Sanders Elementary @f3louisville BackBlast #2rd F

Q- Zoo

PAX – 20 2nd graders at Sanders Elementary and Ms. Clark HIW

Gearlander – navy plain front slim slacks, white oxford with green initials on pocket, navy bow tie with green stripes, navy and green socks. Black loafers

Book – “How Full is Your Bucket?”


Met Ms. Clark and the Pax. They were eager to get better. Circled up on the carpet with our listening ears on, and got to work.

Thang 1

Review what Mr. Ben (kilo) and Mr. Jason (Glen Ross) had taught in weeks before. Comprehension game is tight at Sanders. They all recited the golden rule… Have been executing on said rule… And many have already started saving money in the piggy banks that Glen Ross handed out last week. Tclaps

Thang 2

I read the book. Some have read it… Some haven’t. The point was to reinforce the golden rule, and to give them a lexicon (get it?) to use with each other when their buckets are empty. Also discussed the concept that when you fill someone else’s bucket… Your bucket gets filled too! Every time. Always. See F3. This has never been morer truerer.

Thang 3

Questions and key learnings. This is where I should have paid more attention to the Q page CI has been posting all over slack today. The pax partnered up and talked with each other about what they learned… I thought this was great! I heard some really good conversations. Then I called on Tristan to tell me what he learned… And he asked….

“why do you have letters on your shirt?”

Did you mean for your socks to match your letters and your tie?”

“do you sometimes forget your name?”

“Is that bow tie real?”

Now I was perfectly equipped to answer each and every question… But I could tell Miss Clark was keen on sticking to the key learnings from the book…Aye!

Thang 4

Ok. Time is running out… Mission accomplished… they got better. I think.

But I had to give the pax what they wanted. So, I answered their questions one by one – and said that yes… I sometimes forget my name… And you better believe I meant for everything to coordinate…..and c’mon guys…..yes. It’s a real bow tie. Then I remembered… Glen Ross encouraged me to learn a magic trick. So I taught them how to tie a bowtie! I think they were more engaged at that moment than they were during the book… Whatever. They’re learning.


I thanked the pax and miss Clark for having me today. They certainly filled my bucket! I hope they learned how to pick up the 6, and/or how to dress for a job interview. Either one. Or both. Both better. Or maybe just the 1st. Anyway, I left them by asking them to give ME 8…..and to always give 8 every time they shake a hand.

5 fingers + 2 eyeballs + 1 smile = a perfect hand shake. Then I washed my hands and left…..because they’re 8……and i got a 7 year old…..and yeah.

Lived it! Thanks Kilo


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