Change of Venue – PWVFD BlackOps to meet at The County – Pre-Blast for 11/7/19

The first monthly test in the 4 Part improvement series is tomorrow.  We will run it out of The County.

The layout will be the same each of the 4 weeks:


  • COP
  • Max Squats in 2 Min
  • 1 MIN break
  • Max T-Merkins in 2 Min
  • 1 Min Break
  • Max Big Boys in 2 Min
  • 2 Min Break
  • Run either 1 mile or 2 miles (you choose your program and stay with it for the 3 months)


  • Upon Return from the Run, you hit the ladder.
    • 20 Airpress
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 curb dips
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Calf Raises
  • Rinse & Repeat until time called.

See you at The County!

Back Blast – Bulletin Q at Peggy Baker Park Black Ops – 11/5/2019

Wow…Attendance record at Peggy Baker Park was shattered this morning with 28 PAX in attendance.  I am truly humbled by the turn out, extra effort for so many to come so far, and all of the encouraging words this morning.   Most people at the County and a few others in F3 Louisville know that I will be donating a kidney to my sister Karen on Thursday.   F3 really showed it’s colors with the crowd at my last post for a while.  The color green was worn by most which was a nice touch because green is the color supporting organ donation.

PAX: Meter Maid, Catfish, Uncle Sam (R), Pelican, Valdez, Double Down (R), Dauber, Cochran, Husky, Cowboy, Abacus, Stormtrooper, Rhythm, Leprechaun, Flip Flop, Brown Water, McAfee, Wildflower, Fungi, Le Pew, PK, Domino, Fructose, Captain Crunchberry, Iceman (R), Jolly Rancher, Kimble, Bulletin (R) (QIC)

I started with the disclaimer and a short mosey to the basketball court for the COP.   20 SSH, 15 Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog stretching, and lastly 10 Merkins to finish the warm up.  Moseyed over to the concession stand area.

Thang 1: The Bulletin Board presented the Merkins and Stuff.   It was very simple, 10 merkins plus one exercise from the list, then a lap around the baseball field.   The list:

20 Squats

10 Burpees

20 Plank Jacks

20 Big Boys

20 Box Jumps

100 Invisible Jump Rope

20 V-ups

20 Lunges 

Repeat if your name is Catfish.

Called time about 6:03, took advantage of the light and Fungi took a picture of the crowd. 

Moseyed back to the basketball court for some Jack Webb and Kidney donation facts.   I listed one of the facts before each round of Jack Webb (merkins and air presses).

Some facts about Kidney disease, the waiting list, and kidney donation:

  • 100,000 people on the waiting list
  • The average wait time is 3-5 years
  • There are 18,000 transplants/year, 6,000 of those are from living donors
  • 12 people die each day waiting on transplant
  • Living donors are preferred. A kidney from a living donor should start working very quickly.  A kidney from a deceased donor can take two to four weeks to begin working.
  • Donated kidneys from living donors generally last twice as long as those from deceased donors.
  • Siblings has a 1 in 4 chance of being an exact match.  Those odds increase to 1 in 100,000 if the donor is unrelated to the recipient.
  • Live donor recipients face less risk of organ rejection.
  • Live Donor’s health is the top priority.  As a live donor you get your own transplant team.
  • Living donors pay ZERO COSTS.

We had an extra minute at the end so we did 20 more Merkins because I like them and I don’t get to do them for a while.

COA and NOA, announcements, intentions – For Bulletin, his sister, the medical teams that everything goes well on Thursday.  Also for Meter Maid’s co-worker family.  Our Father

Two things I forgot to mention this morning:  I’m asking you to consider registering as an organ donor at and the next time you get your driver’s license renewed have them mark you as an organ donor.   This isn’t just for kidneys, it covers organs, eye, and tissue donation.

If you are interested in live donation, you can get additional information at

I want to thank everyone for coming out this morning and for all of the guys that have reached out or provided encouragement over the last 6 months.  I shared with the group this morning that I believe the Sky Q has had his hand in this process from the time I was 9 years old.  My oldest sister Kim lost a kidney to a benign tumor.  From that moment, I was prepared mentally to give a kidney to her.  It made this decision easy when the time came to give one to Karen.  12 years ago I was a fat, Copenhagen chewer, that didn’t exercise.  After watching my Dad’s health deteriorate, I wanted to make sure I was around for my M and 2.0s.  I quit chewing and a few months later I started working out on a regular basis.  I can see now why those things happened.   The Sky Q was guiding me to be healthy enough to be able to help my sister Karen.   Today, I’m 40+ pounds lighter and obviously in good health.   F3 has played a big role in all of this in the last 15 months.  You guys really motivate me to get up early and get cracking on my day.  The COT is always my favorite part of the day when I post, it just sets the tone for my day.  I want you all to know that F3 has made me a better person, husband, father, manager, and Christian.  I have had so many offers to help out while I recover, the M and I really appreciate it.  If I need something, I’ll reach out.   Recovery will keep me out of the 1st F for about 6 weeks but you will definitely see me before that time is up.


11-06-19 – The Heavy Blender – Go CATS!!

It should be perfect weather for The Heavy Blender tomorrow morning. Come out to The Mutt for a good ol’ fashioned Backdraft beatdown.  There won’t be much running but should be a lot of heavy breathing. If you have an extra ruck please bring it. We can use them for weighted exercises. And for all of you UK fans who are saying “I am staying up to watch the game, so I probably won’t be there”, Me Too, but I WILL be there! GO CATS, SYITG!

Backblast Nashville Star Course 26mi 11/2/19

Pax- Shaun(Flounder), Ben(Kilo), Charlie(Dexter) and Brian(Krzyewski)

Weather 29 degrees w/ heavy Fog at start 54 and sunny at Endex.

Started off by getting razed by Plumb Bob on the way in for arriving at 5:10 instead of 5:00 sharp. Kilo weighed his ruck at 58lbs, carrying 45lbs of weights alone to complete the Pathfinder training to prepare for doing Fort Bragg Heavy. We all questioned the decision but we all know he’s not one to back down from a challenge.

After check-in Doug #11 walked by and stopped just to ask where we were from and say good luck. Really nice guy. Kilo won’t admit how much he was geeking out but I will. As a lifelong pro football fan, I’ll take that handshake over a football player any day. It was an honor to meet you Doug!

We were all pumped to get started but first we got to witness something wonderful. Cadre brought out a US Flag and had all Veterans, First Responders and Teachers stand around the flag for the National Anthem. Go Time!

As we received our waypoints Kilo plugged them in the app which had a few technical difficulties but dries corrected we were on our way. Sprung out there gate at sub 15min pace for the first 3 miles to checkpoint 1, some weird pig painting in a coffee shop. Strange, as we were taking the picture, 2 guys in a black car next to us drove away with an F3 sticker on the car, what’s up! (~3.6mi)

Checkpoint 1 confirmed.

Still at a fast pace, on to the next. It was so cold, not only cold but the wind was blowing a lot. By mile 5-7 we were starting noticing a disturbing trend in the topography. Nashville is hilly ya’ll! Not steep grades but never flat. The constant up and downward slopes will wear on us hard as the miles piled up. Between checkpoint 1&2 we started to meet up with fellow Rucker’s we would see throughout the day. First was a couple, F3 and FIA Toledo, OH husband and wife team. Both were really cool HI-W/M’s. I hope hubby didn’t screw up since they had a 7 hour drive home 😟. Then was started passing really trendy shit. Orange theory, juice bars and fancy schools. Must be the NuLou of Nashville. About then we ran into a BA group from Nashville’s RuckStars. Dude was rucking in a Kilt w/no skivvies, somebody get him a Kilt Ruck patch already! Also, they placed 1st in the 26.

Rout planning the first 2 checkpoints being the farthest apart was a good command decision by Team Leader Kilo. Getting those miles out of the way while we were fresh was key to help our moral 6 hours later.

Anyway, on to the Capitol Building and the Carmack memorial. Edward Ward Carmack (November 5, 1858 – November 9, 1908) was an attorney, newspaperman and then US Senator from TN from 1901 to 1907. Pax did a little recon on the move to find the Statue location prior to arrival. Good strategy to prevent walking around that huge complex randomly, and it’s on a big hill. Extra steps there would be costly down the road. (~5.2mi)

Checkpoint 2 confirmed.

On to the next, after a little foot Maintenence and nutrition. A common theme echoed, drink water. Dehydration is often underestimated in the cold. On to the next, it’s starting to get real. Refreshed by maint. The third long leg went fairly fast to the We travel on, a little slower… Now we were venturing west of downtown, where we walked past a man starting 2 smokers under a canopy with signs for meal in a cup BBQ. Damn that sounded good! I only wish we had past him after he had some food ready. Found it “Ride Norf” Mural (1.2mi)

Checkpoint 3 confirmed!

On to the longest hill I’ve ever walked. It finally leveled off reaching a flat apex. We past a few industrial buildings then some hippy breakfast breakfast juice bar complex with a trendy clothing store selling $500 blue jeans. There’s our next stop, The Frothy Monkey. Now we are looking for a Lego sculpture but no, a painting. It was cleverly hidden….(~3.2mi)

LEGO Man at The Frothy Monkey

Checkpoint 4 Confirmed!

We took a break with a few fellow Rucker’s. Shout out to the couple from Steel City Ruck Club, really cool and both badasses! We also met up with Toledo again to share some of our kid’s Halloween candy.

There was also a couple doing the event but not having the best time. The man went in to use the bathroom, the woman called him an idiot who couldn’t navigate and threatened to no show at their wedding. Kilo called her out as soon as he came back outside, that was funny shit 😂

Steel City Ruck Club couple joined us for this next part.

Then this place

And this guy

Next we take another trek uphill. Still in good spirits at this time, but the fatigue is getting real. My knee is really getting to me and Kilo is regretting that 45lbs of steel in his ruck. Looks like we are heading into music city USA

Getting close now approaching a nice park, where looks like a weddings about to happen.

The Parthenon! (~3.1mi)

Checkpoint 5 confirmed

Quite a lot to see between these two locations. Vanderbilt U and a bunch of recording studios and talent agencies.

Also a really cool area, you may know it, Music Row? Makes me want to come back here to party rather than to suffer. All these cool places and at 10:30 am people are drinking, smoking and riding party busses. A bar called Rebar. Note to self coming back here for fun.

This place is getting hectic and crowded. We are relieved this was a short interval. We are all getting tired at this point.

We took our longest break to refill water and have a snack. Kilo got a ham and cheese wrap from a corner mart. I could tell we were getting exhausted because that crappy ham wrap tasted amazing. I don’t know if I could choke it down on a normal day, but that day it was amazing.

Dueling Cowboys 24 Music Sq(~1.7mi)

Checkpoint 6 Confirmed!

The distance between points seems to be getting shorter as we stay near Downtown Nashville. It’s a good thing too, It’s helping Moral to check off the points. Somewhere in this section Brian injured his knee. He was hobbling quite a bit and it looked painful. Then we made it to Belmont University. There’s more Granite and Marble in that place than there is in DC. (~1.2mi)

Checkpoint 7 Confirmed

This next part was all downhill. Too much downhill at first, Brian twisted his knee even worse. I believe this is where we made a questionable decision to take a shortcut through a not so safe area. I’m just guessing it’s not that safe because there were bars on all the windows and doors?

This was probably the best break we took. I laid down in the grass and out my feet up on the wall. I almost fell asleep. But why were there so long? Brian’s 30 minute poop at Fort Negley! He claimed was an endless wiper.


Fort Negley

Checkpoint 8 Confirmed!

Now back into Downtown. I’m getting a boost of adrenaline at this point but not everyone was in the same place mentally. Everyone goes through Ups and Downs in events like this and luckily I was on an upward spike. I tried to motivate the group but wasn’t sure how it was being taken. I can taste the finish now. / more points to go and a can sit down and take this damn ruck off. We were thinking about 5 miles left total but we were wrong, that miscalculation is going to hurt moral later. At ~20 miles in our pace slowed to 19-20 minute miles, 5 minutes slower than we had been for the first half. But we were still trudging along. Some map recon saved us again short cutting to The Rose at the Frist Art Museum. (~1.5)

Checkpoint 9 confirmed!

Now just a short hike to the last checkpoint. I’m still on a high at this point pushing the pace. I’m in a lot of pain now, both knees killing me but the adrenaline is pumping. The streets are super crowded now and construction has us bouncing back and firth access’s the largest street in Nashville. (~.4mi) The Ryman Auditorium.

Checkpoint 10 confirmed!

Toward the end I was moving as fast as I could and it wasn’t fast at all. After leaving town toward the park/Endex, it was all uphill again. The elevation gain coupled with the fact that 7 miles ago I thought we only had 4 miles left was hurting me mentally. With 2 miles left I was at the lowest point of the day negativity was kicking in and the hill was killing my knees. It was a damn long 2 miles. I felt bad because I couldn’t find the words to help motivate the team. I wasn’t talking, I was just in my head. The pain was getting to me. I had to keep going faster, the slower I walked, I felt like the pain would never end and it was getting more intense with every step. By that time during the longest 3 miles of my life Charlie started charging harder than he did the first 3 miles. He was now in that place I was a few hours ago. Finally we see the park but with a few of us having knee issues and the final clip being down a steep grade, we were slowly hobbling along. There it is! Mission Picnic Pavilion @ Shelby Park (~3.2mi)

We came in 5th place! Great job guys.

COT- thank the Lord this is over. Time for a beer and food! The Oasis in Franklin has good steaks and we earned it.

Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at The Vet 11/4/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: (4) PK, Bob Ross, Plumb Bob, Diablo


SSHs (20 IC)

Mountain Climbers (20 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

Thang 1 – The Circuit

After a warm up, each PAX completed a circuit that consisted of 8 different moves, AMRAP for 1 minute.

Halos 25 lb plate

KB Swings (30 lb KB)

Coupon Thrusters

Ruck Plate Front Raises

Band Rows

25 lb DB Curls

25 lb plate front squats

20 lb DB should presses

Thang 2 – Weighted Merkins

PAX then partnered up for an old school merkin challenge, which was for P1 to complete AMRAP merkins with a 25 lb plate on his back. At failure, P2 removes the plate, so P1 could them AMRAP merkins free style. Switch. It’s amazing how hard a merkin can be once the body goes to failure with some additional weight!

Thang 3 – Weighted Dips

PAX kept same partners for some weighted dips. Same as above – P1 to complete AMRAP dips with a 25 lb plate on him. At failure, P2 removes the plate, so P1 could them AMRAP dips free style. Switch. Again, the human body can feel heavy.

Thang 4- Legs

PAX grabbed a weight, and together performed weighted front squats, and then weighted lunges. All kept strict form. Number of reps weren’t important. Full range of motion and work was the goal. Simple. Cold. Effective.


PAX then kept their weight for:

Weighted American Hammers (15 IC)

Weighted flutter kicks (15 IC)

LBCs (no weight – 20 IC)

Weighted Rosalitas (15 IC)

Weighted V-Ups (10)

Weighted American Hammers (20 IC)

PAX finished up with COT. YHC closed it out with words of thanks and humility.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


10.28.2019 Heavy Backblast


Heavy’s are not my thing.  The cold is not my thing.  I am very thankful for the 2 other HIMs who braved the cold on Monday to come out and work at getting better.

PAX: Plumb Bob, Yoshie, PK (Q)

As everyone gathered, the disclaimer was given.  We triangled up for the warm-up.

SSHs – 40

Abe Vigodas – 20

Grass Grabbers – 20

Imperial Walker Squats – 20

With everyone warmed up, time to get into the Thang. The plan was for a you versus you partner assisted workout.  Moving weight in ways not consistent with traditional workouts. I had set up 10 stations around the monument with different motions at each station. Taking turns, 1 minute AMRAP, partner 2 rest/assist, partner 3 works on an exercise on their own. So with 3 members ready, we paired up into a group of 3. Ready, set, modify.

Station 1 – Partner Assisted Weighted Squats.  Rucksack containing 30 lbs, and a 60 lb Sandbag.  Partner 1 does the work, Partner 2 removes weight when asked, Partner 3 Weighted Overhead Flutter Kicks.  Rotate after a minute.

Station 2 – Partner Coupon Big Boy Pass.  Partner 1 extends their arms holding 20 lb weight to touch the ground above their head in the lower big boy position.  Sit up, and pass the weight to Partner 2, who will repeat, and pass back to Partner 1.  Partner 3 does Curls. Rotate after a minute.

Station 3 – Weighted Merkins. Partner 1 performs Merkins with 20 lb weight on their back till smoked, then remove the weight and continue.  Partner 2 Monitors and encourages Partner 1 to crush it.  Partner 3 Upright Rows with 20 lb weight. Rotate after 1 minute.

Partner Coupon Pass Twists.  Standing back to back, Partner 1 and Partner 2 pass the coupon clockwise, then counter clockwise passing the 20 lb weight. Partner 3 does Halos with 20 lb weight.  Rotate after 1 minute.

We did 2 rounds.  With the time remaining, we did Captain Thor’s and Absolution.

Finished up with CoT.  Definitely glad 2 other HIMs came out in the gloom.  It definitely was a workout that I will remember, as some good 2nd F was exchanged.  Thankful for the HIMs in F3 that can take the things that I hate and turn it into something that I love.





Dynomite! Q at The Cliffs @ The Garden 11/5


PAX: Dynomite! (Q), Nino, Ripple, Mr. Ropel, Nice & Slow, Stick up, Woooo, Meathead, Latex, Ladybird (R), Uncle Rico, Huggies, Ping Pong, Sarbanes, Worm

Thanks to the HIMS of St Patrick’s for having me out this morning.  Like I mentioned in the Pre-blast, I had never been out….so I got there a little early with my Clown Car to scope out the area.  I had already put together my workout but had under estimated the size of that hill!  WOOF!


5:30 AM Circle up for a little COP


20X Imperial Walkers IC

15X Peter Parkers IC

10X Carolina Dry Docks OYO


2 laps: Bear crawl down and Crawl Bear back

2 laps: Sprint down and Beanie Sanders back

2 laps: Burpee broad jumps down and karaoke back


Partner 1 carries partner 2 up the hill half way, 10 burpees each at 1/2 way point and partner 2 carries partner 1 up the rest of the hill.  run back down and rinse and repeat. 4 sets of this!  WOOF!


Everyone got a coupon and circled up.

15X Man Makers

20X Rows

30X Curls

40X Coupon Squats

Rinse and repeat! 2 sets


25X Flutter kicks

20X Gas Pumps

15X Full Crunches

10X Pickle Pounders


We circled up for some Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, announcements, and intentions.  Uncle Rico reminded us about Sock drive for Homeless Shelter.  A lot of the Pax has family or friends dealing with Cancer and we lifted them up.

Thanks again for coming out and pushing me to be a better man.  I am so grateful for this group.

DYNO out!

2019 Fall Convergence – Back Blast 10.26.19

Since April 21, 2017 we have had several Convergence Workouts to honor the F3 Louisville Region and create an atmosphere that brings together men, community, leadership and service all in one place. As 1st F Q I have been honored to help lead the last three workouts, each of which has had it’s ups and downs, but ultimately successful. For those who remember the latest one at the O last spring, it was a weather NIGHTMARE, but we had a blast and all made it out alive. Prior to that, we were at the Parklands and had a monstrous turnout (2 shy of 100 if I am not mistaken) and we had a glorious feast at the end. Each of these workouts provide something special and each group of men who come alongside us to help lead it have been nothing short of extraordinary. This year was no exception to that!

As Nino and I were preparing for this workout, we had a difficult task of selecting a strong group of guys to help lead the workout. There are so many strong leaders and Qs among our group (which I know I take for granted all the time, but am quickly reminded when I post downrange), that it makes it difficult to choose just four. We like to bring representation from several AOs across the region to keep diversity strong. This year’s group pitched in a lot of time, attention, and even swagger (those skeleton suits were awesome) to make this event happen and for that I applaud their efforts and thank them immensely for their dedication to leading the group well.

Weather: We knew going into the week that the weather was going to be rough, but we were going to have to roll with it anyways. As we got closer to the date, weather remains perilous and we just had to prepare further for the rain and cold. That morning the temperatures were in the 40s and the rain was light but steady, but that did change during the ladder part of the workout when the rain started coming down sideways and created quite a scene for the HIMS in attendance.

Gearlander: Amazon Skeleton suit, 32 degree baselayers (top and bottom), Darn Tough socks, MACV-1s and Nike Dri-Fit hat.


Qs: Crock Pot, Sadie, Nice and Slow, Digiorno, Nino, McAfee

PAX: Diablo, Pope, Buzzsaw, Abacus, Mr. Kotter, Snowman, Brown Water, Rocky, Meatball, Fanny Pack (R), Snowday, Minnow, Whitney (R), Sump Pump, Le Pew, Handbook, Carlton, Husky, Viking, Iceman (R), Captain Crunchberry, Alexa, Cochran, OJ, Thumbtack, Banana Bread, Porkchop, Old Bay, Retainer, Dauber, Big Bird, Bulletin (R), Wildflower, Cookie, Butcher, Violet, Vincent (R), Starbanks, Back Flop, PK, Gilligan, Mama’s Boy, Stick Up, Drysdale, Aerobie (R), Double Down (R), Tony Malito, Domino, Wham!, BUSCHHH, Deep Dish, Tinderfoot (CP), Dunphy, Catfish, Airplane, Meter Maid


The 6 Qs ran from behind the monument in full skeleton gear (except YHC, because I apparently dropped my masked as I was leaving the house that morning). We ran past the large number of PAX and instructed them to follow us across the grass to the church parking lot.

Here we circled up and I welcomed everyone to the 2019 Fall Convergence. I gave a strong disclaimer and welcomed everyone and then passed the baton off to the next Q, Nino.

Nino then introduced each Q and they would then follow by leading the group through one of our warm up exercises.

Crock Pot: 15 SSH IC

Sadie: 15 Imperial Walkers IC

Digiorno: 15 Merkins Single Count

Nice and Slow: 15 Mountain Climbers IC

After COP was finished, we introduced Whitney to help us remember the day and begin the workout with a strong rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Once we finished the National Anthem, we had the group number off into 4s and then find the group corresponding to their number. After splitting into groups of fours, then followed their respective Qs to their workout location.

Here was the schedule for the stations:

0714 – ALL Stations begin WO

0724 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0726 – ALL Stations begin WO

0736 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0738 – ALL Stations begin WO

0748 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to next Station

0750 – ALL Stations begin WO

0800 – Time is called on first round of Stations & PAX head to monument loop to circle up for CoT.


Here were the four station workouts:

Station 1: Crock Pot

Workout: Coupon work on the basketball court. Using the four corners of the court, people will do amrap laps, stopping at each of the four stations to lift.
Corner one: deadlift
Corner two: overhead press
Corner three: squat
Corner four: planked pull through (plank position, dragging coupon underneath your chest from left to right

Station 2: Sadie

Count of PAX into 4 groups.

4 stations interval WO. Complete station as a group move to next.

Round 1 (All single count)
25 Plank Jacks
25 Merkins
25 Jump Lunges
25 Flutter Kicks

Round 2 (All single count)
25 MTN Climbers
25 Carolina Dry Docks
25 Box Jumps
25 Gas Pumps

Station 3: Digiorno

Cones are placed around the circle at 3, 6, 9 and 12 (picture a clock).
Pax partner up and line up on start line.
Start with 5 burpees, then travel to the next cone in the method on the sheet. When you get to the other cone, do 5 burpees and travel to the next cone by the next method on the sheet. Keep going until audible swearing is heard, or until time runs out.

Methods of travel include:
Broad Jump
Crab Walk
Bernie Sanders
AYG (Sprint)
Bear Crawl
Side Shuffle

Station 4: Nice and Slow

WO – Pair up
Partner #1 – Run down hill and do 2 burpee long jump shuffles, run back up midway until steeper incline and do a bear crawl to the summit…increase burpees by 2 each time down

Partner #2 – Exercise – Dips, Jump-ups / Step Ups, Decline Merkins


At exactly 0800 we concluded the workouts and all met at the monument for COR, NOR, announcements, and intentions. At this point the rain was coming down, so we quickly went around for Name-o-Rama. Afterwards we had some quick announcements and then I concluded with a quick message to the Sky Q thanking him for this amazing group of men and what it has meant for all of us, as well as our community.

We did a quickly group photo and then all congregated under the pavilion for some 2nd F and breakfast.

F3 Louisville has meant so much to me over the past two and half years and I am looking forward to what will happen in the years to come. A special thanks to all who made this Convergence happen and looking forward to the next one.

-McAfee out!

11/4/2019 Fall Guy Birthday Q at the O

3257C604-D74D-4A05-829D-221F4F09979BToday marks my 66th trip around the sun, so I wanted to do a workout where each exercise had to be done 66 times, and since there are 8 letters in the word birthday, there were going to be 8 different exercises to complete.
Weather – 37 degrees, cold and clear at 0530

PAX – Glen Ross, P.E.D., Tin Cup, Blueprint, Buschhh, Pope, and Fallguy Q

F3 Disclaimer – I said that I am not a professional, and every exercise is merely a suggestion and please modify as necessary. We then ran to the field hockey field behind the restroom building.

In all of my excitement, I forgot to do the warmups. What can I say, I’m an old man.

Thang #1 –

I asked everyone to grab a coupon and line up in front of my grandkids Playschool art board where I had the list of 8 exercises that we were going to tackle. Remember, each exercise had to be done 66 times.

  1. Curls
  2. Single Arm Rows- 33 each arm
  3. Military Presses
  4. Bench Presses
  5. Scull Crushers
  6. Incline Merkins
  7. Derkins
  8. Big Boys w/coupon on chest

When planning the workout, I wasn’t sure if we were going to complete it in 45 minutes, but this group is tough as hell, and they finished with plenty of time to spare, but had to wait on the old man to finally finish his set.

Thang #2 –

We then moseyed to the tennis courts for some Mary work. I’m sure I am leaving some things out (once again I’m an old man) but we went around the circle and each guy gave an exercise:

Box cutters

Freddie Mercurys

Flutter kicks


Pickle pounders

American Hammers

Pretzel crunches

Gas Pumps


My daughter (FIA member) left me a birthday balloon and goodies, so we took a few pictures, then circled up around the balloon for count off and name-a-rama

I’m not good at making up prayers on the fly, so I just prayed that this was the hardest thing that each of us had to deal with today, and that each one of us will strive to be the best fathers, husbands, sons, employers and/or employees. I also gave thanks to the group for allowing me to be part of F3, and a great bunch of guys. I thanked everyone for coming out and being part of my birthday. I hope it was a good workout and that everyone had fun.



BackBlast – The Chopper 11/1 Vincent

It was a crisp morning on Friday but the chill was taken care of pretty quickly.  13 PAX joined me at the Chopper for a Merkin/running ladder.  Zip Line, Deep Dish, Meatball, Tony Malito, Sweet Tart, Jinxy, Meathead, Socket, Dynomite, Ripple, Stick UP, Yoshi, Lady Bird and Vincent(Q) worked our way through simple but effective plan.  We started with basic COP – SSH’s, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Walkers before we started a merkin/lap ladder.  We started with 20 merkins and ran a lap around the monument.  Merkins increased by 20 and we added a lap each time going up to 100 merkins and 4 laps before we went back down the ladder.  Here’s how it looked on paper:

20 merkins – 1 lap, 40 merkins – 2 laps, 60 merkins – 3 laps, 80 merkins – 4 laps, 100 merkins – 4 laps, 80 merkins – 3 laps, 60 merkins – 2 laps, 40 merkins – 1 lap, 20 merkins.

For those of you counting that is 500 merkins and 20 laps.  We finished with Mary on the play ground and back to the circle for count, nam-o-rama and COT.  I always enjoy leading at the Vet and the HIM’s that give it their all.  Until next time – SYITG


Pre-Blast: BlackOps at Peggy Baker Park – Bulletin Q – 11/5/2019

Come see what the Bulletin Board has in store for you. I promise there will be plenty of merkins to go with a good amount of running. If I can figure out a way to work in some pull up we will do that too. No coupons, but plenty of hard work to go around. I’ll be sharing some facts about Kidney disease and organ donation along the way. The address for Peggy Baker is 6887 Rte 2858, Crestwood, KY 40014 (only 4 short miles from The County) – SYITG – Bulletin

Back Blast North Posh 11/4/19

PAX: Catfish, PorkChop, Gilligan, Alexa, Dauber, Backflop, Airplane – Q. Conditions: clear and cool around 35 degrees. COP: SSH IC, Imperial walkers IC, grass grabbers IC, mosey down the hill. Rinse and repeat. 5 BOYO. Mosey up the hill and grab a pallet.

Thang 1: “build a bear” start with 1 burpee, push pallet down the front hill of north posh, 2 merkins, push pallet back up the hill, 3 ass to grass squats, push pallet down the hill, 4 mountain climbers, push pallet back up, 5 burpees, push……you get it. We didn’t this for a while. Please note 7 pax, but only 5 pallets so we switched off as needed.

Thing 2: same as thing one minus the pallet

Thang C: pallet push race. Two teams pushing as far and as fast as possible switching as needed down the hill and back up. We did this twice, ended in a 1-1 tie.

COR, NOR, announcements: sock drive, November ruck the Friday before thanksgiving and something else I forgot. Ended with thanks. Always a pleasure to lead.


BB Tuesday, 10/29/19 The Loco @ The County Backflop Q

It was great to get out and Q in the County. It was a bit last minute, but I was able to pull together a gauntlet WO for the PAX. Much like the lighted ladder WO I did a month ago, we put it back in action with coupon in-hand. Sorry by the way this is publishing late.

PAX: Pelican, Crockpot, Fungi, Asian Zing (R), Viking, Peach, Wildflower, Powder Coat, Gilligan, Abacas, Meter Maid, Jerry McQuire (R), Mud Bug, Rocky, Brown Water, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Airplane

Weather: 51 degrees, perfect beat down weather

COR: 30 SSH IC, 15 Toy Soldier IC, 10 Grass Grabbers, Kindra Newman OYO, Michael Phelps OYO, Runners Stretches (right over left, left over right), quad stretches

Thang #1 – 10 lighted station (ladder) workout w/ coupon

10 lighted stations

30 reps per station

After completion of each lighted station, PAX mosey/ walk w/coupon back to station #1, turn around, the mosey/walk w/coupon back to the next station in the line-up.

1st station – 30 x Derkins w/ coupon

2nd station – 30 x lunges w/ coupon

3rd station – 30 x squats w/ coupon

4th station – 30 x big boys w/coupon

5th station – 30 x bicep curls w/ coupon

6th station – 30 x American hammers w/ coupon

7th station – 30 x shoulder press w/ coupon

8th station – 30 x kettle bell swings w/ coupon

9th station – 30 x upright rows w/ coupon

10th station – 30 x Manmakers

Thang #2 – all out run to the far island and back

Return coupons and circle up for some Mary

20 Gas pumps, 20 LBC’s, 1 min plank


Announcements – please keep Bulletin in your prayers as he will be donating a kidney to his sister first week of November.

COT – I’ve been posting regularly since May and its been an absolute pleasure getting to know all the guys. I have made many new friendships and for that I am forever grateful. Let’s carry this bright light from our WO out into our community and be a shinning example for everyone to see.

Ended with an Our Father.

next Q for Backflop is right around the corner. SYITG!!

11/2 Bayside backblast

Pax: Charolais (r), Birdie, Grandpa Bear (Q)

Disclaimer and mosey to courtyard to stretch.

SSH ic


Upper / lower body stretching

SSH ic

Outside to front of courtyard to work with mini and large coupons.

1:4 ratio merkins : vertical arm raises with mini coupons 10:40

While laying flat on back taking large coupon back over head stretching out abdominal and raising straight over chest.

Shoulder presses with large coupon. Ic

Bent over lat raise with mini coupon ic

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey around parking lot to warm up hands.

Shoulder press with coupon..ic

Standing lat raise mini coupon..ic

American hammers with coupon. Ic

Laying flat on back again taking coupon overhead.

Round of Glauc 20 count Ab circuit.

American hammers ic

Mosey to flag.


Countorama, namorama, announcements, intentions, Prayer.

BB 11/2 The Ruiner TFB

It was a cold and dark morning. People prepared for the cold. Not the dark. Luckily the moon, stars and sunrise were beautiful. Worked out in honor of some of those that have gone before us and shared at each stop about who we were honoring.

Warm Up–Mozy to Wham Island with Pope in nothing but a tank top and cross country shorts like always. I guess that worked as a reflector to keep us safe from the cars. Share about who we are honoring.

30–ssh, 20 imperial walkers, 15 bobby hurleys, 10 grass grabbers, downward dog (stretch). Share about who we are honoring.

Mozy to Violet’s Hill. Partner up. partner 1 bear crawls to first pole. Jog back. Partner 2 Sea Walkers (1 squat, 2 leg kicks, 3 lunges…keep going and multiplying by 2) switch when partner gets back. 4 times through. Share about who we are honoring.

Mozy to CAL. Partner Up. Partner 1 30 dips, partner2 wall sits, switch. Partner 1 15 step ups each leg, merkins by/on fence. 3 times through. Share about who we are honoring.

Mozy to Coupon Field. Groups of 3. 1 person 10 curls, 10 overhead presses….1 person sprint length of field….1 person mary of choice….keep switching and rotating through…5 minutes. Share about who we are honoring.

Mozy to tennis courts. Cha Cha Slide Plank. Follow the song with clap your hands being touch your shoulders. Cha cha real smooth = mountain climbers. No need to turn it out. 4 minutes of fun

COT–Count off, Name o rama, Intentions

9 present.

10.31 BB: Halloween at the PWV Fire House Black Ops

Into the shadows of Halloween morning stood 5 men, dripping in the perspiration of the clouds ready for not what Fungi sent to the Pax, but what Gisele intended for the Pax. 

Weather: 50’s and Rain…yeah it was wet.  

Pax (5): Abacus, Fungi, Capt. Crunch Berries, Brown Water, Gisele (Q)

Started out with a disclaimer that I am not a professional, anything I say and do is merely a suggestion, please modify as needed..aye? After a short Mosey dodging the rain drops and dropping some coupons off at the back of the house to add to our coupon total… through the puddles we landed at PWVFD for some COP and stretching.

20 SSH

20 Grass Grabbers

15 Toy Soldiers

And some Downward Dog

Now it was time for the Main Thang…The Ladder! Being at the Fire House I felt it was fitting

5 Burpees

10 LBCs

15 Merkins

20 Air Press

25 Dry Docks

30 Squats

35 Plank Jacks

40 SSH

45 Mountain Climbers

50 jump Ropes

Light Damp Mosey to the car park in-between

It is always an honor to lead! My recent Qs have been wet but it doesn’t keep the friendship away

-Wet and cold Gisele

Backblast: 10-12 The Hurt @ The Mutt

Oops.  As I looked at today’s Q (11-2)and back-blast I realized I never published one for the October 12 Q.  Better late than never so here it goes.

PAX (7): Pepperoni, Blueprint, Windshield, Massie, Softtop, Whamo, Cornbread (Q)

Welcome and disclaimer given, we moseyed around to the portico.

WARMUP:  yoga moves and mobility drills to get ready. Then we moseyed  to the prayer garden and the supply closet to pick up supplies. K-balls, weighted pipe, 35 lb and 45 lb plates, Coupons.  We set up our stations and got to work.

THANG #1: 3 minute rounds on each station until time.

#1.  LEGS-1: Goblet Squat 10x (use large dbell), Cossack Squat 5L & 5R (body weight or k-bell), Lunges 10x (body weight or coupons)

#2.  LEGS-2: Kettle bell swing 12x, Good Mornings 12x (use weighted pipe across shoulders), One legged glute bridge 6L & 6R

#3  BACK: Plank  scapular merkin, Bent over row – L-10x, Bent over row – R-10x

#4 CHEST: Archer merkin L-10x,, Upper cut L-10x (dbell), Archer Merkin R-10x, Upper-cuts R-10x (dbell)

#5 SHOULDERS: Shoulder Press – 10x (coupon), Divebomber merkin 10x, Halos 10x (small plate)

#6 CORE: Plank – around the world 4x, American Hammers 20x, Flutter kicks 20x

THANG #2 After returning coupons and equipment we circled up for about 10 minutes of mobility and yoga flow.  I made it up as we went along – it’s an intuitive thang.

8:00 Namaste. Name-o-rama, announcements, prayer, and closing.  Great work guys!

BackBlast 11.2 The Hurt @ the Mutt

On this feast day of All Souls we did a little penance for the holy souls.  7:00 a.m., dark and 31*.  brrrrrrrrrr (but not for long)

PAX (14):  Pepperoni, Softtop, Lionel, NoShow, Loco, Barney Fife, Tiger, Driesdale, Wham, Deuce, SumpPump, Bumblebee, GlenRoss, Cornbred (Q)

Our normal Saturday a.m. showing is usually around 6-10. Today we had 14. Nice turnout guys!

THE WARM-UP:  We did a quick mosey around the site and then circled up for some mobility and stretching plus some pointers on the way to the perfect merkin (how did we do?)  A few minutes to bring up some supplies from the closet (40 lb dumbbell, 4 K-bells, 45 lb plates, 35 lb plates, medicine ball, and the good ole coupons) and we were ready for some pretty intense circuit work.

THE THANG:  We did 3 minutes per station. Complete the set, rinse n repeat, until time.

#1.  A lil cardio n legs Jockey Jogs – 20x with quarter turns, Brope – 5x, High Knee Jogs – 20x

 #2.  Chest n tris (1 coupon, 40 lb dumbbell: Archer Merkin – L -10x, Overhead Triceps extension 10x (40 lb dumbbell), Archer Merkin – R -10x

#3 Shoulders  (35 lb plate, coupon): Shoulder Press – 10x (coupon), Divebomber Merkin – 10x. Halos – 10x (35 or 45 lb plate)

#4  Back n Bi’s (2 K-bells): Bent over Row – L 15x (K-bell), Curl to halo – 15 (45 lb plate), Bent over Row – R 15x (K-bell)

#5.  Core: Plank – Around the World (4x), American Hammers – 20, Leg raises (20)

 #6.  Push – Pull (40 lb dbell, medicine ball): Walking merkin 10x, Plank Row 5R & 5L (K-bell), Medicine Ball Raise – 10x

 #7 hinge – squat (kettle bells): K-bell swings – 15, Cossack Squat – 5L & 5R, Lunges – 10

#8 balance: Wounded Soldier – 10R, Bird Dog (5 sec hold) 6, Wounded Soldier – 10L.

7:50 a.m. we returned equipment to storage.  Then we helped out a brother who just arrived at HT to set-up for a marriage workshop in the MPB by unloading the supplies from his car.  Many hands make light work. Good job guys!

COOLDOWN:  With just a few minutes to spare we did a quick hip and spinal stretch to make it all feel better.

CLOSER:  Name-o-rama, announcements,  closing prayer with a special remembrance of our beloved deceased.  “May their souls, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen.”


10.28.2019 Back Blast – The Incubator (South Posh)

It’s been an awesome journey since that cold Monday October 29, 2019 until now. I have had the privilege of joining a family of good men who know the work isn’t done. We know of the constant opportunity to improve ourselves and those around us by our deeds.

I celebrate each and every one of you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a better husband, father, and friend!


Wapner • Aerobie (R) • Double Down (R) • Ripple • Buzz Saw • Deep Dish • Jewel • Nice&Slow • Jitterbug (R) • Number 2 • Dynomite • Stick Up • Iceman (R) • Bob Ross • Whitney (R) • Ladybird (R) • Mr.Kotter (Q)

Work Out:


20 SSH’s

20 Cherry Pickers

Mosey to the fountain for Thang 1: Partner up for a bit of upper body work

P1 – AMRAP T Merkins

P2 – Run down the ramp to the bottom and do 5 Boyos. Bear Crawl back up and relieve your partner. Switcheroo

P1 – AMRAP Merkins

P2 – Run down the ramp to the bottom and do 5 Boyos. Bear Crawl back up and relieve your partner. Switcheroo

P1 – AMRAP Decline Merkins

P2 – Run down the ramp to the bottom and do 5 Boyos. Bear Crawl back up and relieve your partner. Switcheroo

P1 – AMRAP Incline Merkins

P2 – Run down the ramp to the bottom and do 5 Boyos. Bear Crawl back up and relieve your partner. Switcheroo

Mosey to the Bridge for Thang 2: Partner up for a bit of leg work

P1 – AMRAP Deep jump squats at bottom of the bridge

P2 – Jump Bupees from the bottom of the Bridge to the top, run down the other side to the bottom, Bernie Sanders back to the top, reverse lunge back to bottom to relieve partner. Switcheroo

P1 – AMRAP Copperhead Squats at the bottom of the bridge

P2 – Jump Bupees from the bottom of the Bridge to the top, run down the other side to the bottom, Bernie Sanders back to the top, reverse lunge back to bottom to relieve partner. Switcheroo

P1 – AMRAP forward lunge at the bottom of the bridge

P2 – Jump Bupees from the bottom of the Bridge to the top, run down the other side to the bottom, Bernie Sanders back to the top, reverse lunge back to bottom to relieve partner. Switcheroo

P1 – Reverse lunge at the bottom of the bridge

P2 – Jump Bupees from the bottom of the Bridge to the top, run down the other side to the bottom, Bernie Sanders back to the top, reverse lunge back to bottom to relieve partner. Switcheroo

Jelly leg back to the flag for 20 big boy situps.