get out and post! Lastly, and definitely least importantly, I will be making my triumphant return to the County. It’s been over a year since I was last out there and it’s time to bring The Mutt east! Come out and join me for some coupon work, maybe a little running, and a whole lot of sarcasm. Bring your gloves and wear your green! SYITG!!

Backblast Long Run Park Friday 1/10/20

1/10/20 : BO @ Long Run

1. Squid

2. Uncle Sam

3. Mr Hat

4. Huggies

5. Harbaugh

6. Jitterbug

7. Skirmish

8. Flounder Q

Weather- expecting a downpour I did some map recon and found a nice size gazebo near start point.

Since I’ve never been to Long run I needed to do some map recon anyway. Due to rain forecast I decided that a Heavy under the gazebo would be nice and cozy.

Experience has taught me that when planning a Q, be ready for twice as many and half as many pax as you’re expecting at your WO. I set up for 5-10 with plans to adapt to 14. I was expecting 3-5 and 8 pax showed! Awesome!!

5 Stations, 2 exercises each station. 4 minute interval at each exercise.

Partner up and AMRAP the designated exercise, hand off to partner at failure.


1- 75 lb sandbag

-Bent Over Row/Overhead Press

2- 25lb dumbbell

Curls/Triceps extension

3- 50lb curl bar

Reverse Curls/Skull Crushers

4- 40lb Ruck

Weighted V-ups/Ruck Merkins

5- Bands

Flys/Reverse Fly

Good Mumblechatter during Heavy Workouts.

As part of my series of 10 Qs I am sharing stories of Pax who inspired or motivated me along my F3 Journey. Fitting that Mr Hat was in attendance at this workout. I had only been working out for a few weeks when I attempted to complete an Iceman Q at N Posh, boy was I stupid. After running us up and down the steep grass hill, he had us run to the lower parking lot and run some more. Of course then we had to run back up the hill to the start point. I was sucking ass the whole workout. Mr Hat stayed with me and kept encouraging me to just do my best. It was what made me realize that this group is beyond more than a workout and I’ll never forget that. The lesson I take from it I still use today. When pax are new don’t just let their friend that brought them in stay back with them. Make sure a pax they don’t Nino’s is showing them we are all there for each other.


Flounder Out

Backblast The Firehouse 1-9-20

Weather – cool and crisp

5 Pax finished the first round of the fitness challenge.

Abacus, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Kimble, Fungi (Q)

It was great to see the improvement on the cards from the first of October to the first of January. The pax made it through the holidays busting it and improving.

We kept with the same format as the other 3 tests:


2 min Squats

2 min T Merkins

2 min Big Boys

1 or 2 mile run


20 Overhead press

20 Squats

20 Dips

20 LBCs

20 Curb Calf Raises


COT consisted of announcements of Awards and intentions for a non-smoking mother  with lung cancer (Cancer Sucks!) and another cancer affected man with severe back issues (Cancer still sucks!).

Stay strong, be healthy, count your blessings.



1917 Ruck


This will be our first ever “movie ruck”.  We’ll meet at 8:00 pm 1/15/2020 at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Jeffersontown.  If you do not have a ruck then don’t worry, come anyway.  We’ll have extra.  This will be a 1st and 2nd F event.  We will ruck from the park to the Xscape movie theater off Blankenbaker parkway which is about 3 miles.  We’ll likely stop along the way for some PT as well, but feel free to modify.  The movie starts at 9:50pm.  Feel free to purchase movie tickets ahead of time or at the gate.  (It shouldn’t sell out on a weeknight)  The running time is just under 2 hours so be prepared to finish just after midnight.  If some guys would like to meet at the theater at 7:45pm to carpool then that would be great.

If you miss this one, then you’re in luck because we’ll do it again for Top Gun 2!!!!!!!!

See ya then!