BB 4-5-21 Pickleball Q- Incubator @ South Posh

As promised we kept the exercises “simple” in terms of complexity to help everyone kick off the week with a clear head, but sore bodies and lungs! Great group of HIMs got after it and the time flew by!

PAX- Pickleball (Q), Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Ladybird (R) +Emma, Jitterbug (R)

COP- Quick parking lot mosey back to the start to circle up. We proceeded to get warm and loose with Side Straddle Hops, Grass grabbers, plank stretches, toe touch stretch and then capped off COP with my favorite, 10 WATERFALL MERKINS!!! Quick arm loosening with circles and Michael Phelps. Then we got started…

Off we went to do a legit Indian run around the egg lawn. Focused on good tempo on the jogging and maximizing the sprint section for ultimate effectiveness. We ended up at the bridge where we did group exercises while one person would spring across the bridge and back then the next person would go and the group would switch exercise. As many reps of each as we could do WE DID! Squats, high plank, jump squats, low plank, LBCs, alternating supermans, merkins, flutter kicks, toe raises, pickle pounders.

Quick mosey back to the starting point, left us enough time to do four sprints in the parking lot, some dips, some derkins, and one last set of LBCs. Time was called!

Proudly circled the flag. Quick mention of keeping things simple and keeping heads clear. Focus on what is important in life and don’t clutter your mind. No need to reinvent the wheel. Prayers and intentions spoken, especially for Huggies family. It was a pleasure to lead great HIMs this morning to start my week! Until next time!

Peace Out,


Backblast The Gladiator at The Abyss 4/2/21

Awesome morning back at The Abyss….Just us and the Coyotes, who always sound remarkably close. After a few days in Florida I had a little brain freeze throughout so my thanks to the PAX for their patience

PAX- Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Flip Flop, Kitty Litter, Jitterbug (QIC)

COP- Mosey down to bottom of hill by Lake and Circle Up. Between each of the exercises I had the PAX do Burpees starting at one and increasing by one with exercise. SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Kendra Newmans, Stretching. Ended by having PAX Plank up and hold plank as they alternated between Single Count Merkins and Mountain Climbers. First 10 of Each, then 8, 6, 4, 2….Mosey back to basketball court

Thang 1- With a Bball court at our disposal a 4 corners seemed logical. Split us into two groups starting at diagonally opposite ends. Alternated from corner to corner with T-merkins and Squats. 3 Rounds….First 5 at each corner, sprint length of court, but Bernie Sanders along the baseline; rinse and repeat with 10 at each corner and then 15.

Thang 2- Lined up on end of baseline and performed 3 exercises of 5 of the 1st one, 10 of 2nd and 15 of third. Then did a suicide sprint. Exercise were 5 Boyos, 10 hand release Merkins, 15 Jump Squats. Did this sequence Twice

Thang 3- Jack Webb 1/4 Ratio of Big Boy Sit ups and Air Presses, Up to 10/40

Thang 4- Mosey to play ground and partnered up for DORA. 100 Merkins, 150 Dips, 200 Squats between the partners. While one did the exercises the other partner ran a lap around the playground.

-5 Minutes of Mary. COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions said and Heard. Always a pleasure to visit The Abyss and an honor to lead. Jitterbug Out!

Pre Blast April 2nd The Chopper at the VET

Hold On….. Don’t Turn Around I hope you see The Sign AT THE CHOPPER tomorrow. I’m from a Small Town, not Lodi, hopefully I’ll get your Applause, it won’t be no Love Shack though, you’ll be entering the Danger Zone. Won’t have no time for the Lunch Lady to serve Millions of Peaches, Rubber Busicuts, Cherry, Cherrys, or any time to play with your Ding-a-Ling. It will certainly be Complicated but at least we won’t be stuck behind a Chicken Truck. It will be Ironic to not show up and think your an Allstar.

As always guess my intro song (the above is loaded with super popular songs that if you come out may hear tomorrow). Choose wisely your choices have consequences….

Come out to the Chopper tomorrow we are gonna play a game.

The game is called Norwegian Gräbäss!!!

Its super fun and will be, BY FAR, the best workout you’ve gotten all week. (Unless you came to Big Mo on Monday at the Vet, but I assure you this one will be harder.) Rusty will be there and I’m bringing my other toys including my Fun Boxes!!


PreBlast – 4/1/21 Moonshiner Abacus Q 0530 Peggy Baker Park

Here’s the workout…or something close to it.


Nuclears (Ever wonder how many is too many), Abevigotta, grass grabbers, Squats, Merkins, Downward dog, Nuclears

Manmakers (Bring Coupon)

Sprints – 8 X EMOM 100 Meters down / jog back (the jog is the rest)

11’s – Merkins / Big Boy’s

Depending on our time left we will stretch or do nuclears


3.31.21 PB The Tank @ Vets-BigBird Q

Last day of the month. Last day of the first quarter of the year. Last day for the Iron Horse Challenge. What a journey it’s been already! We must’ve been having fun cuz time’s been flying. Speaking of flying, pretend that your Wednesday is on the mat. And you are the Ultimate Warrior standing on the top rope getting ready for a diving elbow drop. Make the leap. Dominate your Wednesday and come out in another adventure to become mo better!

Bring gloves and your coupon. No running required.


3/29/21Backblast The Patriot

I made my first appearance and Q at well reviewed Patriot.

8 HIMS did a variety of things beginning after the COP with a Jack Webb of jump squats and side straddle hops. Lots of heavy breathing after this one

We followed up with 11s. 10 coupon curls and 1 overhead press then 9 curls and 2 press and so on through 1 curl and 10 press. We did 10 more side straddle hops after each press. Jelly legs commence….

We then began a progressive waterfall. HIM #1 started with 15 merkins counting out loud the first 5 and silently the last 10. When HIM got to 5, then HIM #2 began his. Each HIM began when the previous HIM reached 5. As soon as I (the Q) finished my set, I called a new exercise so we kept moving continuously for quite a while.

We then did 7s of incline merkins and derkins with bear crawl and mosey to transport in between work stations.

We finished with another round of waterfall this time with each HIM getting to call out an exercise.

Patriotic playlist made for a great workout! F-Stop

BB: The Nest V-DAY!!!

Communication from the front lines have been slow due to overwhelming attempts by the enemy to delay the inevitable report.

At 0753 Holy Roller crossed the victory podium after having defeated the enemy. Focker and the rest followed shortly thereafter with a surge in moral from Holy Rollers victory! The men of F3 Louisville are victorious. A decisive win for the team!

Lets back up tho and get all the requisite mumbo jumbo outta the way.

11 HIMs reported for duty and made last minute equipment checks. PCCs and PCIs were completed.


0700 We established our Operational Rally Point (ORP), disclaimers made and warmup began. All the usual plus a new warmup exercise (elf on the shelf without a coupon, touching the side of the foot and coming all the way up and across) was made. Pelican named it, Warno.

0710 made a patrol (warmup lap) around the campus. The Q sprinted ahead as an advanced element (the point man) where he made contact with the enemy about .5 a mile in. The enemy had, again, laid in a deliberate ambush and initiated the ambush with their most casualty producing weapon; the Firecracker. As the patrol rushed into position the work began.

A ladder style workout.


The men encountered withering fire and sporadic effective indirect fires. Smoke began rolling across the battlefield. The enemy began flanking maneuvers however that was anticipated and we lifted and shifted support by fire, as we advanced thru the enemy lines.

Although the men spent more time in the kill zone, each man fought honorably and were successful.

Boy am I glad this one is over. A tough enemy for sure (may return upon request) and the theatrics surrounding the whole shindig, phew!

0800 Time called

We returned to our ORP and rallied around the stars and bars that flew proudly over the battlefield!

Announcements: Monthly Ruck coming up on the 17th, Fockers Birthday. Its a beer ruck hmmmmm… Happy Birthday Yankovic!!! Cochran has an awesome mustache! Other announcements were made however my blood was still returning to my brain and I can’t recall them.

Intentions: Husky, SlimJim, Huggies family, and FNG outta FL. Many unspoken. On bended knee we spent the most important 2 minutes of our morning in prayer and thanks to our Lord.

We stood for the flag, and were dismissed from the ORP. This one is sure to go down in the history books. Well maybe not…

Carpe Diem men. Always grateful and proud to lead you men. Thank you for the opportunity!

Focker Over Out

3/27/21 Backblast Poshland

This was an interesting Q. After 6 months of many posts at all of the AOs, I had a workout where I had never met anyone. 4 HIMS, including one FNG went station to station.

Four stations each had 4 exercises. We did 40, 30, 20, 10 at each station

Station 1 was 40 overhead presses, 30 Moroccan Nightclubs, 20 curls, and 10 man makers

Station 2 was 40 jump squats, 30 side lunges with coupon (15 each leg), 20 coupon jump overs, and 10 boyos

Station 3 was 40 one-arm rows (20 each arm), 30 merkins, 20 skull crushers and 10 derkins

Station 4 was 40 side straddle hops, 30 pickle pounders, 20 big boys, and 10 kraken burpees

Mode of transport alternated between murder bunnies and mosey. We did each station twice and finished with a merkin waterfall and some Mary.

I got to meet Dot and Greenwich. Greenwich headlocked Patrick Coty. Despite him wearing his Michigan hat, we let him off easy and named him Drumstick due to his work at YUM.

It was a great morning! Welcome Drumstick!!

F-Stop (Q)

3/26/21 Backblast Pleasantville

F-Stop Bringing The Heat Tour finally made it to Pleasantville on a beautiful Friday morning.

Focker, Yankovic, Holy Roller, Flex Seal, Whitney, and I went around the circle adjacent the amphitheater a few times. We did a Jack Webb of jump squads and walking lunges. We followed that up with some 7s and 11s stopping at each light post to do merkins, boyos, big boys, and a few other things. We threw in a merkin waterfall and finished with some Mary.

We learned that Focker struggles to workout and count, but we had a great time!

BB The Ruiner at The O 3/26/21

PAX: Violet, Vincent (R), Timberwolf, Motor Boat, Overhead (2.0), Tidwell, McAfee, Tron, Whitney (R), Handbook, Tammy Faye Baker (Q)


Warm Up: Lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Nuclear SSH

Mozy to CAL

Parking Lot and horse Loop. 8 contes set up with different exercise. Included Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Squats, Mary of Choice, Mary of Choice, Bobby Hurley. PAX are divided up into two teams. Each has a football flag. Footballs are spread out among the teams. Every time you pass a team member you must throw the ball to them without getting it intercepted. If your flag is pulled you do two burpees. Leads to lots of confusion, football throws, flag pulling and grown men acting like middle-schoolers so its fun. FYI Vincent has a cannon of an arm!

Mozy to Field

Burpee Ultimate Football.