The Mutt #Rooster BackBlast 1/22/18 #f3counts

For those of you not at my last Q…..or any of my Q’s (CI) I wore my freshest flyest Adidas gear and we jammed to RUN DMC all morning. It was fun. Last night Kilo, along with many others including RedRum…RedRoot….🤔 I forget his name. Don’t see him much anymore 😢 (my loss) said they were supporting Gillispie’s VQ. I get that, and always support supporting VQ’s. Heard you crushed it BillyG. Awesome!

Anywho – kilo headed out of his driveway this morning not knowing where he would post. This song came on his fancy satellite dish and his Subaru practically drove itself to the Mutt. He said it was a sign… I agree. There are no coincidences. Glad you came.

Also a big thanks to

these 18 PAX posting and supporting me today

Trump! From the O! Tclaps



Bumblebee – respect!






Wedding singer

Country boy

Spinal tap


Mad cow


Glen Ross



YHC Zoolander

Tiger and country boy raced in on two wheels… And country boy won in a photo finish! Always a great race between those 2.

5:30 AM. Disclaimers given… Ready… Hold up……There is a debate as to whether or not I am a professional😍🤩a few PAX argued that I was indeed a pro!! I listened to both sides of the debate – but Trump weighed in and said “no certificate….no professional”. So sad. Ok. Let’s go



Windy and 44. A wet chill in the air.


I wore shorts for the second post in a row. They were blue Nike. Many are scared to show skin in January. Where are ya pope? Matching blue north face vest and a hidden Make Audubon Great Again T-shirt for Trump. Blue and gray mid leg socks and my saucony’s. Spinal Tap Wore his knee high argyle socks as usual. Keep playin playa

Run around the school


5 BOYOS While we wait for Tiger

10 Mountain climbers

10 Mountain goats

10 ABe Vigoda’s

10 sloooow grass grabbers

20 SSH

Thang 1

No run DMC today. I selected gin and juice by the gourds. What fun we had….

When you hear a letter… Do five merkins. Listen to the song… Snoop does a lot of spelling. Let’s just say I’m glad the FNG pastor did not post today.😬

When snoop isn’t spelling… He is making references to Gin – like Seagram’s and Tanqueray… Or saying the word Gin. If you hear any of these words… It’s 5 Burpee’s. Yeah, there are a lot of references to Gin. We were really busy with this one… But this version gives us a few breaks… So we were able to rest by planking and doing wall sits.

I now know how to make these pax show some skin. Do this little number from the start and you’ll start seeing all sorts of clothes getting peeled off. My vest included. Trump loved the shirt.

Thang 2

We had the F3 Louisville site Q for rucking in our midst. As I said, Kilo came. I asked for a show of hands to see how many of the pax had rucked before? Three hands went up. Mine did not. I have heard a lot about this ruck thing… So I thought I would introduce a miniature version this morning. Everyone grabbed a coupon and grabbed a partner. We Briskly walked around the school stopping at each corner for15 curls and 15 thrusters and alternated at each corner. It was a great opportunity to carry coupons around while talking to a guy maybe you did not know that well. Second-F stuff. Kilo brought his own rock by the way. I guess Mutt coupons aren’t good enough.

ThaNg 3

Kentucky, Louisville, and Indiana are all out of the top 25 for the first time since Dicky V had hair. The PAX talked for a moment and all agreed that we had a strong disdain for Duke. So let’s do something about it……

Start at the top of Maryhill… jog to the bottom and do 10 Bobby Hurley’s. Bernie Sanders up the hill and do 20 Christian Laettner’s. You know what a Christian Laettner is right? Remember when he stepped on Aminu Timberlake’s chest and got high fived by the ref ? We did that… Except we stomped on the curb 20 times. Rinse and repeat-o for 5 sets… I was feeling sympathetic and allowed the pax to run up the hill forward on the second and fourth set.

Sidenote. Buschhhhhhh took a commanding lead after the first set. Dude is freaky fast and freaky fit. I told Kilo and country boy that he is fixing to lap everyone. I offered to go catch him… But as the Q… I needed to stay in the middle of the pack in case there were questions… You know… Being a pro Q. So those two went after him… And caught him… And they all pushed each other. Good work boys.


Doubletime it back to the coupons for a little Thor Webb… One big boy sit up… Then 4 American Hammer’s… Two big boys and 8 American hammers… Really impressed with the pax on this one. We were spent. Really hurting. But everyone encouraged each other and committed to finishing. And we did. 10… 40…HIM’s!!


No time for the 6. Kilo explained rucking to us Mutts until he heard (according to him) the 3rd dumb question in a row – thus ending his speech. Trump was surprised he lasted that long, and approved. Us mutts sometimes ain’t so smart. Digiorno plugged the $5 Ruck raffle, which led to a few more questions like, “what’s rucking?”

Gepetto is looking for a gambling fix and is setting up squares for the Super Bowl.

Many intentions, and Wevthanked the sky Q for these guys, this day, and asked for patience, empathy, and the ability to help others get better in any way we can.

What a fun morning. What a fun group.

Thanks boys,


4 thoughts on “The Mutt #Rooster BackBlast 1/22/18 #f3counts

  1. I remember the ropes. The thick black rope. Not a dream. You were there. I’m not taking any sides here, just calling it like it is.


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