Snowman/Grinder VQ Extender B.B. @f3themutt

No Smokey in sight as Grinder left the Pax through the mean streets of St Matthews.

Q: Grinder and Snowman

Pax: Zoolander, Buschhhh, pK, Steerage, Glenn Ross, Waterboy, Kilo, Mad Cow, Fridge, Deuce, Sump Pump, Digiorno, Old Bay, Left Eye, Zima, Tiger,Moonlight, Bernie, Geppetto, Wham-O.

Grinder started off with a COP, doing SSH, arm circles, cherry pickers, etc. We then mossied over to the Hammers Hill for some hill runs mixed with dips, mercins, SSH’s and squats.

After that beating we mossied over to grab coupons to work on our guns and listen to some Jerry Reed. The 1 minute intervals may have been top ambitious. But we got in curls, overhead presses, squats, LBCs and a few rows.

Kilo was missing the neon this AM, but still came with his gusto.

Zoolander reminded us of the family in need of baby clothes and diapers due to the recent flooding.

Thank you all for being there for me and Grinders VQ.

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